Can this app be used outside of the United States?
Currently the Hyperdimension Neptunia App is available worldwide through an iTunes® account, except in Japan. Please note that the app is in English only.
Where can I purchase this app?
From the App StoreSM.
What iOS versions is this compatible with?
iOS 4.0 and later.
The app does not start up or frequently crashes!
Please update your iOS to the newest version.
Also, if you use several applications at once, the system memory might become overloaded, which might cause the app to crash. If the above do not work, please contact our user support at [email protected]. Please be sure to include which model iPhone®/iPod touch® you have and the iOS version you are using.
Even if I touch it, nothing happens/no sound comes out.
Due to having many applications open, you may not have enough memory. Please be sure to close all applications not in use.
If I do not have a credit card, does this mean I cannot purchase this?
You can purchase an iTunes card, which will give you money in the app store to purchase this app.
Even though I purchased it, it doesn't work/I can't use it.
Please try to download it again. In the case that the purchase has not been authenticated, it may be possible that your payment did not go through. In this case, please contact Apple Support to request a refund.
About redownloading...
You can redownload items that you have already purchased. You should not be charged for items that have already been purchased.
But, but, but, I have more questions!
Please email our support staff at [email protected] and we will address your issue. Please be sure to include which model iPhone/iPod touch you have and which version of iOS you are using. Also, please let us know your problem in detail and the steps you took to make it happen. Anything regarding the refunding of money should be directed to Apple Support.