Reviews as of 3/10/2015

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Re: Reviews as of 3/10/2015

Postby metlspaz » Thu Mar 19, 2015 6:23 am

Dorarnae wrote:
metlspaz wrote:read recently that the game has no NG+ so that means multisaving if you are a trophy hunter.
I am not sure of postgame, but after seeing some of the trophies I would assume that some must exist, although that is probably wrong and most likely these things must be done during the last few chapters or something

from what I've played, you make a choice at the end to save one of the two angel. then when you clear the game and reload your save data, they bring you back at the event where you can choose who you save...and I supose if you clear both route you then have a third one. (I only finished it once)

If you have cleared it, then I have a question for you, it will be a spoiler so, Im not sure if you have done it yet, but it is about a trophy involving a certain angel.

Read the first spoiler to know the topic
About the trophy met Lilliel

now the question(s)
do you meet her during the "first run" or is there some type of post game?
Does it expand upon her story with Renya or not?

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