Any DVD release?

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Any DVD release?

Postby Gunblade » Tue Aug 04, 2015 6:49 pm

I see a the Premium edition for BD but are we already at the point where DVD's are no longer worth producing anymore? Whether for Kotoura or future series? Or will it be released in the future?

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Re: Any DVD release?

Postby Mc-Taz » Mon Oct 05, 2015 9:06 pm

Typically speaking, when they release something as Blu-ray-only there won't be a DVD release they put out by itself. There will be a standard edition Blu-ray release later on most likely for those who don't care about the extras present in the Premium edition and would like to save money, but that's about it. Sometimes series are released as combo packs (like My Little Monster) or as separate versions (as in the case of Cardcaptor Sakura). There is one occasion when they went back and re-released a previously DVD-only title (Toradora!) on Blu-ray, but they have yet to do the opposite.

When they license a show for release they decide how they want to put it out, including any physical release formats. They might not have even decided to license the DVD rights for the series in their contract, and possibly saved some money for doing that. It's possible they feel the main audience for the series will want it on Blu-ray rather than DVD. They have stated in the past that they want to release things in the best way possible when they get a title to work on.

TL;DR: There probably won't be a DVD format release for Kotoura, but other shows might still get a DVD included in their releases. Don't expect a DVD release for something they initially put out only to Blu-ray.

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