Grand Kingdom Question Thread

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Grand Kingdom Question Thread

Postby fadingtrails » Mon Sep 26, 2016 4:38 am

Hello all,

I've been playing GK for a couple of months now. Although the game leaves you in the dark about many of its mechanics' finer points, figuring them out has been part of the fun. There are some things I still wonder about, though, and I'm hoping some of you might be willing to share what you've learned.

Maybe we can turn this into a help thread for anyone who has similar questions about GK.

Detachments A: How do you make the game remember/forget a unit's Settings?
Apparently this process is glitched.

Detachments B: Where do squads go? I thought they were sent to Operations mostly but watching the replays I've never seen anything but 4v4 battles.
I'm told the replays are generated randomly and don't show actual battles that took place.

Travel Quests: What makes resources replenish?
Starting any type of quest.

Training A: Does boosting a unit's stats above 99 using pyroxene count?
It doesn't.

Training B: Does skill mastery have a use beyond creating Grimoires?
It doesn't seem to.

Barracks A: To what degree (and in what way) does using higher grade materials affect armament development? Am I hurting the war effort by using low grade materials?
Apparently investing higher grade materials has no effect beyond the fact they add more time/amount.

Barracks B: Are the items that show up in the National Shop dependant on your own Research input, or is it cumulative; are they different for everyone?
The items a nation gets are supposedly randomized.

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