HELLO NIS ( dont forget us here in the EU...... )

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Re: HELLO NIS ( dont forget us here in the EU...... )

Postby thelastgogeta » Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:26 pm

chrisalddin wrote:good god that a lot of text...

PSN download
you can download it on to a PC, PS3, PSP,

IF the PSP you have be it 1000 2000 3000 pspGo.. is lost or stop working
and you get a new psp the download is linked to your psn ID not the PSP it self!
you can have up to 5 psp ativen on a PSN acount

you can orso have Sony reset the list of ativive system...... ( sony will only do this is you lost 5 psp or had 5 psp die.. )

geting a DD copy is as save if not more SAVE then a UMD as if you Stand on the UMD my misstack and Smap the disk that is it...

i have all my psp game on my ps3 , my psp and 2 pc's!...
non of my downloaded game well ever be lost!!!!!

That sounds pretty good. So I can have a backup at the least, doesn't cover why Europe isn't getting Phantom Brave physically of course as you aren't NISA... but pretty solid. UMDs don't get scratched and I don't lose my games fortunately, that safety doesn't compare to how good the book and box will be... How do I even prove I purchased the game besides showing it on my PSP itself, I can't take photos of my collection with it... :/

I'm a freak who loves boxart and booklets so I'm likely to ignore the PSP version here and import... >_> Whether that be PSP or Wii....

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Re: HELLO NIS ( dont forget us here in the EU...... )

Postby Noxi » Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:28 am

-I wonder if NiS marketing-staff
had ever think about mini-artbooks

[a welcomed add due to Takehito Harada's talent]

or even in a more useful way of EU NiS-guide books-
wich im'sure everyone would find waaay less useless
than these FF guides-especially when you know how linear
are the last opus-*kay thanks to PiggyBack whatever*-
[have you ever noticed how NiS games like PB are alot more deep in many ways-?-
it will not be luxate if we had our own guides here]
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