The next Disgaea to get a Sequel?

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Which Disgaea do you want to have a sequel?

Disgaea D3
Disgaea 2 D2
Disgaea 3 D2
Disgaea 4 D2
Total votes: 23

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Re: The next Disgaea to get a Sequel?

Postby dood » Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:27 pm

metlspaz wrote:
dood wrote:If NIS is doing D2's for all of the Disgaeas then here's the gameplay for Disgaea 2 Dimension 2:

It starts where Disgaea 2 ended. Mom and Dad tell Adell about his parents and after some time thinking about it Adell goes to his parents netherworld looking for information about them. But due to plot contrivance no one will tell Adell anything until he fights the Tyranical Overlord of that netherworld.

Sounds like a winner to me.

P.S. Oh and Tink in human form being saved for the Vita version that comes to the west 2 years later + cameos in post game taken up by Asagi, The trio, and Axel. And of course everyones favorite: a bunch of bullshit DLC and a little bit of worth while DLC. If this isn't the mark of a Disgaea game then I don't know what is.

Adell+Rozalin is just an instant buy either way though.

I only ever buy DLC for characters of old games if they have different moves from the last DLC.

dood wrote:I could bitch about D3's story all day and night but I think I will hold off on that. But I will say this, I hope I never see another cutscene from that game in my life. The beginning is fairly decent but after the final battle of chapter 1 the game just becomes intolerable to me. The other games in this franchise may also have bad parts to the story and characters but not to this extent.

Jesus what's this guys problem? He really needs to chill out. :lol:

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