Your History with disgaea

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Re: Your History with disgaea

Postby Soluzar » Wed Mar 05, 2014 4:24 am

I saw a preview of Disgaea in a magazine, and I fell in love that day. The first impressions of that journalist, coupled with some screenshots somehow managed to hint at the blissfull insanity of the item world. I've always been the kind of gamer who likes making the numbers bigger, and Disgaea not only serviced that need but was funny too.

When it came time for Disgaea 2 I was seriously excited. Having already done pretty much everything including both forms of Baal in the original game, my body was ready. I enjoyed the story and the characters a lot, but the post-game experience didn't do much for me. Playing through it was an experience I could share with my girlfriend, who at that time I'd just recently started dating. We're still together and both still Disgaea fans, so that gives Disgaea 2 a special place in my heart.

Since then I bought a PS3 primarily because Disgaea 3 was announced to be on it. I did find other games, but that was all the reason I needed. In between all this, I did play most of the other NIS releases, though not all of them appealed as much as Disgaea. My story ends with me playing a buttload of Disgaea 3, and then finally starting over on the Vita. I still haven't played Disgaea 4 or Disgaea D2, but I have my copies of the collector's edition of each waiting for me when that time comes.

Disgaea 3 is a game where I feel like the post-game content is really approachable. I haven't yet beaten Baal in either version, but it seems like I could aspire to that with only a little more effort. My next step (on PS3) would be to open the Land of Carnage, but I also want to clear the story on Vita.

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Re: Your History with disgaea

Postby DarkPrier » Wed Mar 05, 2014 3:45 pm

riffraff wrote: I also heard about this Makai Kingdom game and was never able to track that one down. There's a PSP version? if there's a digital copy that runs on the Vita I'll most likely grab that.

Makai Kingdom PSP is Japan only, just like La Pucelle PSP.

If you haven't tried La Pucelle then I suggest you get that one as well(there is a localized version for the PS2, but the PSP version is VASTLY VASTLY superior and someone is translating it now) because it is like a less complicated Disgaea with the more serious tone of Phantom Brave, and technically it is Disgaea 0 because it is the game that started it all for NIS SRPGs.

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Re: Your History with disgaea

Postby riffraff » Wed Mar 05, 2014 11:04 pm

thanks! I'll look for it

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