So I made an iOS game based on Disgaea's Geo System...

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So I made an iOS game based on Disgaea's Geo System...

Postby AVAVT » Mon Jun 15, 2015 7:45 am


Geo System is pretty cool, isn't it? For me it's the most charming feature of the item world. Too bad in Disgaea it's only a mini game.

I really really wanted to make a game with the Geo System as the main focus, so I spent 2 years learning how to make game so I could realize this dream.

And this is the result: ... 83062?mt=8

Originally I only wanted to treat it like a normal game, but somehow the players keep telling me the game's too hard :(

So right now I'm looking for Disgaea players who could give me a fair feedback about the game (I'm trying to sugar coat the fact that I'm advertising xD). Hopefully because we're all Disgaea fans you would enjoy the game more than non-fans.

Oh and, although it's based on the Geo System, I made many changes to the rule to make it more fitting to be a puzzle game. So don't be surprised if it's not exactly works the same way as in Disgaea :D

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