Chronology of Disgaea

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Chronology of Disgaea

Postby Jayce » Sat Jun 11, 2016 10:22 pm

I just want to discuss the order of the Disgaea games based from its story line. From the trivia I gathered in different references (but mostly on the wiki & the game), I think it goes like this :

Disgaea 5 -> Disgaea 1 -> Disgaea D2 -> Disgaea 2 -> Disgaea Infinite -> Disgaea 3 -> Disgaea 4

Disgaea 5 : I haven't played the game yet, but from the trivia on the wiki, the game is narrated in past tense and quoting some from the trivia : "Many things in Disgaea 5, such as the common phrase Historians said..., hint that the game may be a prequel to the rest of the franchise."

Disgaea D2 & Disgaea 2 : Disgaea 2 takes place 3 years after the canon ending of the first game (Good ending). While DD2 happened after D1 but "before" D2 as mentioned in the trivia portion of the wiki.

Disgaea 3 & Disgaea Infinite : Mao's story doesn't connect that much in the first 2 games, however in its DLC story (Raspberyl mode) when she goes to celestia, we see Flonne dressed as an "Archangel" (She's still a fallen angel here and is just disguised as an angel trainee) signifying the Disgaea Infinite storyline where Flonne plans to enroll again as an angel.

Disgaea 4 : In this game, Flonne is now an "Archangel", meaning D4 takes place after the events of D3 & DI, where she was just training to be an archangel. We also see previous character such as Axel in this game's storyline.

Prinny : This is a spin off game where they followed the normal ending of the first game (Where Laharl dies). It just shows what happens if the normal ending continues. It is not included in the "real" timeline.

End thoughts :

I was inspired to research about this as I am curious on what happens or what will happen to the main trio : Laharl, Etna & Flonne as the story goes by. "Although I'm a little sad that the trio is now separated in D4, with Flonne being an archangel now and they aren't even included in the post game of D5 as I heard. :("

So, any comment or things you want to add or get corrected? Any other plot holes or questions unanswered? Do you think I got the order right? I'll happy to have a discussion regarding this as I myself is quite confuse about the chronology. I also didn't include the other games such as Makai Kingdom etc. as it would be more confusing. So thanks if you read them all. :D

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