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Disgaea Plot Idea

Postby Rurik13 » Sun Oct 30, 2016 6:24 am

Although the next series title is a long way in the future, and this will be buried somewhere deep in the thread list and eventually forgotten, I wanted to archive a theme I've been thinking about for a Disgaea game.

The game would centre around the colonization of an empty planet, between a netherworld planet and Celestia planet, by advanced humans fleeing Earth who interact with, learn from, and eventually conquer/ally with their new neighbors. Humans would bring with them psychic powers like mind-reading and telekenesis, as well as cyborgs, and have various classes of robots as an equivalent to prinnies. The main protagonist would be human, with at least 1 devil and 1 angel to stand on his shoulders and major parts of the game would include:
-Humans with psychic powers. This could be nicely integrated into the "lift and throw" gameplay dynamic, and has a lot of satire potential.
-Exploring the colonized planet. This could be done by turning the planet into a large grid that can be freely explored (presuming the absence of gates in the early game). This dynamic would allow a piggy-back to the trending "open-world" dynamic in modern games.
-Building dynamic. An extra mechanic to grow populations, customize your world's landscape, expand the scope of missions, give an incentive to reduce collateral damage from large AOE spells, and give different planets/"cultures" personality. Each planet-square could represent a turn-based battle map that could be modified by the player for various purposes, such as:
-Building cities to house mixed populations of demons, humans, angels, or innocents that generate money
-Building farms/ranches that generate food
-Building mines that generate materials
-Building fortifications for defensive sites
-Building terrain (like volcanoes) that can give buffs/de-buffs, movement bonuses/penalties etc. on top of geo-panels
This would give a more interesting macro-tactical field for invading troupes, conquest of your/other planets, population base for recruitment, investing money in improvements, upgrading item/weapon quality, building space-ships and usable buildings, sending out squads for experience, money, and mana, giving a passive effect from battles (pop/resources increase/decrease after every battle---useful for item world grinding), etc.
-Expanding Mid-game and Post-game planet with exploring/conquest.
-Expanded interaction between worlds. Most of the disgaea games only give small peaks at not-netherworld cultures, motivations, etc. By adding an in-game "naive" party, a deeper story could be fleshed out. This might include different political systems (does celestia need a senate?) and integration culturally specific bills to pass a cosmopolitan senate, recruiting more non-demon humanoid and monster class options, following multiple story paths by aligning with one extreme over the other or warring with both factions making New Game+ files more interesting to dive back into, discussion of magick arc, etc.
-A prinny vs. robot arc. This could include competition/war btwn the two(three?-are celestian prinnies different from their netherworld counterparts?) factions, independent attempts to create new world orders, etc.

Disgaea is an AWESOME series, and the additions that the Disgaea overlord team makes to every generation are always well worth the wait! Expanding the series to encompass a non-demon protagonist, to add a few more options for the story and ending mode, and incorporate macro-scale customizable aspects to give a little more personality and grandiosity to individual's worlds could be really interesting options for a future game. Let me know if I'm crazy or if you have better ideas Ü

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