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Re: Strongest NIS Character Contest!

Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2011 7:12 pm
by Maledict
Ookiiushidesu wrote:
Super Hero Aurum was only level 80ish when you kill him, yet he had the power to kill a level 2000 overlord, Mao's father. (if you go back to the beginning level his fingers are 2000...
It has to be around 80 or so because that's the way the natural progression of the game goes.

that's a good point about aurum, good thing, cause my vote goes for him, why? cause he looks badass!!!!! ok, now to get serious. I think that aurum is one of the strongest dudes around, and there are my reasons
1) has centuries protecting the world from demons, and he's bound to defeat demons stronger than him (how I know? DUDE, THAT'S A TYPICALL SUPERHERO CLICHE)
2) he killed the strongest overlord, who level wise, was as strong as zetta and true zenon, at level 2000, without transforming
3) he killed god know how many more overlords and demon gods
4) he absorved their power, causing his transformation
5) he claims that he has 2 more transformation (sounds familiar?), but he didn't had a chance to transform because he was killed by an enraged mao in the bad ending

Re: Strongest NIS Character Contest!

Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2011 8:16 pm
by Ookiiushidesu
Thanks :p

And good points :)

My vote is still True Zenon though XD

Re: Strongest NIS Character Contest!

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2011 10:23 pm
by japangator
Well I'm not sure really who could be the strongest Overlord or Tyrant. I literally base a character's strength down to their unique evilities. Since anybody's stats can reach off the charts (99,999,999 ATK for example), the evilities that literally increases damage power and not the stats specifically, and the ones that have an S rank unique skill are the ones I say are the strongest. It may be a bit unfair for some that looks more badass than others, but the damage speaks for itself ;)

Re: Strongest NIS Character Contest!

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2011 7:02 pm
by burnfist23
It's between Valvatorez motivated by sardines or Gig motivated by hotpods.

Everyone else is level 1 (With 0 stored levels) compared to them.

Re: Strongest NIS Character Contest!

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2011 9:14 pm
by vampko
Tick Tock, is someone else I would worry about. The power to control time is quite a scary power. So, in all actuality, whomever created her. Or, if she wasn't created, then her herself of course.

Re: Strongest NIS Character Contest!

Posted: Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:35 am
by Vallard
"Strongest" is not all about power to me, it's intelligence too... so I can't vote in Zetta(he is easily tricked).

True Zenon it's a good choice, but he never fought srly, only THAT(no spoilers) battle... Baal/Pringer X it's another good option, but I didn't like him on D3, he need more power!(I expect that in D4 he be more awesome).

I'll wait D4 for make my vote. But as far I remember, Prier it's the only human who "turned" into a Overlord, so she can be the strongest human?

Good topic!

Re: Strongest NIS Character Contest!

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 10:50 pm
by AvalosAltair989
As far as I know, Zenon's the strongest. The real one, for several reasons.

1.) She's actively hunts down Overlord. 99 Overlords and 1,000 Demon Lords IN A SINGLE NIGHT is nothing to sneeze at. Keep in mind, the average Overlord, heck, Demon Lord, can blow up a planet or two with no effort. The INSTANT Zenon wakes up, she absolutely destroys Laharl in the second game, forcing him to flee. Even Laharl himself admits he can't defeat Zenon and hightails it outta there, and this is the same guy who beat Tyrant Baal.

2.) Zenon, upon waking up, is Level 2000, without equipment. That's her most vulnerable phase, keep in mind, and yet she lays the smackdown on Laharl. Unlike most demons who reincarnate at Level 1, Zenon does this at 2000. She herself is afraid that she's so powerful she was becoming something worse than a demon. No, really. There's an entity WORSE THAN A DEMON?

3.) She, Baal and Zetta have one ability in common; transferring bodies once they are killed. Baal demonstrates this throughout the series, Zetta in the intro to Makai Kingdom and Zenon in Disgaea 2's nightmarish worst ending. Also, Zenon and Baal are so powerful they were sealed away. They couldn't be killed! Only sealed away! If you did kill them, they'd simply find a new host, and proceed to devour your nearest relatives. Hey, Gods get hungry too.

But here's the catch: After beating Baal in Disgaea 2, he doesn't possess the nearest host, unlike what Zenon does in the worst ending. His soul senses Zenon's energy and flees. In short; TYRANT BAAL FLED FROM ZENON!

4.) Her title; God of Overlords. A title so coveted yet so feared so many Overlords died just to gain her title. The only reason she lost her title was because she hated her immense power and wanted to run away from it and start a normal life, but keeps getting roped into Overlord business against her will. Poor Zenon... poor immensely powerful, cannibalistic God of a demon Zenon...

And there's my case for good old Zenon. (Please don't kill me for calling you old, Zenon... even though you're over millions of years old.) God forbid she, Zetta and Baal fought. If so, nothing will survive.

Come to think of it... NIS can make a good origin story for Zenon! Her backstory is really interesting! Make it happen guys!