Udon To Publish Atelier Series: Official Chronicle In U.S.

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Re: Udon To Publish Atelier Series: Official Chronicle In U.S.

Postby raspberrylicious » Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:04 pm

SpaceDrake wrote:
raspberrylicious wrote:I was going to download them from PSN, but I want the Dreamcast release now. <.3

Strictly speaking, the superior versions of both Marie and Elie are the PS2 versions. The graphics were re-scanned and upscaled (and so look amazing), all the sprites were redrawn, and a few niggling quest bugs were fixed. It isn't too hard to find, either.

And yeah, this book is basically all the pre-Arland games. I believe Gust announced plans for an Arland-focused artbook, but I can't find the link right now.

1. The PS2 cover is ugly.
2. It costs twice as much as the Dreamcast version. (and it's used whereas the DC version is new and comes with bonuses)
3. My PS2 hasn't been modded ...yet. And SM is getting expensive.

Enough reasons to skip the PS2 version right now, but I'll probably get it eventually since there's so many in-game extras. ;D
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