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Postby auricanestmile » Mon Mar 25, 2013 5:16 pm

SaturnineTenshi wrote:They're great games—I'd go as far as saying they're the best NISA has localized—so it's good to hear you're enjoying them. Aurica was probably one of my least favorite reyvateils, personally, but I don't think she was necessarily bad. And to each their own and all. Don't want to spoil anything for II, but many feel it was the strongest of the series. Not exactly common among trilogies, that. I'm torn between III and II, though I tend to lean toward III because of one of the protagonists there.

I will admit that I really attached to and enjoyed Aurica because she and I have quite a lot in common. ^^; That's another story for another time and one I'm not ready to share publicly, but I see a kindred spirit in her and having the chance to see her grow and come out of her shell really was personally inspiring to me because of that. :'3

I've heard a lot of people (my friend included) rave about II, translation errors notwithstanding. It totally has new levels of depth over the first one and even with as long as I've played it, I know I've barely scratched the surface as to what is truly within the game in the way of both gameplay elements and philosophical challenges. I'm excited to continue playing it and see how things develop there, too. I haven't played any Qoga yet and I'm waiting until I finish II to do so. ^-^

How wonderful to see a reply to my thoughts and feelings. :'3 Thank you so much, SaturnineTenshi. I look forward to speaking with you more down the line, perhaps. ^-^

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