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E.X. Troopers

Postby Battlechili » Sun Jul 23, 2017 12:07 pm

Its been quite a few years since release and Capcom hasn't touched it, so maybe you guys could see about taking a crack at it?

E.X Troopers was a third person shooter spinoff of the Lost Planet series released on PS3 and 3DS several years ago. It had an almost comic book style to it in a lot of ways, particularly artistically. I suppose the artstyle could be compared to Jet Set Radio almost. Gameplay had similar taking command posts as you progress through levels just like the Lost Planet games, but your movement is more mobile and fast than in Lost Planet with a bit more emphasis on melee attacks. Also has the same enemy style as Lost Planet. I thought the game looked really fun, and at this point I don't see Capcom bringing it over. Here's some gameplay footage:
And some screenshots:

I'd love to see NISA or SOME localization company bring it over. I realize the PS3 is losing steam in the West so it might not be too ideal, but the 3DS is still relevant so maybe there's still hope for bringing it over? Could always port the PS3 version to PS4 or maybe PC if at all possible too.

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