Hakoniwa Company Works [PS4]

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Hakoniwa Company Works [PS4]

Postby bluebamboo » Mon Jul 24, 2017 12:45 am

This might not be a really popular request but I would like you guys to localize Hakoniwa Company Works.
I've played a bit of Minecraft and Dragon Quest Builders and I've found the depth of the games lacking.
If only they were as deep as an Nippon Ichi game? Bam! Nippon Ichi made one.

I'm digging the tilt shift style, the various character classes and the cute characters.
The environments are very beautiful and colorful. Minecraft and DQ Builder's environments are pretty bland in comparison.
The turn based combat system is interesting and reminds me of Disgaea.
The music is really refreshing!

Although I do not know if the game would be a surefire success outside Japan,
I would definitely buy it.

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