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Re: Makai Wars: Vengeance of Asagi

Postby Tokiko » Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:58 am

Personally, speaking as an Asagi Fan here, I don't think she should ever get her own game, shes supposed to be the character that is always trying to be the main character and aspiring to be the main character but she can never succeed in being one. It would just go against everything she stands for. Frankly I'm much happier seeing her getting cameos in games and little side things in Prinny games (though after Prinny 1 i still wonder how she was going to use that "Golden Ice Cream Sammich").

What i wouldnt mind seeing though is if she got a small spin off manga or something for like 1 book or even just got a running weekly comic on the site of just her random misadventures of trying to be a "Main Character". Heck even if it was just a 1 panel little comic in Prinny Bomb that would be pretty neat haha.

Overall though she just needs to stay the way she is and never get her own game, just wouldnt be true to her character if she did.

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