Experiencing some major issues.

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Experiencing some major issues.

Postby NeverSolus » Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:54 am


I recently purchased ClaDun x2 on steam, and was looking forward more than a bit
to playing it as I'm quite the Nippon addict. However, upon trying to play it, no matter
the setting, resolution or background processes, it lags! Its latency is in fact so bad
that it's nigh unplayable. I get roughly 6 FPS, and the controls have roughly a two second
lag as well.

To date I've tried changing process priority, process affinity, updating my GFX,
terminating it lone ( no other unnecessary processes ), and various property edits.
But alas, I've made no progress what-so-ever. Anyone have an idea at all?

With much hope,

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