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Re: Halp me

Postby shadowmaksim » Wed Sep 17, 2014 5:07 pm

KoopaTroopinski wrote:
Koro_Kizama wrote:lil update lol..

I have re-Birth and I LOVE IT ALOT but bad thing is I cant find neptunia 1 and mk2 in my area so ima hafta buy it online somewhere xD

Funny thing is that GameStop still has the original and Victory for sale after all this time. I remember visiting a GameStop in Baltimore that had the whole trilogy (though I guess it's not a trilogy anymore).

So does mine. I remember saying that the one I go to had all three games months ago. I recently checked there again and still found all three games up for sale. 2 copies of "Victory" as well.

I guess some locations are just luckier than others.

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