Upcoming Neptunia Games News Thread

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Upcoming Neptunia Games News Thread

Postby Wdog-999 » Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:12 am

The purpose of this thread is to compile info from the threads for the upcoming Neptunia games in one place to make it easy for people to find what they need without having to go through pages upon pages of comments.

Alright, a few ground rules for this thread:

1. DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD! The entire point of this thread is to allow for a place to see news for the upcoming games without having to wade through dozens of pages worth of reactions.

2. Leave posting to me, please. I'm fairly active on the forums, so I shouldn't have much trouble getting to news.

Alright, now to get to posting that info. :D

Game Directory:
Neptunia VII Page 1 RELEASED
Neptunia VII Page 2 RELEASED
Neptunia VII Page 3 RELEASED
Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Century RELEASED
Geki Jigen Tag Blanc + Neptune Vs Zombie Gundan
Cho Jigen Taisen Neptune Vs Sega Hard Girls - Yume no Gattai Special

EDIT: Thanks to Seventh for compiling information on the thread during my absence from November to December during 2014.
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Re: Upcoming Neptunia Games News Thread

Postby Wdog-999 » Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:16 am

Neptunia VII (April 23, 2015) (PS4) (RPG)


Some scans for VII

Grownup Neptune

ero_prince wrote:http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/000/822/822181/
The story of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II will span three dimensions – Zero Dimension Netpunia Z: Ragnarok’s Goddess at the Edge of the Cliff, Hyperdimension Neptunia G: Gold Bellwether – Gamindustri’s Existence Transformation, and Heart Dimension Neptunia H: Trilogy Final and Thus into the Legend.
One twist is Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II will have an adult Neptune, but she is a different Neptune so she cannot transform into a goddess. Neptune will be joined by a new character named Uranus Uzume who has red pigtails and carries an orange and black megaphone. There may be another new character with blonde pigtails that an online report speculates may be a goddess

BlackDestiny wrote:http://blog.hokanko-alt.com/archives/38158707.html

New information from this week's Dengeki:
Release Date: 2014
Platform and price: Unknown
Producer: Mizuno Naoko
Director: Onodera Shingo
Character Design: Tsunako
-A new character Tennosei(Uranus) Uzume is introduced, a red haired twintail girl,she has an orange and black colored megaphone with a whirlpool mark on it (Dreamcast?)
-Another unknown character, a blonde twintail goddess?
-A grown up Neptune shows up, unlike the Hyperdimension Neptune, this Neptune is a normal human so she can't transform

-The story takes place in 3 dimension(seems to be a parody of a game):
*Reijigen (Zero Dimension) Neptune Z Ragnarok of the Cornered Goddesses(not really sure how this translates)
*Choujigen (Super Dimension) Neptune G The Golden Vanguard, The Existence of the Industry Innovation
*Shinjigen(Heart Dimension) Neptune H Trilogy Finale, And thus into Legend

-A rough design of 4 characters from Neptune G, the Gold Sades is shown from mouth to bottom
-Interview and character design comments but still no info about the platform
-Nep Gathering has evolved to Beta

I have to say...don't really trust my translation of the names and the dimensions since i don't really get the parody, i know Neptune H is based on Dragon Quest 3 but i have no idea about the rest, so please take my translation with a grain of salt...

xizro345 wrote:Uzume Tennoboshi

CV: ????

A mysterious girl who fights alone in the "Zero Dimension". She has a simple strong-minded personality, and that is shown also in her clothing. She could be a patron goddess, but everything [about her] is unclear. Furthermore, her character design is made by the well-known Tsunako.

Wdog-999 wrote:Found a Siliconera article on VII that has a few more details.

An interview about VII

BlackDestiny wrote:I'm reading the creators interview and...they said V-2 is not a sequel of V WTF?

Here is the interview btw

The interview contents (only a few part that i'm interested)
-V-2 is not a sequel of V (WTF)
- There is going to be 3 different tales in 3 different dimension, Zero Jigen will focus on fighting an unknown large enemy and saving the cornered goddesses, Chou Jigen will focus on retrieving the lost goddesses and their relationship with the Gold Sades, Kokoro Jigen will focus on an adventure inside the goddesses heart, we might see an unknown side of the goddesses?
- The story and gameplay is different for each dimension, they said it'd be like 3 game inside 1
- Uzume might be the last goddess on the trailer
-The candidates, IF, Compa and Histoire is going to appear as well, but not Plutia and Pishe because this is not a sequel of V (again WTF?)
-The Golds Sades in not enemies but rivals of the goddesses, they are also a parody of something...
-2 sub chara shown: Chuko and Seaman(Umi Otoko?), they said Seaman is like Histoire for Uzume
- There would be a special battle with extra large enemy and it'd be different with ordinary battle
- They promised big improvement on customization, combo link and lily sistem

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:I've only kind of skimmed over the last 10 pages, so this might be a repost of the interview.
I drew Uzume with "Neptune's older cousin part 2" in mind. Part 1 was pururun. That said she doesn't look very Planeptuneish in all three parts. At first glance, the concept would be "Salaryman on the brink". She's wears a rough kind of jacket but this character survived fighting in a destroyed world so she's rather frank and wears whatever she pleases so we settled on shirts and shortpants worn loose. Incidentally because the buttons are being used, she just forces them in place with suspenders. As you can see, this leaves the necktie and the megaphone as the stand out points... the very personification of "fanciful" game of course.

This is a bit of a repost. The last three points I might have missed entirely while reading today.
They've done a overhaul on the systems. There are special battles with big enemies, you can carve out your own routes in the world, hidden treasures are redone there are a whole lot of things to play with in the system. They've deepened the character customization, coupling and combo systems.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:They really just went at length describing the new character and not the story.
Consider this just a compilation post which contains the interview info.
We threw out the design plans to make her a cheerful character but we gave her just as much impact as neptune and pururun leading to this manly form. Her worldview also matches how she looks. From there, Uzume's character steadily shaped the story.

If you can recall, I included an illustration in one of the visual books that looks just like this Neptune with same clothes only with bits of nepgear's looks and color scheme... Basically, we went with podt transformation colors here. As for where she came from, she may or not be the same one from V's true end. While we won't ask you to play V before VII, it's perfectly fine if you do it the other way around too. Incidentally I saw Adult Nep's 3D mode dual wielding and her in battle pose seemed new. She's normally a sword character but she also has a gun holster there that she uses. The gun is the same as from that artbook, "Unlabeled"(?), I mentioned.

These 4 girls are called Gold Third/Side/Sade by those around them. They are not a group though, they are top leaders and charismatic... it's kind of an honorary title. Each one is different from the last so I had a lot of fun with all these individuals. Also, they have power up forms not too different from the goddesses.

Another scan of Uzume. Seems to be based off of Dreamcast.


TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:
Seventh wrote:
TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Aside from the random Japanese strewn about, it has nothing of interest. A few preview images, the words "Gold Third" or something, and various bits of non-game related imagery.

Actually, I think the whole thing might say a lot in just the visuals. It resembles a horror game's trailer more than a JRPG, and it just gives a very... from vibe, to me at least.

If not, I took screenshots of all the random things I saw. Apparently, Aquaman is a fish. Just like the Dreamcast game made him out to be.

xizro345 wrote:Other pictures of the magazine, include something that wasn't seen before, including artwokr of the three dimensions:




Neptune VII PS4 Announcement

Oh, and that video actually has English subtitles available for it on the page of the video. They're even grammatically correct enough to not be annoying. :P

Collages of Gold Third pictures

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Someone over at 4chan uploaded these nice collages from the video.
Capcom. According to them, Jill Valentine's beret and Virgil/Dante motifs.
Unidentified company "B." Probably a Japanese cell-phone game publisher.

More Neptunia VII Info

xizro345 wrote:Info from hokanko is up.

- Next Form is confirmed for the four goddesses - two stage process (normal > Next);
- Four more characters are teased;

xizro345 wrote:- There appears to be a humanoid robot as enemy (one of the two new characters) ;
- Teaser movie ("Hyper Dimension Compilation") in July;

Info on Next Forms

Aushria wrote:Actually, Purple Heart has a tighter processor set, Black Heart's hair changes and she shows less skin, White Heart gains cat ears and she shows less skin, and Green Heart is given a bikini.

Thanks to Vamp for that information.

Note: These are just the changes of their normal designs, their processor sets in the new forms are said to be entirely new and fitting of the new designs.

BlackDestiny wrote:Seems that someone from 2chan finally got a hold of the magazine, scans are coming guys

First scan

BlackDestiny wrote:Purple Heart Next Form

BlackDestiny wrote:Other goddesses Next Form rough sketches


BlackDestiny wrote:Purple Heart Next Form rough sketches


BlackDestiny wrote:The new enemies, i'll leave the romaji to xizro...


TheFallenKnight wrote:Well this is [Uzume's] 3d model.


RED-chan wrote:And here's the rest.



xizro345 wrote:Purple Heart Next Form

The patron goddess' new appearance - Next Form.
In this illustration we see the Next Form, the stage Purple Heart transforms into from her goddess appearance。
It's an impressive big processor with a skin-tight suit.

xizro345 wrote:I don't have enough time to translate the longer comments, so I'm going for the short ones first, and it'll be a bit unconsequential, so I apologize for that.

Black Heart Next Form

Black Heart, whose body is clad in jet-black parts. The amount of skin exposure is reduced, in exchange for a stylish mood. It looks like the parts also show, robotic, thick and heavy wings [lit. something that looks like wings].

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:
RED-chan wrote:http://ww1.sinaimg.cn/large/81cfa85agw1ehquzi7pjvj216o1kwqv8.jpg

A mysterious existence who has a form and colour that reminds you of some aspects of Purple Heart. Needless to say the name and size, whether or not it's a life-form it is unknown. It is just an ominous wandering existence.

Neat. Neo-Arfoire NEXT gets more mysterious woman treatment.

xizro345 wrote:Afimojasu Shogun


"Hm, so the time has come...However, goddesses without anyone believing in them [lit. without the power of faith] cannot be considered my enemy!"

Calls himself "General". Obsessed with money. Managing Gamegyokai's biggest information site, "@Shogun Matome Site", he manages to obtain a great amount of money manipulating the information provided by his followers.

Translated by me. I haven't seen the it in this thread, though I may have missed it.

xizro345 wrote:Stemax

CV: ???

"For the sin of pointing the blade towards the general, I'll grant you hell."

A shinobi working for General Afimojasu. Thanks to his natural small build he excels in covert action and information gathering, supporting the General's ambitions from the shadows.

xizro345 wrote:Complete version of the first page (and I have no idea where it comes from, it got posted elsewhere):


xizro345 wrote:Character designer Tsunako's comment - Purple Heart's Next Form

During the development it became a suit that depicts the evolution of the next generation, and an image of growth. A "V"-like symbol has been used for the lines of the neck and the buttocks.
It became a feeling of a splendid black brightened by purple, and when it was assimilated in the hair, it could also be called the motif of Neptune [the planet], I've used light blue as luminescent color as of now, but this time this has been taken over, blending the pink color of the clear parts with a luminescent blue, somehow a feeling of everything being purple can be seen at a first glance.....I did something like that.

Latter half later, no time now.

xizro345 wrote:Tsunako's comment - continued

The hairstyle changed by having a polarized color and by unwounding the braid from the middle. Since the image of Nepko is so deeply rooted into the staff, I have trouble every time a new design is presented! This time it took me in total approximately half a year, including the preparatory work on the Next Form itself, temporarily stopping work to restart from scratch, while working on other projects at the same time.

xizro345 wrote:Director Shingo Onodera's comment

It's a new form for the patron goddesses. Now apart from the usual goddess appearance, in this game you can enjoy a second phase of transformation. Of course the motif has become the new fictious generation, and since the four goddesses represent fictional game machine, maybe if we'd go next generation....The concept of Next Form is based on this wild idea.

xizro345 wrote:Character Designer Tsunako's comment - Black Heart Next Form

It's equipped with several devices including something that looks like a Head Mounted Display, and sports characteristic partially rounded parts. The back design has a sailor-style collar that ends up emphasizing the design of the hip line. The design changed a bit in the final version.

xizro345 wrote:White Heart Next Form

White Heart's new appearance is characterized by rounded parts on the forearms and the legs. Note the important writing by Tsunako-san near the parts that look like a cap.

xizro345 wrote:Food for thought - How does Next Form affect characters and battle?

The three patron goddesses in Next form. Big differences [from the normal goddess form] can be clearly seen as a glance, but it would be more interesting to know about possible changes in the fighting style in the actual implementation of the Next Form.
Also, since the goddesses change their personality when transformed, there may be further changes [in personality] when they activate the Next Form.

xizro345 wrote:I noticed this was already translated elsewhere, but I did it on my own nevertheless. These are the sentences that appear on the silhouettes the four Gold Third members:

S - Chuunybyo at full speed!

B - Everything revolves around money!?

C - Bold and stylish lineage.

K - Neat and clean and yet with a soldier-like personality?

xizro345 wrote:Green Heart Next Form

There's a hint that Green Heart wil increase her sex appeal while accessing Next Form. The detail that stands out most is the green X mark on a part of the chest, what kind of meaning could it possibly have?

xizro345 wrote:Character designer Tsunako's comment - Green Heart's Next Form

It should be seen as strong, very armed and with the skin covered, but increasing the cloth area ended up oppressing....After all, that's not typical of Vert-san. It could be said I was driven by a sense of mission. A rough and healthy feeling. The points [of interest] are four translucent parts around the chest area.

Basically, she wanted to create a more armed version of Vert, but felt covering the skin too much was giving a sense of oppression and weight.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:
Anonymous wrote:>Tennouboshi Uzume, clearing the way for Zero Dimension's future

"V II"'s new character, Tennouboshi Uzume has been the focus of fans of the series. Rough sketches were published in Volume 564, and now here is her in-game 3D model. We also have a comment and introduction from her voice actress, Honda Mariko.

>Tennouboshi Uzume
She is a strong-minded and straightforward character. She will make her first appearance in this game in the Zero Dimension, one of the three dimensions, where she fights alone. Her identity and connection to Neptune and the other goddesses are unknown, but she will prove to be very important to the first half of the story.

Tennouboshi Uzume's voice actress is decided to be Honda Mariko. Her most well known roles are in the Seitokai no Ichizon series (Sakurano Kurimu), Nichijou (Aioi Yuuko), Robot Girls Z (Z-chan), and so on. V II will be her first role in the Neptune series, and below is her enthusiastic comment.

>Honda Mariko's Comment
I'm Honda Mariko, playing the role of Tennouboshi Uzume. When I first heard that I landed the role, I was really happy! I got right to playing the rest of the series right away (not sure how accurate this is)! Uzume has a very boyish manner of speech, a real sense of duty, and is very different from all the other characters in Nep up to now. This is also the first time I've played a red-haired twintail character before, so I was excited. Everyone, please check out this brand new world in New Hyperdimension Neptunia V II!

>Uzume's 3D Model
She uses a megaphone as her weapon, but she also sometimes engages in close-quarters combat. Expect dynamic action from this hotblooded girl!

Quote from "Anonymous" who seems to post 24/7 non-stop for the last 10+ years. I kind of wonder how he accumulated the hundreds of millions of posts on the /b/ board.

VII Trailer

Aushria wrote:You all really aren't used to trailers of this type, it has A LOT of hints in it:

-This is the Hyperdimension Guide
--Meaning Neptune G takes place in the Hyperdimension

This screencap:

Gives a good idea of what is going on as it says Transformation Manipulation.
Which would provide a good explanation for those GIANT GOLD TOWERS outside of each nation.

Seventh wrote:http://i.imgur.com/CJdyVwU.png

Those are all the individual different characters I caught, though I think a couple repeated. Also Pirachu and his new girlfriend. Neptune and the two robots were there two, but we've already seen both of them.

Anyway, it was pretty cool! Music was great and I'm already liking the new designs.

xizro345 wrote:Warechuu's "companion" is called "Chuu-ko", by the way.

xizro345 wrote:Random compilation of quotes (not all of them):

- 3 dimensions, 3 stories;
- An alteration of the industry exsistence;
- World change;
- Information manipulation;
- Stealth Marketing;
- The 4 goddesses existence;
- "I managed to infiltrate the destination. I will keep on carrying on the mission".

xizro345 wrote:- "Supermacy over the world [industry]..? I have no interest in that";
- When B is shown, for a second you can read "Premium", "Hero", " "Billing";

xizro345 wrote:- "Help in battle costs 1000 credits for 1 time! Thank you for your patronage!"
- Destroy the negative campaign!
- Recollection;
- Battle! Victory! Decisive Battle! Gamegyokai's upheaval [literally it's the term used when supplanting one's superior].

Teaser Video
Nepdood wrote:New video from Compile Heart: http://youtu.be/dk035qE1Ipg

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Dunno about the video since I haven't watched it yet. I did find the translations for all the text on 4chan though. They're so very useful.

End of Trilogy will open the act
Delusion/wild idea
Awakening from a nightmare (Sentence is cut off)
From the beginning to the end (First part and last part of sentence is cut off)
Inner part
Long Sleep
Bitter orange (No idea)
Dual Nature
Share Crystal
Center of the world
I will follow you anywhere if you wish for it...And then well will see the same dream.That's all I could get from the video

This post may need additional formatting.

NOTE: This is technically a compilation of all of the CH trailers shown at TGS and it leads directly into the FFF: ADF trailer which may have endgame spoilers for FFF. Just make sure to only watch up to 1:32.
BlackDestiny wrote:TGS trailer: http://youtu.be/e89ke5upJtk?t=57s

It's just a complete version of the one showed previously with Uzume voice

xizro345 wrote:Showing new characters for VII.
The fish guy is called Umio.

xizro345 wrote:Umio, should work as Uzume's Histoire, from what I heard.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:This goofy guy is supposed to be the equivalent of Histy? :lol:

xizro345 wrote:
Seventh wrote:
xizro345 wrote:They mentioend the VA, but I didn't get the name.

I think it was Hayami Sho?

Yes he is.

xizro345 wrote:Again those robots.
They said the characters related to those are "a secret".

shadowmaksim wrote:So the robot characters really are giant.

xizro345 wrote:I think it's pretty clear who the robots are. IMO.

Uzume asks for help to save the Zero Dimension in the movie.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Also, here's a robot.

xizro345 wrote:http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/000/929/929707/

Shows Umio, and describes the video.
Also sorry, the issue with VII info is vol. 577.

xizro345 wrote:Also, after the movie the hosts said it was very, almost excessively serious, and Onodera commented saying (not sure if it will actually happen or it was a just a remark) that Neptune is going to crash that atmosphere once she appears.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Adult Nep has some cleavage, and a gun.
Oh, and there's a 4gamer article where they interviewed CH staff.
The Google translate version was too much for me to try to decipher this early in the morning.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:I cross posted to 4chan since more people there know Japanese than anywhere else I tend to go.
Anonymous wrote:I'm skimming this cause I'm in a hurry, so quick details from speedreading: Nepgear+Neptune fall into Z Dimension, meet big Neptune and Uzume, then the story goes Z>G>H while converging towards 1 big end, and Uzume is key to all of this(also she transforms and we'll see that eventually).
Robots are usually villains cause no males, they run a review site, Pirachu's "business rival" who owns a shop(?), the talking fish Histoire equivalent with the cool voice; the goddesses, candidates and IF and Compa should show up (the party's gonna be big), they changed up the combo system, potential character customization with weapons, then lots of talk about development for the PS4
Maybe I can do this tomorrow

xizro345 wrote:On to Neptune VII:

- Uzume is called "New Goddess" in the franchise;
- Uzume is the center of the three stories that make up Neptune VII;
- The game has been developed in a way a large number of people can enjoy it (bigger audience? just says "big number of people;
- With that said, people knowing more of the series will find more stuff to enjoy;
- The basic world is from Mk2 and V, despite adding new dimensions ;
- Game will start in the Zero Dimension, to help newcomers from the series;

xizro345 wrote:- The three stories will eventually converge into one;
- The game was originally created as "Zero Jigen Game Neptune";
- Pre-production started immediately after V, but then they had to choose between Fairy Fencer F or Zero Jigen Neptune, and chose the former.

xizro345 wrote:- including the concept phase, the game has been in development for about two years and a half (quite long for CH standards);
- As for the story, they won't say much, but Neptune and Nepgear get thrown into the Zero Dimension, where they find Uzume and the Adult Neptune. Along with them, they'll fight gigantic unknown enemies (the robots, if I have to guess).

xizro345 wrote:- In the Cho Jigen, the usual four goddesses are present. The keyword is "The forgotten Goddess", that will drawn the four goddesses and Gold Third together;
- They refuse to actually say anything about Gold Third, adding information will be revealed later;

By the way, this interview was conducted during TGS, even if it has been published now.

xizro345 wrote:- The last dimension is described as a "mysterious" dimension by Mizuno herself. Supposedly it portrays the soul of the people. Goddesses as we know it haven't really appeared there. She doesn't say more than this;

- The order of dimensions will be Zero -> Cho -> Kokoro. Uzume is the key of the story in each dimension.

The rest will have to wait a bit, I'm almost forgetting of preparing dinner, but I'll try to work on it as soon as possible.

Ultimate_Nova_X wrote:http://www.4gamer.net/games/277/G027741/20141008046/

I am now genuinely interested in the plot of the game, that took a while.

xizro345 wrote:- Adult Neptune is not a resident of Zero Dimension, and also it's not the same Neptune of the previous games (Mizuno says she gets asked a lot about this - people seem to think they're the same person);
- There are various settings (4gamers says it's "quite complicated"), but done in a way newcomers won't feel lost, people who know will be grinning (as in noticing interesting details, I suppose);
- Next, the discussion is about General Afimojasu and Stemaxx;
- They say the same thing about the two: the general runs a pay site which makes huge profits thanks also to the undercover work of Stemaxx (remember that "Stema" in Japanese means "Stealth Marketing").

xizro345 wrote:- Robots are often villains because the series is a world where males basically don't appear;
- Chuuko is a business rival of Warechuu;
- Umio (which is written as 海男) is Histoire's equivalent for Uzume;
- The four goddesses, the candidates, IF and Compa will appear (they jokingly say that the number of characters has increased considerably and the party will be lively).
- The battle system is completely new, it resembles the old one, but the combo system has changed.

xizro345 wrote:- Break has also changed;
- Positioning is important, and it's also useful to encircle enemies;
- Up to now the customization has been weapon dependent, but due to the changes made customization optiosn will increase.
- There will be familiar monsters but also new ones.

xizro345 wrote:- Certain enemies are so big, the party will appear very small (you can see that in Omega Quintet as well);
- They're making full use of the PS4 functionalities;
- Next Form is discussed (also called "second form of transformation") and Mizuno said Purple Heart was the hardest to design - nothing else was said ;
- Treasure chests pop up if certain conditions are met;
- Players can open their own path on the world map (whatever that means).

xizro345 wrote:- The team has received technical know-how on development from the Omega Quintet team;
- Despite PS4 being easy to develop, there were some difficult things to do when transitioning from PS3;
- PS4 was designed for realistic graphics, so they had issues in making it work with "cute" characters (they had similar issues with Omega Quintet, the map was too big);
- Motion was adjusted (among other things) when doing modeling on PS4;
- They work via trial and error method, as they don't have enough powerful PCs in-house for data handling;

xizro345 wrote:- Visually speaking, the game should look "completely different" on PS4 (as in better graphics and such, not that they changed the style);
- 4gamer asks if Neptune will be PS4 only from now on but they give a criptic answer (sort of "could be, but things may be unpredictable"), though they mention they're moving other franchises to PS4 such as FFF Advent Dark Force;
- Speaking of which, that game will have a new battle system and it's not a remake (4gamer asked that);
- There are other games in development but they can't tell details, Mizuno would like to do a "Neptune Sports" game though;
- Re;Birth3 gets mentioned but they really don't say anything new;
- The interview ends with a short messages to the fans (basically "please look forward to the games").

Leon Tekashi wrote:Incoming V2 news this week: https://twitter.com/IdeaFactoryWeb/stat ... 43?lang=en

xizro345 wrote:well, for a start, here's Dengeki preview:


You can see some CG. It covers all the titles presented, so also Re;Birth3 and Trillion.

xizro345 wrote:Supposedly it'll cover the new combo system, the combination skills and a dungeon called "Platform Zero". Also Mariko Honda cosplaying as Uzume, but I guess people won't interested in that...

EDIT: It also should shed some light on Neptune and Nepgear's travel to the Zero Dimension.

xizro345 wrote:Release date is spring 2015.

xizro345 wrote:Exe drive will reset after each battle, combo is dependent on weapon type equipped. Rest will have to wait, phone dead now.

einar wrote:From what I can tell from the rest of the text, positioning will be important for formation skills.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Someone at 4chan said it's from the "character poll" most likely from TGS.
DPS leaks are out. I'll keep translate more in a few minutes after I finish reading
There's apparently new characters from the social game gyoukai

Character poll are

4 goddess

It is unknown if other characters can be voted on.

Delayed until next year spring

Here's something interesting.
Outline of Zero Dimension
The goddesses have been living in peace but once Neptune picked up a white console with Uzume's symbol and asked Nepgear to fix it. But once they started the console they were swallowed into a whirlpool.....and they arrive to a parallel world.

xizro345 wrote:- Combos are Power, Rush, Standard (Break seems to have been phased out) and can be combined;

Someone at 4chan said it's from the "character poll" most likely from TGS.

Yeah, that's the poll they announced at TGS, it's related to choosing the next main character for another Neptune title. Mizuno said (apparently) that this poll is the key.

Seventh wrote:That works too!

http://gematsu.com/2014/10/hyperdimensi ... 2015-japan
Gematsu has some of the plot up.

xizro345 wrote:Managed to grab some, source is unclear as it looked like they were reposted at least a couple times.


There are a ton more, but I have no time to post thrm.

xizro345 wrote:Neptune and Uzume's confrontation CG!

VII's main character Neptune and new character Uzume Tennoboshi one on one fight! Uzume, believed to be an ally up to now, is actually on the enemy side!? The gaze going unintentionally to Neptune's buttocks and Uzume's navel, the meaning of this event CG is...

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Here's a few more.
The illustration pages.

Character poll.

History of IF over the last 20 years,

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Here's a few random translations from 4chan. While it was nice of him to start, it appears someone had to start an argument over something silly again.

This is in reference to http://i.imgur.com/ZgopY33.jpg
Left side

Number of combo is dependant on the weapon type
Ex finishers are gone
EX drive resets every battle but easy to accumulate the gauge

A dungeon with concealed unknown enemies "Platform Zero"
In "VII"'s story you visit various dungeons but among them is a new dungeon that exists in the zero dimension "Platform Zero" The concept art is in the bottom right. The destroyed city is the stage for this dungeon. The ruined city "Platform Zero" is the home of monsters is the symbol of the world view of the zero dimension.

Platform Zero
A dungeon with a desolate scenery that gives off a gloomy mood. It was originally a lively town. There is currently no one living there. Could this be related to the eenemy that Uzume is fighting?

To a new region!

Combo attack system changed

The main attack "combo attack"'s structure has changed. There are three types of combos, instead of "break" there is "standard". The number of times you can attack in a combo is decided by your weapon, it is a system that makes strategic battles possible.
Attacks that can be used in a combo

Damage is low per attack, but the number of hits are high. If used in succession you can gain a lot of hits.

It is the opposite of rush, higher damage but lower number of hits. You can shave off a lot of the enemies HP.

In between power and rush. While increasing hit count it is helpful in taking out the enemies hp

There are special traits in combos
When performing combos, acording to the order you use attacks the power of the attack increases. This "special trait" can be checked in the menu when your setting the combos

Satisfy the conditions and the power of the attack goes up, the name of the attack lights up as an indicator

"Formation Skill" position is important
"Formation Skill" A special move that several characters can unleash. When using these skills, if it's 2 characters using the skills then close in on the enemy, if it's 3-4 characters then surrounding the enemy is needed. Always have the position of the enemy in your head and combine techniques.

From the system menu "Formation Skill"'s you can check the activation conditions
When you select "Formation skill" a line will be draw to the corresponding characters.

xizro345 wrote:Tennoboshi Uzume

A dreamer girl who fights alone in a spirited way (also mannish, if you prefer) in order to save the Zero Dimension.

CV: Mariko Honda

A girl who fights alone in the collapsing world known as Zero Dimension. She is blunt, but deep in she is loyal and passionate. Her words and deeds are strong minded, but she also has an intense day-dreamer side.

xizro345 wrote:There's a box "discussing" Uzume's enemies, but there's no content in it, basically a recap of what is known and the writer wondering who these robots are.

In some of the dialogue scenes shown, Neptune says she haven't seen the console that starts all the mess before. In another, Nepgear says to Uzume that's it's exactly like her sister said, they don't want to fight her.

xizro345 wrote:Uzume's skill is called 咆哮夢叫 - Hokomusho. which I'm not really sure how to translate since they gave 夢叫 a different meaning (a new word, basically, those words together mean something like "dream shout", or it's a Dreamcast reference I'm not getting) but it could be - a guess by me looking at compatible words and looking at what she does - "The greatest yell".

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:The website has been updated.
It has the World and Movies tab up, but there's not much in terms of content for either. The movies are just the preview trailers, and the world tab is a basic primer.

Edit: Oh wait, 4chan proves me wrong again. The World, then the story tab, says this.
The goddesses have reached a turning point.
The people wish for new goddesses.
We've grow more anxious as we may have been completely forgotten.
And suddenly Neptune, and Nepgear have disappeared from Game Industry.

There's a bit after it, but that's mostly be mentioned before from what Google tells me.

xizro345 wrote:Umio

CV: Sho Hayami

A fish with an always straight human face that works together with Uzume in the Zero Dimension. Contrary to his extremely unique appearance, he's actually a common-sense person, and speaks in a characteristic obscure way. While he looks like some kind of fish, he moves by swimming through the air rather than water.

xizro345 wrote:There's an interesting tidbit in Nepgear's profile: it states that while she suffers from lack of personality due to the complex she's carrying, recently she's feeling accepted.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:http://www.compileheart.com/neptune/v2/world/
The website has been updated. Images, character profiles and a new World tab have been added. I can't offer a partial translation of the world tab since I'm on my cell phone. I can do that later if no one else does.

xizro345 wrote:Patron Goddess

The symbol of the four countries that exist in Gamegyokai, "Planeptune", "Lastation", "Leanbox", "Lowee", the goddesses that protect the nations.
Patron goddesses were born out of faith of the people, by utilizing the power of the faith, "Share Energy", as their own power, they protect and lead the nation.
As long as the faith doesn't cease, it's possible to exsist as goddess semipermanently [note, the term 半永久的 used to indicate the duration means exactly "semipermanently"].

xizro345 wrote:Goddess Candidate

The little sisters of the goddesses of each country, the candidates as the next generation goddesses.
Like the Patron Goddesses, they are born out of the faith of the people, and they lead and protect the country along with the Patron Goddesses.
Compared to the Patron Goddesses they're young and immature, on the other hand it said they possess potential and latent faculties.
In the current Gamegyokai, Leanbox doesn't have a Goddess Candidate.

xizro345 wrote:Goddess Form

The transformation of the Patron Goddesses and Goddesses Candidates using Share Energy.

The power is proportional to the strength and the abundance of the faith of the people. During Goddess Form, the fighting capabilities are tremendously increased, and [Goddess Form] has saved Gamegyokai from several crisis.

xizro345 wrote:Zero Dimension

Tennoboshi Uzume

CV: Mariko Honda

[Her quote is the same as the reveal, but I don't have time to look for the post where I originally translated it]

A dreamer girl who fights alone in a spirited way in order to save the Zero Dimension.

She lives in world called "Zero Dimension" where Neptune and Nepgear have gone astray.

Her speech and conduct are mannish and blunt, but deep in she is loyal and passionate.

She's risking her life to protect the barely surviving citizens of the Zero Dimension, and it can be said she's the embodiment of vigour and fighthing spirit.

On the other hand, she also has a fiercely day-dreaming, girly side.

That's all I can do for now, I'll post the rest later as I have work now.

xizro345 wrote:Umio

Uzume's staff officer!? A fish with a human face with a cool [as in "cool guy"] voice.

"Uzume, I'm glad you were safe. The evacuation has just reached 70%"

CV: Sho Hayami

Uzume's partner, a fish with a human face who keeps a straight face all the time.
In contrast to his playful looks, he has an ordinary personality and is, as Neptune calls him, a cool uncle.
He doesn't stay in water and swims in the air all the time, but whether he breathes or uses branchial respiration is shrouded in mystery.

xizro345 wrote:Neptune

The self-proclaimed main character of main characters who blows away any adversity!!

CV: Rie Tanaka

"No matter the situation, by Main Character Compensation [a concept meaning that the main character, being central to the story, can't lose] I will make through it!"

Self-proclaimed "Main character of main characters", she has also become the title of this game and the series face.
Naturally bright and positive, while her high tension personality has refined a little more than the usual, a turning pont as goddess, she gets thrown into the Zero Dimension without a chance [of doing anything].
She has a certain appeal that manages to destroy any adversity or serious situation.

However, her only problem is almost all the time she's not called with her correct name.

xizro345 wrote:Nepgear

The dependable little sister who supports Neptune

CV: Yui Horie

"...Geacchi. Geacchi, eh...Tee-hee, perhaps it's the first time I've been called with a nickname."

Planeptune's Goddess Candidate, Neptune's little sister.
Her specialty is tinkering with machines, adding hidden feats....in short, she's a mecha-wota [a mecha geek].
She's a dependable person and she's often mistaken for her older sister, being a girl who greatly loves her older sister she unintentionally spoils Neptune.
She was the main character in a previous game.

In contrast with Neptune who forcibly pulls in everyone around her, she's a type of girl who supports the ones around her.

xizro345 wrote:New info:


3d Models of an enemy, "Dark Goddess" (I suppose it's the robots?) are shown.
Uzume's goddess form, Orange Heart, has been introduced.

xizro345 wrote:- A new technique by Uzume is being discussed;
- Adult Neptune is being reintroduced, uses both swords and guns. Since she doesn't have a little sister, she'd like one like Nepgear.
- and someone "completely new" appears... Magiquone (Zero Dimension version).

xizro345 wrote:- Dark Goddesses are about 30 m in height;
- A new dungeon is shown, Jinzaagura [romanization uncertain] Park;
- Orange Heart's personality is described as "fired up";
- Rie Tanaka (interviewed along with Mariko Honda), said she used a "middle approach" for Adult Neptune, sort of a middle ground between the original and Purple Heart.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Here's our first look at Orange Heart, I guess. This was posted over at 4chan, after being posted on 2chan or 2ch, whatever. I'm assuming this is her from the eyes. You can click on it to see it in a larger resolution.

Seventh wrote:Anyway. Gematsu has some stuff on the game.

Leaks for this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation reveal a feature article for Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II, with a major focus on new enemies known as the “Dark Goddesses,” as well as on the previously detailed new, separate incarnation of Neptune, among other things.

For starters, the Dark Goddesses’ CG models are shown off in the magazine, with designer Naohiro Washio remarking that he ensured they would fit within the established conventions for the series’ main goddesses and overall series’ sensibilities in general, feeling content at what he was able to turn out in the end. A fight with one of the Dark Goddesses, Dark Purple, is also shown. Given the huge size disparity, with Dark Purple clocking in at 30 meters tall, players have to hop aboard a floating island and take her on with Skills. As previous footage has alluded, other Dark Goddesses exist as well that correspond to the other goddesses colors.

More details have also arrived about newcomer Uzume Tennohboshi, a character we covered briefly several months back. As it turns out, she can become a goddess, as well, Orange Heart, bringing about not only a corresponding change in hair color, but also a bubbly and energetic personality. She can also use a technique that literally translates into “Dream Crushing Fist.”

Meanwhile, the “different” Neptune is still voiced by Rie Tanaka and she travels across various dimensions, using two-handed swords and pistols in battle. As she doesn’t have a younger sister to call her own, she expresses a desire to have one like Nepgear. Appearing alongside her is another Arfoire, too, also stated to be separate from the existing one. Apparently the new Neptune has it out for this other Arfoire, as she likes to tease her.

Rie Tanaka and Mariko Honda, Uzume Tennohboshi’s voice actress, are also interviewed in the magazine, bringing to light a few more details about their respective characters. The new Neptune, for instance, is on regular Neptune/Purple Heart’s side, ordered to team up with her under the guise of high schooler appearance. Nepgear and Uzume both have nicknames for her, with the former calling her “Big Sis” (literally, as in size) and the latter referring to her as “Huge Nep.”

Finally, a dungeon going by the name of “Jinguu Zakura Park” is also briefly revealed in the magazine. The scenery for it has seemingly been shown off in menu pictures in previous installments.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/000/956/956859/
The "Dark Purple" goddess's 3D model is shown off, along with Orange Heart's portrait, and Arfoire makes another appearance. I'll see if I can get better images.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:That's okay, I have the entire article right here. I bought the digital version and took some screenshots. Mostly images, but quite a lot of text near the end. As usual, click them to see them in larger resolution.








I think this is all the VII article. I'll look through it more in-depth later to see if I missed something.
If you'd like 2-page spreads, click these links instead.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:
I'm not too sure what page this is in reference to, probably the same as the next. (Pages 5,6)
Anonymous wrote:Dark Goddess battles differ from normal battles. In normal battle the field stays as it is. The battle with Dark Goddesses moves to a special field(floating islands). The battle takes place in various fields, Neptune and the others move to different fields while battling. The specialty of these fields is that normal attacks are not available, only skills can be used

This is in reference to the page where the battle with the dark goddess takes place.
Anonymous wrote:Among the 3 dimensions, the Dark Goddesses that appear in Zero dimension are approximately 30m tall. This is the largest enemy character that has appeared in the series thus far。 The Dark Goddess will repeatedly use a squeezing attack with it's hands。 If you repeated take damage from it's large build, it wil be fatal. You can confirm the name Dark Puple in the battle screen. It hascontains the name "Purple. What kind of relation does it have with Purple Heart.

Oh, and he's still working. From pages 3 and 4 come...
Anonymous wrote:Orange Heart
The goddess Orange Heart, Uzume's transformed appearance. Her personality energetic and bubbly is a complete change from her tomboy personality. In the ruined Zero Dimension how does she transform and gain shares?
Another Neptune that you meet in the Zero Dimension. She's a different person from the protagonist Neptune but her personality is the same. Travelling to different dimensions while carrying "Nep's Note" in her hand.

xizro345 wrote:I'm adding a part that he missed:
Orange Heart

CV: Mariko Honda

" Haaa....Finally I was able to win by barking...."

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:
Anonymous wrote:Arfoire appears in VII!
The enemy that usually appears in the Nep series. The Arfoire that appears in this game is a different person but with the same name. The appearance maybe a little different but she is still a dangerous existance

The mysterious woman that Neptune and the other meet in the Zero Dimension. Performing destructive acts around the world while destroying the world.

xizro345 wrote:Orange Heart's attack is described as:

"An invincible blow [Lit. this fist that cannot lose] - Dream Crushing Fist"

xizro345 wrote:Also, in the dialogue near Magiquone's image, Adult Neptune calls her "Mazakonu", it seems every incarnation of Neptune just can't get her name right...

xizro345 wrote:Adult Neptune's attack:

The magnifcent combination of sword and gun - Slash Raketen [Raketen is German and means "Rockets"].

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:
Here's a bit more. Since I'm in the parking lot at work, this post may require additional formatting. Apologies in advance.
Anonymous wrote:A new dungeon revealed
A dungeon with all kinds of sakura trees. The ruined world of Zero Dimension brings about the fascination of the sakura trees
What awaits on the otherside of those sakura trees-The same dungeon appears in the Hyperdimension.
Jingu Zakura, an area that exists in the Zero Dimension. But on the other picture is the same area in the Hyperdimension where Neptune takes naps. What is the meaning of these two picture!? The contents of the Hyperdimension will be introduced next time.

xizro345 wrote:Looking at the event pictures one seems to imply Uzume doesn't want to use her goddess form, as Neptune says to Uzume that if she can use her goddess form there's no need to pass through such hardships.

xizro345 wrote:In the interview Rie Tanaka explains the difference between Purple Heart, Neptune and Adult Neptune as Neptune being the noisy kid who can't shut up, Purple Heart as the adult, and Adult Neptune as the high schooler. She also mistook Adult Neptune for Nepgear the first time she saw Tsunako's design.

xizro345 wrote:Orange Heart

Dreams going at full force by transforming!

CV: Mariko Honda

[same quote as the magazine]

Tennoboshi Uzume's goddess form.
Her appearance is a complete change from her spirited and her blunt personality before the transformation, she changes to the soft personality of the "Honya system".
She calls the enemy monsters "Doggie" and seems to lack tension by going at her own pace, but at the core she's really serious.

xizro345 wrote:Neptune

The traveler of dimensions

CV: Rie Tanaka

"Wow, your name is also Nepu, what a coincidence!"

Another Neptune encountered in the Zero Dimension.
Like the smaller Neptune, she has a bright and positive personality, but contrary to her semi-adult appearance, she also shows a defenseless and innocent behaviour.
Her hobby is taking samples, and she has traveled through a lot of dimensions, with the "Nepu Note" in her hand, to seek out unusual insects.
Incidentally, despite being called Adult Neptune, it's unclear if she's an adult or a minor.

xizro345 wrote:Magiquone

The woman who brings destruction to the Zero Dimension.

CV: Chiaki Takahashi

"Magiquone....It's the name of the person who will defeat you fools and ring the bell of destruction for the world!"

A woman with the appearance of a witch met in the Zero Dimension by Neptune and the others.
Everything about her is shrouded in mistery, save for her goal of destroying the world.

xizro345 wrote:Dark Goddesses

The huge enemies who appeared out of nowhere and are destroying the city.
The destruction brought by the Dark Goddesses isn't only physical, ending up erasing space itself.
Therefore,in the places where the Dark Goddesses appear even the land completely disappears into nothingness.
They [are] the destined enemies of Uzume, who keeps on fighting them alone since a long time.
Their big frame is way over 30 m.
Somehow they resemble the Goddess Form of the Patron Goddesses. [the original text was a bit more vague, saying they give the impression of resembling the goddess form, but in English it doesn't flow very well].

xizro345 wrote:IF's twitter mentioned Mariko Honda made another interview regarding Uzume, and that will be posted in a future issue of DPS (it may be the one out next week):

https://twitter.com/IdeaFactoryWeb/stat ... 6297827328

Seventh wrote:Releasing April 23.

xizro345 wrote:http://blog.hokanko-alt.com/archives/42538265.html

There seems to be info about Gold Third;
Preorder bonus: visual book;
LE contents: Situation CD, OST, Tsunako illustration on the jacket, other.

xizro345 wrote:Other tidbits now that I can actually read it with a computer:

- the other LE content is an OP/ED collection;
- The other goddesses are introduced again (doesn't talk about NEXT Form, so they probably won't be shown) with illustration and 3D models;
- Other details of the battle system are discussed.
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Re: Upcoming Neptunia Games News Thread

Postby Wdog-999 » Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:21 am

xizro345 wrote:According to 2ch (so there's need of confirmation that should come in a few hours) there are OP for each dimension. To recap:

- OP theme - "相対性VISION" (Soutaisei VISION - Relativity VISION) by nao;
- ED theme - "未来へのリゾルブ" (Mirai he no Resolve / Resolve for the Future) by Ayane;

- Zero Jigen OP "More Soul Continue" by Mariko Honda (Uzume);
- Cho Jigen OP "モウソウ4tune" (Mousou 4tune / Delusion 4tune) by Rie Tanaka, Asami Imai, Kana Asumi, Rina Sato;
- Kokoro Jigen OP "モウソウカタルシス" (Mousou Catharsis / Delusion Catharsis) by Mariko Honda and Rie Tanaka.

The source mentioned was a 2chan link, but it was already dead when I tried to check it.

xizro345 wrote:The battle system part mentions the "position at the beginning of battle" and the "Movement Gauge".

EDIT: the gauge confirms what I read on 2ch yesterday, that there is some sort of movement restriction implemented.

xizro345 wrote:Images have started circulating since a couple hours I believe, but I didn't have the chance to actually look for them around until now, when they passed so many links so I can't even be sure where they appeared for the first time:


xizro345 wrote:Reading from the story part, it seems Gold Third arrive in the Cho Jigen and start causing serious trouble for the goddesses, who find themselves in trouble.
Combo depends on the weapon type, as they said earlier.

xizro345 wrote:Formation Skills have been tweaked and require the "Line" between characters, as shown in the pictures.

Noire is called an "Elite type" in her profile, but also a Tsundere and that Neptune mocks her by calling her "loner".

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:I'm guessing this is twoofspades's work. 90% certain on that.
Anonymous wrote:http://www.amazon.co.jp/%E3%82%B3%E3%83%B3%E3%83%91%E3%82%A4%E3%83%AB%E3%83%8F%E3%83%BC%E3%83%88-%E6%96%B0%E6%AC%A1%E5%85%83%E3%82%B2%E3%82%A4%E3%83%A0-%E3%83%8D%E3%83%97%E3%83%86%E3%83%A5%E3%83%BC%E3%83%8CVII-%E3%83%89%E3%83%AA%E3%83%BC%E3%83%A0%E3%82%A8%E3%83%87%E3%82%A3%E3%82%B7%E3%83%A7%E3%83%B3Amazon-co-jp%E9%99%90%E5%AE%9APC%E5%A3%81%E7%B4%99%E4%BB%98-2015%E5%B9%B44%E6%9C%8823%E6%97%A5%E6%B3%A8%E6%96%87%E5%88%86%E3%81%BE%E3%81%A7/dp/B00RFKGX90/

Amazon has a product description for VII. I don't have anything to do so I'll translate it.

A battle over game industry.
A largely evolved battles system. A new system that utilizes linked skills with party members [Line Skill System].
A battle on a different scale that you can experience [Gigantic Battle].
An enemy with [breakable parts], the part used in an attacked can be sealed if you destroy the [breakable parts] [Part Destruction System], new systems that have never been used in the series!

Route path finding! [Route Build System]! This time on the world map, the important points that connect towns and dungeons [Routes] exists, in those routes you can do path finding!

Connecting towns and increasing interaction, and maybe you can find an unknown dungeon?

A new component to gathering [ Breaker]. There are things (objects) to destroy when you break things with symbol attack when gathering. A breakable thing (object) has a degree of strength, you will have to power up symbol attacks to destroy them. You might also get rare items for doing so.
I don't know if path finding is the correct word for this, maybe development is a better word.

xizro345 wrote:My take on it for the last part:

New elements of exploration [or lookup, hunting, research for items]! During the exploration of the dungeons, there are items (objects) that can be destroyed using Symbol Attack. The items that can be destroyed (objects) possess a certain strength, and there are also items that can be destroyed (objects) that can't be broken unless you power up Symbol Attack. By breaking them in such a way, there may be rare items.

xizro345 wrote:Noire

The lone tsundere goddess who doesn't admit her feelings

CV: Asami Imai

"What do you mean I'm not h, honest with my feelings! It's not like I would feel lonely if you never came back"

Lastation's Patron goddess.
A tsundere wo doesn't admit her feeling to the people close to her with a serious, elite temperament, who on the other hand ends up completing everything alone.
Due to that personality she has been teased and allegedly called "loner" by Neptune.
However, hidden from those around her, she has an hobby of cosplaying and making costumes.
Regarding her younger sister Uni she unintentionally ends up taking a harsh attitude, resultntg in a problem that has strained their relationship a little.

xizro345 wrote:Blanc

The taciturn goddess who likes reading a lot

CV: Kana Asumi

"With this kind of strategy, with my intelligence there are no problems."

Lowee's Patron goddess.
She is usually quiet, but when she accumulates [too much] stress she flips out, changing completely and going out of control.
Her hobby is reading, and she is the self proclaimed most intelligent and knowledgeable person among the four godddesses.
She puts her short stories on sale in incognito, but for some reason they don't sell at all.

Despite being abused and embarassed by her twin young sisters Rom and Ram, somehow their relationship gets along and is deep.

xizro345 wrote:I forgot, Dream edition page (with "now printing" images though):

http://www.compileheart.com/neptune/v2/ ... page=dream

and preorder bonus (with "now printing" as well):

http://www.compileheart.com/neptune/v2/ ... yoyaku.jpg

xizro345 wrote:Vert

The beautiful and full of grace big sister, who deep in is a shut-in gamer

CV: Rina Sato

"Here as a goddess, I have to firmly carry out my duty."

Leanbox's Patron goddess.
Her outward appearance is the one of a mature woman with a gentle, big-sister like, demeanor, but deep inside she has a super game mania and is a shut-in player, her private room full of a massive amount of games and goods.
She has a lot of confidence in her own style, and nonchalantly gives off an appeal of large size [I'm pretty sure you know what she's referring to...]

She is very concerned that she's the only one among the four goddesses who doesn't have a younger sister, and if the occasion arises, she acts like an older sister with the Goddess Candidates (mainly Nepgear).

xizro345 wrote:Combo Make

Combo Make a system that enables to create the combos that a character can unleash in battle.


1) Combo List

The list of the possible combo of the weapon currently equipped.

2) Combo Set

The different combos that can be used by the currently equipped weapon.
Combo can be unleashed to a maximum of 5, and one combo can be set corresponding to the "Rush", "Power" and "Standard" types respectively.
Please note that the same combo can be only set in only one place.

3) Combo Details

"Combo Traits" - if you fulfill the conditions you can deal more damage than usual in battle.
Considering the sequence of use is the shortcut in strategy that leads to the creation of good, efficient sets.

Rest later, and I'm going to translate nao's comments about the OP as well.

xizro345 wrote:The image they used says there are no combo traits in the combo description so it's hard to tell what they actually are.

xizro345 wrote:Point - The number of combos is determined by the weapon!

The number of combo for all characters isn't common, but is determined by the weapon equipped. Therefore, selecting the weapon becomes the key of battle.


Point - Utilize skillfully the combo "trait"

In this game the main structure of the "combo attack" has also changed.
Replacing "Break" from the previous games, "Standard" has been introduced, so that the attacks are composed of the free use of the three techniques "Rush", "Power", "Standard".


>> Rush

Although the damage per blow is low, there are many hits. If fired in rapid succession, many hits are landed all at once.
Depending on the number of hits, the EXE Drive gauge will increase [accordingly].

>> Power

In contrast to Rush, the hits are few but the damage is high, reducing the HP of the opponent in a significant way.

>> Standard

A technique which is the middle ground between Rush and Power. It's useful to reduce HP while having an increased number of hits at the same time.


At the moment of performing a combo attack, the order of use of a technique increases the power of the following technique used.
These "Combo Traits" can be verified in the menu, so review the "Traits" set when setting the combo sets.

xizro345 wrote:Opening Theme

Soutaisei VISION

Lyrics/Music: Chiyomaru Shikura [he worked on the lyrics of several 5pb. games, including Chaos;HEAD and Steins;Gate - he was also the planner for those games]
Arrangement: MACARONI☆
Vocals: nao

Comment [by nao]

This time, the magnificent creation of a new Nepu game!! In other words...
The person who has been chosen for the theme song!! I'm nao!!
The theme song this time is...[written in a way that expresses excitement]Nepu x Chiyomaru Shikura
I, nao, have been called to sing a lot of Neptune-related song up to now, but finally this tag has come...
Shikura's overflowing knowledge [lit: an explosion of knowledge] on very specific Nepu-related topics?I
Personally is what I find most thrilling.
Nepu fans first, but also Shikura fans, I'll be happy if you look forward the release of the song(^_^)

xizro345 wrote:Purple Heart

Planeptune's awe-inspiring Patron Goddess

CV: Rie Tanaka

"Goddess Purple Heart has arrived here!"

Neptune's Goddess Form.

With her adult appearance and calm composure she looks already like a different person, is someone the younger sister Nepgear is aiming to become.
However, in her action and words it's possible to spot a glimpse of her natural behiavour before Goddess Form.
With the exception of friends being in trouble or before powerful enemies, the Goddess Form is rarely used, the person herself saying "Because it's tiring".

xizro345 wrote:Black Heart

Lastation's high-minded Patron Goddess

CV: Asami Imai

"Up to now I was holding back, but maybe I should start being serious!? "

Noire's Goddess Form.
She changes to a full of confidence, belligerent personality.
Whileher fruitless efforts to hide her own true feelings reduce a bit, her high pride and tsundere are still present.

xizro345 wrote:White Heart

Lowee's powerful Patron Goddess

CV: Kana Asumi

"What a good situation. Let's decide clearly who is the strongest this time."

Blanc's Goddess Form.
The taciturn attitude [present] before Goddess Form disappears, changing to a constant rough tone of voice and a blunt attitude.
Her small build coupled with her offensive and defensive capabilities makers her an excellent close quarter type [literally it refers to a type of combat in which soldiers throw themselves at the enemy], however the fact that unlike the other three goddesses her body doesn't grow even if transformed worries her.

xizro345 wrote:Better directly post these [screenshots] (to avoid getting to sites with ads):


xizro345 wrote:Anyway:

1) in the first one Neptune complains that Uzume uses "big" and "enormous" to call them (referring to the other Neptune as well), asking if she can't just use names;
2) The second one has Adult Neptune saying she wants a younger sister like Nepgear (it's actually the quote used in her profile);
3) in the third one Blanc mentions going flashy in some sort of brawling competition.

xizro345 wrote:And here we go, original post will follow - NOTE: all romanizations are unofficial:

Gold Third

Esha - CV: Maya Uchida

Bisha - CV: Ayana Taketatsu

Kesha - CV: Rina Hidaka

Shisha - CV: Haruka Tomatsu

The text says they represent companies "S, B, K, C". Also it says, as it was already known, that Gold Third are an opposing force to the four goddesses. There are illustrations for all the characters, as well.

Original source - 2ch post:







・アリーシャ(CV:茅野愛衣 )
[likely fake information]

EDIT: removed a part of text that was out of context (had to read several more posts to be aware of it).
EDIT2: of course, some information may not be correct.

RED-chan wrote:[scans of Gold Third]


xizro345 wrote:The Gold Third characters have another form, called "Gold Form", from what I see.
Shisha is the leader of the Gold Third and her attack shown is called "Super Combo".
Esha (from the bits of text I can read) - I mispelled her name earlier - is defined, among other things, as a "cool beauty".

xizro345 wrote:Ok, the names are a pun, from what I see, since they can be read like K-sha, S-sha, etc. with "sha" being "company", so it's like, "K company", "S company", etc.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:The images are rather low resolution, but they'll be better tomorrow.


This came from 4chan regarding those two pages from DPS.
>S-sha (voiced by Maaya Uchida) – Clearly resembles Square Enix. A bad-mouthed, cool beauty apathetic about everything. She failed as a filmmaker and had a run in with death at one point.
>B-sha (voiced by Ayana Taketatsu) – Clearly resembles Bandai Namco. A toy vendor and girl who loves money above all. She demands small sums of money for every little thing.
>K-sha (voiced by Rina Hidaka) – Clearly resembles Konami. A girl attending the girls’ school on Lastation. She enjoys music, both as a listener and a performer, and when she has a gun on her, her personality resembles that of a war veteran.
>C-sha (voiced by Haruka Tomatsu) – Clearly resembles Capcom. The leader of the Gold Third. Contrary to her appearance, she’s very gluttonous and has no power when she’s hungry.

Squall, Snake, etc. Square-Enix was facing bankruptcy before releasing their first Final Fantasy game, which is where the death line comes from.

xizro345 wrote:The linked DPS page when discussing B-sha, says that they "may become allies" juding from her sentence "Help in battle, one time 1000 credits! Thank you for your continued patronage!".

The caption on one of the events says that Gold Third may not necessarily be the four goddesses enemies.

Ah and there will be a "Photo Comic" of Mariko Honda cosplaying as Uzume (does she really like it that much?)

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:These should be appropriate resolution.




xizro345 wrote:The comic is cringe-worthy, but shows the offices where they're working on the game. On another note...geez, the director looks even worse than the TGS event, I suppose the dev time is getting to him.
EDIT: to clarify, the comic has Mariko Honda tour CH's offices saying pointless things and having a play session. Effects, modeling and a glinpse of battle are shown.

xizro345 wrote:Story

Finally, the Hyper Dimension Story is about Gold Third's real identity!

Hyper Dimension's Gamegyokai has reached the turning point for the Patron Goddesses. A group called Gold Third has appeared, aiming to consolidate the opposition to the Goddesses. How the four goddesses will emerge from the chance meeting with the mysterious characters!?

The big caption near the image with Noire and K-sha can be translated as "Enemies? Or Allies?"

Wdog-999 wrote:The shop page is up.

NSFW Pictures within

xizro345 wrote:Planeptune

Located in the west of Gamegyokai, it's the country that goddess Purple Heart protects.
The successive generation of Goddess [refers to Neptune] is completely technology oriented, and due to that it sports some cutting edge, advanced technology.
The symbol of the country is the "Planeptower", which is both the residence of the goddess and the center of local politics.
Long ago, the country was put in a serious national crisis, but under the leadership of the pope Histoire the country was successfully rebuilt.
Even now Histoire is the figure who holds at bay Neptune's push of extremely bad ideas, managing the country.

xizro345 wrote:Lastation

Located in the east of Gamegyokai, it's the country that goddess Black Heart protects.
Due to the presence of several industries, the economic activity is very active.
In addition, being surrounded by the other three countries, it plays a central role in the trading [between the countries].
It often becomes a rival of other countries, but Lastation consider its main rival to be Planeptune.

xizro345 wrote:Lowee

Located in the north of Gamegyokai, it's the magic country that goddess White Heart protects.
It has the oldest history between the current countries, and due to that it has been protected by a big number of Patron Goddesses.
The entirety of the country is covered in white snow, but the area around the capital is relatively warm due to the divine protection of the goddess.
It's also referred as the land where the "Criminal God Magiquone" was born, and it suffered great damage in the past.

xizro345 wrote:Leanbox

Located in the south of Gamegyokai, it's the country that goddess Green Heart protects.
Unlike the other three countries, it's the only one that is present in a continent across the sea.
The Goddess''Shares inside the continent are the best, but the expansion [the term used actually refers to market penetration] of the other three countries can't be ruled out right now.
There's also the situation with the closest country, Lastation, which, despite the thriving cultural exchanges, is considered a rival.
From the time of founding, it has focused on military industry.

xizro345 wrote:B-sha

The girl with two minds, Gold Third and the hero of justice.

CV: Ayana Taketatsu (Kotori in Date a Live, Suguha in Sword Art Online)

"Help in battle is 1000 credits at time! Thank you for your continued patronage!"

A bright, innocent girl.
Loving toys, robots and heroes, she has boyish interests.
However, she loves money above all else.
She transforms in the mysterious hero "Presto Kamen", fighting evil day and night for the sake of children, but her identity is widely known.

xizro345 wrote:C-Sha

The one who travels looking for people stronger than her.

CV: Haruka Tomatsu (Iona Hikawa/Cure Fortune in Happinesscharge! Precure, Yuki Asuna in SAO II)

"I'll win this match easily!"

The only person with common sense in Gold Third, and the leader of the four people.
From her appearance it's impossible to guess how gluttony she is, and when she's hungry she has no power.
Usually she's the type who watches over the other three from a distance, but at the critical moment she demonstrates excellent decisiveness and judgement, more than anyone.
She has a strong obsession in being stylish.

xizro345 wrote:S-Sha

Wielding a crystal blade, a high and noble warrior (soldier) [the kanji are the ones for "warrior" but the reading is "Soldier"].

CV: Maaya Uchida (Hajime Ichinose in Gatchaman CROWDS, Thouars in Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu!)

"The supremacy over Gamegyokai....? Not interested."

A woman who looks cool if she's silent, but deep down is affected by the eigth-grade syndrome.
She's accompanied by monsters, "Slines" who act as servants.
She's indifferent to everything, and whenever the chance arises she utters her favorite sentence, "Not interested".
However, just for one person, has passionate, reckless feelings.

xizro345 wrote:K-sha

Inside her heart-throbbing [persona] sleeps the mercenary gene.

CV: Rina Hidaka (among the others, Silica in Sword Art Online and several characters in Kantai Collection)

"K-sha here. I successfully infiltrated into the planned location. I will continue to carry out my mission."

A girl who is attending Lastation girls' school.
[Accomplished in] both the literary and military arts, it is said that every man around yearns for K-Sha.
Her hobbies include music appreciation and performance, and she also greatly enjoys music games.

Although she is such a girl, when she gets firearms in her hands for a moment, she doesn't care the slightest for the blood spilled [from her opponents], and her personality changes to a taciturn one, like a hard-bitten soldier carrying out a mission.

RED-chan wrote: NEXT Forms





xizro345 wrote:Report:


Aside a description of the NEXT forms, we get a few more info:

- Disc Make is back;
- World Map is introduced;
- As usual there's a town menu: Shop/Synthesis/Kenbusha (Scouts in the NISA version)/Guild/Route Build/Investment/Conversation/Disc Make/Gallery;
- Route Build: by using the power of credits (i.e. money) it's possible to create other routes in dungeons and to towns (unsure what really means);
- Investment: Industrial/Commercial/by using Public Relations it's possible to obtain items or view new events;

xizro345 wrote:Next Purple (that's her name) quote: "With this sword, for the sake of Gamegyokai! Even in despair, even in fierce battles, I'll cut through!"

xizro345 wrote:Next Black quote: "Target Search.....! Lock! The sword of boisterous dance, Secret Sword [Technique] - Naname [it means "oblique" but I'm not sure it refers to that] Blade! This is the ultimate sword dance of the the next generation goddess!"

xizro345 wrote:Next White quote: "Having seen this form, don't think you can go back unscathed. Next Form, awakening complete."

xizro345 wrote:Next Green quote: "You look fascinated by my appearance. All right, let's start the beautiful party."

xizro345 wrote:Dengeki preview article with one new picture:


TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Magazine Scans of NEXT Forms plus some screenshots



TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Next Monday at 1:00 PM Japan time, Dengeki Game Festival will have some more stuff about VII.


TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:I'm guessing this is twoofspades, since he translates about anything Nep related. Awesome guy.
Develop three categories
Invest credit, level up the town's 3 categories. The trade category affects the items in the shop. Industry increases the items you can develop. PR unlocks special events

[Route Build]
Build paths up to your destination!
There are extending paths when heading to dungeons and towns on the world map. This is [Route Build]. Pay with credit and increase the number of routes.

>When you pay credit, the number of routes increase!
When you select [Route Build] on the town screen, you will be move to the world map. On the upper right, displays the route information for reference, and select the place you want to go.

>Town Menu
Disk make
Route Build

This is in regards to the image with Vert/Green Heart NEXT.

xizro345 wrote:Caption below Next Purple's ingame full picture:

When transforming into Next Form, a processor composed of 8 parts attached to the back appears. Parts drop like flower petals, together with undone braids, it's a sudden change in appearance. While the sword seems the same as before the transformation, the attack power grows immeasurably.

xizro345 wrote:Next Purple

CV: Rie Tanaka

Dressed in a clear suit, even the overall tint changes compared to Purple Heart, giving a bigger, awe-inspiring impression. Due to her back, arms and legs being armed, she shows tremendous specs.

xizro345 wrote:Formation Skill


Formation skill is a special type of skill that is triggered by cooperating with the other party members [lit. allies]. It's possible to use one, two, three, four people, respectively.

Formation Skills can be selected from the "Skill" [menu] as "Formation Skills" (F. Skill)


Caption: When using Formation Skills with two people, when the characters are positioned to insert [themselves] between the enemy, a "line" connecting characters is formed.


Caption: Formation Skills can be selected from the "Skill" [menu] as "Formation Skills" (F. Skill)

The flow of Formation Skills usage

1. Enclose the enemy (inserting between), connect characters to each other with the "line"
*Formation Skills that can be used change according to the battle members.
2. Prepare the current state of the members (Before goddess form /after goddess form)
3. Accumulate the "EXE Drive Gauge" corresponding to the skill
4. Trigger Formation Skills!

'Please note that there are conditions required to activate Formation Skills.


Caption: Before goddess form or after goddess form, if the condition of all members isn't uniform, F.Sklls can't be used.
Left picture: Skill usage not possible - Right Picture: Skill usage possible

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Anyway, they also have the LE box out.

Couldn't get it from the website, but it's on Twitter.

Oh, I had to hard refresh. I thought I disabled image caching. :?

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Today has been a rather information heavy day. twoofspades, who never seems to swing by anymore, has this to say about Tsunako's comments.
Continued translation from Tsunako's comments.

>Next Purple
Her trademark braids are partially untied, her hair ornaments blooming. A suit, a image of growing wings, the front part of her body has become translucent, so that it
doesn't show skin, we planned to have something different from her normal transformation. The clear parts, is a mix of pink and light blue turning it into a purple colour.

Clad in clear parts, a divine aura, from a change in Purple Heart's hue. In regards to the back unit, arm and leg equipment, she can display her terrfying specs.

>Next Black
Large parts were added to her arms and head. The skin exposure were reduced. A new skill [Naname Blade] that uses the right eye which sends the enemies that stand in the way to oblivion.

The wing processor unit that emits blue-white effects, grants her mobility to the point where others can't follow her. The glass part on her right eye
isn't used for enemies only, it allows her to analyze all kinds of situations.

>Next Black Tsunako's comment
Using head mount display a motif and radiating parts as a special feature. A combination of glossy black and matte gray, tinged with blue, and a slanted weapon.
She also has sailor collar on her back(tl: no idea what Tsunako means by this). Truthfully I was fixated on her butt the most.

xizro345 wrote:Image

B-sha: H, Hey NepuNepu! Don't call me with that name when I'm using this disguise [lit. form]!!

xizro345 wrote:Image

S-sha: You don't understand such a simple concept? You were the 983067th person to pull out the holy sword, that's all.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:This is the last of Tsunako's comments regarding the NEXT forms.
twoofspades wrote:>Next White
Next White, a cute impression from her round form. But, tremendous power unleashed from her battle ax!

Organic wings and hat , arm parts that cover up forearm are the unique characteristics.
A new armament " Blaster Controller " that can be activated in middle distance battles.

>Tsunako's comment
Hat is the biggest feature , the "U" on the visor is the one of the points.
Overall the round silhouette , has
the foot part to ignore gravity, there is equipment on the waist like a remote control ,
that is also used in her skills. Effects that is always out around the 3D model , sparkling with an invincible feeling

>Next Green
A processor reminiscent of a mecha the X on her chest, and head of the corner parts stan out.
Her defence has increased compared to her goddesses form even though she is exposed in many areas.

An impressive a unicorn like horn akin to a mecha, Next Green.
Her skin exposure is because she does not wear clear parts , can be said it is a form that fuses bravery and beauty

>Tsunako's comment
Corner Part shaped like a 1 , and feather parts that spread into an X -shaped are her features.
There are X- parts also in the chest , when it is equipped in the transformation scene ,
so grandly turns into "tayun" . Equipping a box-like military mecha as lightarmor, a sense of freedom.
When forced to sortie in the middle of a seige battle in an online game , she commands her guild members through an incom.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Oh, There was an interview with Mariko Honda on Dengeki's website. It's probably simple enough I could do the translation work, but like I said, I didn't get enough sleep this morning. I did get to watch the sun come up.
It mentions the Monday event and shows her off in the Compile Heart office. Most of that is from the magazine scan I posted last month and includes the usual PR babble.

xizro345 wrote:I'm skipping the introductions since they don't say anything remotely useful. I'm getting straight to the interview part:

Honda: Hello, what are you doing here?

Manamitsu [character designer alongside Tsunako]: I'm in the middle of coloring an event CG. This is actually true for any picture, as we're aiming to show a peculiar type of "squishy feeling" in "Nepu".

Honda: The bath scene is quite important (laughs). By the way, how long does it take to finish a single event CG?

Manamitsu: It depends on the type, but sometimes it takes around three days.

Honda: Three days!?

Manamitsu: The event CG I'm doing now has around 200 layers, and there's also going to be Tsunako-san (Neptune series character designer) considerable retake on it (laughs). In order to offer uncompromsing illustrations, we modify little by little, going 1 pixel at time.

xizro345 wrote:Next up is Sumi, the designer.

Honda: Excuse me for disturbing, Oh, it shows [the character] I'm playing, Orange Heart!

Sumi: Here I'm adjusting precisely Orange Heart's Motion Portrait.

Honda: What is a Motion Portrait?

Sumi: It's the tool we use to move the character illustration. With this tool you set up things like lip-sync or the hair vibration, creating a character that moves smoothlly during conversations.

Honda: The Nepu series is 2D, however there are some mysterious conversation scenes that look like 3D! Do you have to be careful while working on these?

Sumi: You have to be careful to the parts that don't need to be seen when the characters move, right? I perform the setting of the Motion Portrait for each part of the entire body, but in a way that during the game the movement of the whole body appears natural, without seeing [the single parts].

xizro345 wrote:Kobayashi, the effect designer.

Honda: Amazing! There are so many flashy and pretty effects!!

Kobayashi: I work primarily on things such as character skills and EXE Drives, but I'm charge of the all the effects in the game. In the screen a part of a skill by Uzume is shown.

Honda: When I play the game I see effects as natural, but I feel there is a process to properly create them.

Kobayashi: Regarding skill effects, they're done to convey in motion the image of the person in charge, but fundamentally I make them from scratch. I certainly want them noticed when playing.

Honda: What has been the most difficult effect to work on up to now?

Kobayashi: in VII, the Goddess Form (transformation) scene. It's the highlight of the game, and I have to put a lot of effort in creating effects that suit the color of the characters.

Honda: I'm looking forward to Uzume's Goddess Form scene!

xizro345 wrote:Next up Sato (background designer) and Nakamura (motion designer).

Honda: Sato-san, what kind of work is specifically being done?

Sato: I'm making a 3D background of a dungeon. While watching at the previously prepared concept art and rough blueprint, I complement them using my own imagination for the parts that aren't shown.

Honda: Are you careful during production?

Sato: I have to make it so that it's as close as possible to the atmosphere of the 2D drawings. Since 3D models are following the route of ultimately becoming more and more real, I have to be careful that the gap with 2D doesn't widen.

Honda: Certainly, when talking about Nepu, the difference when switching from the 2D adventure part to the 3D dungeon part is relatively small. I can't almost feel the boundary [between the two modes]...

Sato: I'm grateful you're saying that. When changing from 2D to 3D, an abrupt change can be disorienting.

Well, I'm extremely tired so the rest will have to wait, unless someone else do that when I'm away.

xizro345 wrote:Nakamura part of the interview:

Honda: Oh, Uzume is running! Nakamura-san, you're working on such character motions.

Nakamura: Yes. I'm working on the entire 3D motion [part], such as dungeon movement [he's referring to the character movement], movement during battle, skill direction and motion.

Honda: During character movement skirt and hair move, but is this also done on a one at time basis?

Nakamura: That's correct. The movement [is done] by adjusting it carefully using manual procedures. Regarding bringing characters to life in the game, the motion is an extremely important element, and there are a lot of opinions flying among the staff. Director Onodera is also extremely picky about it.

Honda: What kind of requests does Director Onodera make?

Nakamura: He often says, during motion "make the chest move" (laughs).

Honda: Ooh, I see. He's extremely fixated (laughs).

xizro345 wrote:Matsui, the person in charge of skill scripting.

Honda: Hmm, Difficult-looking character strings closely packed together... My head is.... spinning....

Matsui: Are you okay? (laughs). Here, by using scripts to add voice and sound effects to the produced motions and effects, we assemble the complete skill.

Honda: There are effects from Kobayashi-san I've seen earlier! Matsui-san, you're combining separate elements into one.

Matsui: The storyboard of each skill is drawn, and we work in accordance with that, while at the same time we're ensuring that the production looks good.

Honda: What is the most difficult part you have deal with? And also, Matsui-san, do you name the skills?

Matsui: The difficult part is, when the camera switches during the skill trigger no superflous things should be shown. If we lose focus, it could also impact the appearance of enemies and effects. I'm not in charge of naming skills, Director Onodera is.

Honda: I knew it! Somehow I had that feeling! (laughs)

And that's all regarding useful material. Honda got to play a build of Neptune VII, and like in the photo comic she complained that Onodera wouldn't keep quiet (since he was telling her what could and couldn't be done).

Wdog-999 wrote:Just checked the site for the hell of it and it turns out that the game has a CERO C rating a la mk2 and V. Kind of expected, honestly. :P

xizro345 wrote:Site updated with NEXT forms, World, and System (Route Build).


NEXT form

The new transformation form of the Patron Goddesses, from the normal transformed state they move to a second stage of transformation.
In what way they will evolve....?

xizro345 wrote:Next Purple

The evolved sword that cuts through fierce battles.

CV: Rie Tanaka

"With this sword, for the sake of Gamegyokai! Even in despair, even in fierce battles, I'll cut through!"

Purple Heart's evolved form.
Due to the arms equipped to the back, arms and legs unit, the high specs of the Goddess Form are further improved.
The power possessed is said to have been surely obtained by a miracle.

xizro345 wrote:Next Black

The evolved, strongest blade.

CV: Asami Imai

"Target Search.....! Lock! The sword of boisterous dance, Secret Sword [Technique] - Naname Blade! This is the ultimate sword dance of the the next generation goddess!"

Black Heart's evolved form.
Armed with the new weapon, the "Naname Blade", she possesses an unsurpassable mobility.
Thanks to the glass parts equipped to her right eye, her analytical capabilities of every movement of the enemy have been enhanced.

xizro345 wrote:Next White

The white, invincible shield [note that the term 盾, "shield" is also used by Japanese players to indicate tank-type characters]

CV: Kana Asumi

"Having seen this form, don't think you can go back unscathed. Next Form, awakening complete."

White Heart's evolved form.
The coordinated hat and wings are characteristic.
While the destructive power of the battleaxe is further increased, thanks to the new weapon "Blaster Controller" she possesses the power to destroy at long distances, [it is] a more aggressive evolution.

xizro345 wrote:Next Green

The evolution of the green light that can change history.

CV: Rina Sato

"You look fascinated by my appearance. All right, let's start the beautiful party."

Green Heart's evolved form.
Attack power and defensive power are greatly improved from Godddess Form.
The heavy equipment parts and the X on the chest stand out.

xizro345 wrote:Route Build

Pioneer new routes to the destination!

In the world things such as dungeons and towns are represented as points.
The process of connecting points to the planned destination, creating new routes, is called "Route Build".


When the town command "Route Build" is selected, the World Map screen will open.
Specifying a destination from here will create a route to said destination.
In addition, credits are needed for "Route Build".

Route Build process

1. Select the chosen route to destination.
* Please not that if credits aren't enough, it will not possible to perform [the operation].


2. Once Route Build is complete, it'll be possible to move to the specified destination.


3. While moving along the route enemy encounters will be possible, but as the area of adventuring increases in size, the story will expand further.


TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Here's something about the opening song, and whatnot. Not really much about the game.
It has a limited edition DVD version, but I've known about that since January.
Even Dengeki is running an article about it.
I'm guessing there's a download code for in-game DLC to be added in addition to the "high resolution sound."
- Do code in the "relativity VISION" that can be used in "VII" also will be shipped, Will has become what DLC?

Mizuno :. Currently, is where you are stuffed with content, because I received a request from 5pb's, we are going to try to weapons buried my. It becomes a weapon of 5pb.'s Color change version featuring the logo of.

Hm, I don't think it means 5pb will be in the game, I think it only refers to the color of the weapon being added. It'll probably be blue with the company logo on it.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:The way I'm interpreting it is that it's not intended to be proof that 5pb will or will not appear, it's just that the weapon will share the company's color profile or the character's color profile. The way Google translate parsed the sentence implies that 5pb. will get a DLC weapon with the company logo on it.

Here's something for the speculative hype train I read on 4chan a bit ago regarding the event xizro345 pointed out. The original post appears in the quoted spoiler.
Anonymous wrote:This may or may not be credible information from the event today.

>A detailed report
Event where you meet Uzume, and battle scene in Zero Dimension.
A battle with Dark White in Hyperdimension, seems like the final stage.
Introducing the transformation scenes and skills of the 4 goddesses in their next form.
They introduce the Gold Third's skills one at a time
Incidentally, in a Hyperdimension event Uzume and Big Nep appeared for a second, but they skipped it because they said it would be a spoiler.
Some sort of collaboration mini game?

Despite the "No photography" request, people took pictures anyway.
I can't really make sense of this.

Hope you all will next form and skills show. On the next white skills good XO Cuco, shooting recoil Hat blown off

Even small fry enemies talk this time, comparatively speaking

Veil and I's chest shakes too. Aggressive rearguard in the coupling system, can plus the defense force because bale's paper armor break

No trophies related character challenge

Vice is really hot (the closing lines of the mortal "cacking! 」)

Dynamic battlefield action in the battle map in the special order-only BGM can be deployed against the dark goddess

Dungeon will jump and practical action in making the difference between high and low

After quietly happy, save load not flaky, rushing into battle than a second significantly reduce load times

This is some gameplay introduces zero-dimensional ed. basically, some event battle scenes and skip the fourth goddess next form and goorudosaado or was is like.
What become alone presented ago illustration maker anthropomorphic characters often lost, but fictitious maker because this is somewhat stuck yabyneta also might be.

Dark Megumi against the... That character is. Such seems kinda pretty was also like a spoiler information. (Hearsay)

Will publish also play videos, etc. because you can see things and look at actual improved appearance and sense of play if the opportunity arises and may be a good

There's also some shaky twitter videos of the game being played.
The framerate looks really nice from what I can see. Some guy's head is in the way though in basically all of them.
I'll just provide links to a bunch of videos from that account.
Black Heart Next's transformation sequence.
Green Heart Next's transformation.
White Heart.
Purple Heart.

Since there's a lot, I'll just link to the media portion.
Feel free to browse through them.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Here's more stuff I've read this morning.
Anonymous wrote:B-sha's skills confirmed:

- Choukakin Senshi Bandam (Ultraexpensive Paid DLC Suit Bandam)

- Tsuika Youso da (Additional contents!)

- Unlock da (Unlock contents!)

and her special move



I believe it's been posted before that the Gold Third are playable characters.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Also, I'm not sure if these are the same videos or not. I'll post them anyway.


I'll take a look at them later, but I prefer YouTube links over twitter links on my phone.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Twoofspades translated it.
twoofspades wrote:>Saved data was already nearing the final stages, you could see a glance of Big Nep in an event
>Battle was with Dark White
>Party consists of Transformed goddesses in the front, Gold Thirds in the back. (Gold Thirds join you and are playable)
>Formation skill through the 4 goddesses
>Transformation into Next Forms (Pictures are okay up to here)
>When you go Next Form it consumes exe drive
>In Next Form, skill power goes up, and it seems like they have their own exe drive.
>The skills are really cool
>Switched with the Gold Thirds
>K-sha's skill [Twin Bit] no matter how you look at it, it's "that", K-sha's weapon is a unit with machine guns that use both hands
>C-sha's skill [Large Sword Boisterous Dance] no matter how you look at it, it's the downward attack from a hunting game (I don't know how to translate this one properly, I didn't play MH)
>B-sha's skill [Super Billing Warrior Bandam], [Paid DLC!] [Unlock!], [B-sha kick]'s ending phrase "Billing!"
>S-sha's skill, is exactly like the battle screen from a certain RPG.
>Umio gives you hints in battle if he's there
>Orange Heart is exclusive use

>A glance at the completed OP

>Extra component, a collaboration with spelunker, in a 3D stage [Nepranka]
>An "official" collab
>Music is spelunker arrange
>You die if you hit bat shit, if you fall you die, faithful to the original work but a bit of modifications
>When you encounter an enemy it takes you to the battle screen
>There's unobtainable items unless you make it to the deeper parts
>When you die several times, it takes you to the title screen
>Advancing has no relation to the story

>New function voice highlight, when you turn it on the BGM volume goes down a little and makes it easier to hear the voices
>Camera movement, through a character's point of view, like FPS
>Characters entering the party now have a reporting function(???) you can turn it on and off

System Related
>You have to double tap when you transform, do next form, or switch to avoid mistakes (user demand)

>An announcement next week(surprise)
>Middle of March a play test gathering
>Through Maker collaborations, there are Maker characters
>It's after V, but it is not directly connected, even if you didn't play the previous game you can still enjoy it.
>There's character challenges but not trophy related
>Obsessive over the BGM
>Something about Vert's next form (I don't know about this one)
>Breasts shake when the character moves, (they don't shake if they don't have any)
>The enemies talk
>Hardly any load times (didn't feel any load times)

Well, I was certainly wrong about the Uni part. I did get the other parts right, more or less. They are confirming maker characters, just not which ones.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:The Fammys store bonus is THREE BERUS.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Oh, unless I'm mistranslating again, IF is confirmed as a playable character. I think this was up in the air for a while. I do have high confidence in this however.


And, officially appeared at the moment is I was able to confirm the existence of "Aiefu chan" that have not been announced. It is almost finalized ish is the Aiefu chan subtitle of save data is to appear in the "super-dimension Guide".

I noticed during the play demo that one of the Compile Heart staff tried to cover the load data with his hand to block this.
Note "アイエフ" listed in the save data image. It's in the first and second save file.

If you're interested in the news source.

Wdog-999 wrote:One of the store bonuses has Blanc with
big boobs. Sweet Mother of God... :shock:

Wdog-999 wrote:

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:
xizro345 wrote:Actually I meant the complete sentence, IF's name is clearly readable (was in a hurry, so I wasn't clear).

Oh, sorry. I suppose it is too blurry. This however, isn't.
Something about "Parts break", Histoire, the two big robots and the other Warechu will be shown off on Wednesday.

xizro345 wrote:Afimojasu and Stemaxx are reintroduced it seems, and the text describes them as rivals of the goddesses and Neptune. They're also described as "powerful enemies".
The last sentence is a bit curious, it says they'll discuss information about the clique of "blonde, big-breasted" characters...

xizro345 wrote:This is definitely a surprise, according to Game Johou! Game Hanashi, there will be three PS4 limited edition with custom themes as extra. Price is 41,980 yen without tax, preorders up from 26th Feb:


The editions are as follow:

PS4 Next Purple Edition (BLACK/WHITE);
PS4 Noire Edition (BLACK / WHITE):
PS4 Patron Goddesses Edition (BLACK / WHITE).

xizro345 wrote:The same article discusses parts break:

- Certain enemies have parts equipped that either give them abilities or defend certain weak points;
- These parts can be destroyed by attacking them;
- A successful destruction nets extra XP and Items.

xizro345 wrote:Report:

I'm on phone so I can't write much, let's just say there is another evil organization this time, called "Afi Ma X", where "ma" is "demon".

xizro345 wrote:Ok, now I have time:

- According to hokanko, one of the pictures shows B-sha...I mean Presto Kamen and IF;
- LE details: Situation CD will have Neptune, Noire, Blanc, Vert and Uzume. The OST included is 26 tracks, the OP/ED Collection is 19 songs for a total of 62 minutes;
- the PS4 LE Edition already covered earlier;
- Introduced are Histoire (Mika Kanai) - probably with a new illustration, but it looks, for now, as speculation by the writer - Warechu (Neeko), and Chuuko (Rie Murakawa), described as very knowledgeable of retro games and unlike Warechuu, with a serious personality.

xizro345 wrote:- Reintroduced here are General Afimojasu and his right hand man Stemaxx, these characters have been designed by ToMo;
- Afimojasu's page is presented like an affiliated blog, it seems, with some scandal-like titles like "Neptune is buying pudding using state funds";
- Secret Society Afi Ma X (self-proclaimed): its base of operations is a giant flying battleship, members are Afimojasu, Stemaxx, Magiquone, Warechuu - the article says the members are five but mentions only four. It also mentions Afimojasu is very attached to money, above everything else.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:

The "Check" part in the upper right is clearly the existence of a love triangle between two rats and Compa. The bottom right is the special edition PS4s, and probably the "surprise" they mentioned.

Hm, the robots....Are actually pretty small. Smaller than Anonydeath small.



Translate tells me that Afimojasu is voiced by Hitoshi Bifu, Stemax is by Ichitaro Ai, and Chuko is, as has been mentioned before, Rie Murakawa.

xizro345 wrote:Afimojasu

CV: Hitoshi Bifu

"This world is money! Money is definitely everything in the world! Any sin is [justified] in order to obtain it!"

Administrator of the information site "@General[as in military rank] aggregator site". Thanks to his affiliates, he has managed to amass a huge sum of money. By the way, he's a supporter of the large-breasted blond women.

xizro345 wrote:Stemax

CV: Ichitaro Ai

"My only lord is General Afimojasu. I will not follow any order except for the General's."

A ninja working for Afimojasu. Taking advantage of his natural low profile, he keeps on doing covert actions and PR spin in various locations.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:New movie available on the website. There's also new twitter icons.
The name of the other robot is now Affimojas. Steamax is apparently the ninja one, now. So there we go.
Aside from that, watch it and draw your own conclusions.

Wdog-999 wrote:http://store.sony.jp/Special/Game/Ps4/Neptunev2/

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:http://compileheart.com/neptune/v2/other/?page=dream
Down at the bottom are previews of three of the songs. Oh, and Sony's site won't let you buy a PS4 from them if your credit card isn't natively in yen.

kosmos wrote:Going to edit this post with character portrait snapshots from the video in case anyone wants to ogle them as long as I have. :lol:

xizro345 wrote:The Situation CD is called "A day with the Goddesses" (forgot if it was known already).

The composers of the soundtrack are, as mentioned in the Dream Edition:

- Nobuo Uematsu / EARTHBOUND PAPAS;
- Takeshi Abo - Sayuri Kan (MAGES.);
- Takeshi Toriumi [a guitarist, pianist that worked in Jpop, including doing some work with AKB48];
- Kenji Kaneko (Idea Factory).

Didn't notice being already posted but maybe I'm wrong:


Iphone 6 cases and Neptune VII mousepads for sale from the 27th.

xizro345 wrote:Chu-ko [the romanization comes from the name on her clothes)

CV: Rie Murakawa

"Even though things may appear this way, in the past it was called with the two names 'Hardware Appraiser * Chuu'"

A female mouse who manages a second hand shop. She possesses deep knowledge about retro games.
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Re: Upcoming Neptunia Games News Thread

Postby Wdog-999 » Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:25 am

xizro345 wrote:Warechuu

CV: Neeko

"I, Incredbile that I'd meet my beloved Compa-chan in a place like this, surely this must be fate-chuu!"

A small-time crook mouse born in a back alley. In the previous games he has developed an affection for the rookie nurse Compa.

xizro345 wrote:Next is the Parts Break part, since it has a blog-like introduction I'm doing my best to put it in a coherent form, but it may not work.


"'This is exhilarating lololol' - A lot of Steamax's parts were attacked and completely destroyed lololol - Parts destruction has coooomeeeeee! [apologies, but that's the best I could come up to make an understandable reference to the common きたあああああ meme on 2ch].

Tags: Game - Game System - Parts destruction - Ninja

4867 comments - Tweet - Like"

Battle evolves with the new system "Parts Break"!

The new system called "Parts Break" has been introduced in "VII"'s battle [system]. As shown in the right image, there are enemies that equip on themselves parts that grant special effects, or there are some that hide weak spots [with them]. By attacking these parts you can destroy them, and if you manage to destroy them additional experience points and items will be obtained. Since destroying the parts means that the enemy cannot use parts of his attacks, it's good to attack them aggressively.

xizro345 wrote:Image with Steamax:

Example: Steamax's Parts

Right hand Tekko [a covering for the back of the hand and wrist]: Easier to unleash critical attacks;

Left hand Tekko: Blocks critical attacks;

Left hand Shuriken: Can use Shuriken attacks;

xizro345 wrote:- When you attack parts, yellow numbers [appear]!

When the parts get hit, the damage is displayed with yellow numbers. Accumulate damage rapidly.

- Parts are successfully destroyed.

- Bonus GET!

If "Parts Break" is successfully executed, experience points, destroyed parts bonus (credits) and items are obtained.

xizro345 wrote:According to amazon.co.jp, the single of Soutaisei VISION will be released 25th of March.

Wdog-999 wrote:Dat new trailer, tho

xizro345 wrote:Secret Society Afi Max

An organization started by Affimojas together with Steamax.
The members are five including them and by using information they manipulate the world from the shadows, obtaining huge profits.
In addition, it looks like they're looking for "That thing" at the same time.....?

xizro345 wrote:Images:


xizro345 wrote:Affimojas

The money-mad person who desires all the riches in the world.

CV: Hitoshi Bifu

"This world is money! Money is definitely everything in the world! Any sin is [justified] in order to obtain it!"

Located in a huge aerial battleship, he calls himself a General and he's the leader of the self-proclaimed "Secret Society Afi Max".
In any case he has an extreme obsession towards money, and for the sake of money he's willing to plunge Gamegyokai into chaos.
He personally manages the biggest information site in Gamegyokai, "@General aggregator site", and thanks to the affiliates he manages to obtain huge quantities of money.

xizro345 wrote:Oh and in the movie the concept of the game is called "Personifcation x moe x transformation" RPG.

xizro345 wrote:Steamax

The loyal ninja serving Affimojas.

CV: Ichitaro Ai

"My only lord is General Affimojas. I will not follow any order except for the General's."

Top brass of the "The Secret Society Afi Max". Capitalizing on his natural low profile he works on covert operations, uses his power of PR spin, and also he excels in ninjutsu, an essential man for General Affimojas' ambitions.

xizro345 wrote:Creators Comment

Affimojas * Steamax Design



Freelance Illustrator
Main activity - design and illustration of mecha series
Card Illustrations for "Cardfight!! Vanguard", "Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-", "Gundam Triage", Package illustration for "Frame Arms", other mecha design.

Parts of design that were deemed important [lit. fixated on]

Since the foundation of General Affimojas is a stout and powerful-looking figure, he's clothed in armor with an aggressive design and a mantle, and his shilouette was made so at a first glance it evokes a feeling of a powerful enemy.
Furthermore, by using ornamental rims and moustache, I tried to also bring out an atmosphere of dignity fitted for a general.

Steamax, in contrast with the General, has a slim and simple perceived shilouette.
Using a style of ninja outfit, I tried to incorporate a line in order [to show] a "Stealth Marketing", stealth machine.
A point in contrast with the main body is the enormous Shuriken [lit. Shuriken with a big presence].
In addition both the bodies are designed to look not too heinous, despite being enemies.

xizro345 wrote:Preview article:


Introduction of Candidates, the "Nepgeandam" skill, plus the Kenbusha/Scout system and a new dungeon, "Nepuranka".

kosmos wrote:Also the shop page got updated with this.

xizro345 wrote:Original post from 2ch:

PS4『新次元ゲイム ネプテューヌVII』 4月23日発売予定 女神候補生であるネプギア、ユニ、ロム、ラムの参戦が決定。

ダンジョンに派遣し、帰還した見聞者からアイテムやクレジット、有益情報を手に入れられる。派遣した見聞者はリアルタイムでの時間経過で帰ってくるように スペランカーとネプテューヌがコラボした「ネプランカー」が搭載。


高いところから落ちる・コウ"that program" may also be broadcast ....!?


Wdog-999 wrote:In-game Character Profiles with Alternate Character Portraits (Credit to Leon_Tekashi for finding the site and providing the Adult Neptune image from which I derived the other six profiles)







Adult Neptune

xizro345 wrote:And the link Leon gave has more interesting stuff like Dream Edition images, and other information.
For example, it shows that the game requires 10 Gb of free space at least, which is in line with what Omega Quintet needed (around 8 Gb).
The article is a bit old (couple weeks) but it's still useful.

xizro345 wrote:A few pictures of the Dream Edition extracted from that site:




Leon Tekashi wrote:Luckily, I came across the site when I was looking up more V2 gameplay videos. Also:

Same guy that made the last article recently made another article a few days ago.

xizro345 wrote:From that page, here's the official (off screen) OP of Zero Dimension:


And it looks like some stores are pushing promotions:


xizro345 wrote:Item - Item Synthesis

Create items with obtained plans!

By using "Synthesis", and combining similar raw materials it's possible to create items such as "weapons", "items" and "armor".
In order to create new items, it's necessary to posses both "plans" and "materials".
When plans are obtained, they will displayed on the development list.


Yellow quote: Plans

"Plans" can be purchased in shops or obtained in dungeons.
"Materials" are obtained in battle or in treasure chests in dungeons.

The [type of] material and the number required will be displayed on the right side of the screen.
A check icon will displayed near Items that have been created once.
Also, items marked with the cart icon in the development list, will be sold in shops once created.
*While the items created once can be purchased in shops, certain [items] can be obtained only via synthesis.


Red: Material and number required for synthesis
Yellow: Check Icon

xizro345 wrote:According to this:


Famitsu should appear in Neptune VII, however the article mentions that there is no other information, as it's briefly mentioned in one page.

xizro345 wrote:I checked again, and it just added that it's not completely clear how Famitsu will be involved in the game (as in playable character, DLC, etc.)

xizro345 wrote:Apparently I completely missed this (from DPS):


- Croire will appear, voiced again by Mika Kanai;
- S-sha's servants, Numan (I didn't find who exactly voices him/her) and Lady (voiced by Yui Shoji), have been introduced;
- There's an interview with Shingo Onodera that supposedly discusses briefly the Blanc Game and the Sega Hard Girls crossover game.

NoireRulz wrote:Didn't see this posted yet.


I'm rather happy Croire is back :D. Also.......them Dogoos....o.o.

Full scan.


Normal size

I'm sure higher quality scans will be posted eventually.....this is just what I found on Twitter :P.

xizro345 wrote:Aside Croire, seems like a normal recap article.

kosmos wrote:The site has updated with the "Guild" and "Objects" pages in the system sub section.
Also, a couple of pictures of Compa and IF, the Next forms, and the Vert sister CG.

xizro345 wrote:There will also be a lottery to get certain prizes (Japan only, of course).
There will be a PS4 theme up for download from today (not free, though from what I read).

xizro345 wrote:Object Destruction - Object

When objects are destroyed in dungeons....!?

Obstacles present in the dungeons are called "Object Destruction".
For Object Destruction, by obtaining a "Power Bracelet" and raising the "Breaker Level" is possible to destroy the object by swinging the weapon at it.


If the "Breaker Level" is not high enough, the destruction of the objects will not be possible.


When objects are destroyed there's a chance of obtaining a random item.
However, It looks like there are objects that can't be destroyed even with the "Power Bracelet"...??


xizro345 wrote:Images:


xizro345 wrote:Guild

Get quests at the guild, receive rewards!
At the "Guild" in town it's possible to receive "quests", requests from various people.
Fulfill the conditions of the quests, then report to the guild to complete them.
When a "quest" is completed, "Items" and "credits" will be obtained, and the "Share" of the country will rise.

Quests have six levels of difficulty, from E to S, and it's possible to receive a request up to the same rank as the current the "Quest Rank".
In order to challenge quests of higher degrees of difficulty it's necessary to raise the "Quest Rank" by completing a specific quest for each rank.


In the world map, the enemies that appear in the dungeon and are needed to be fought for the quest are marked with a symbol.
Please take advantage of this as a clue to complete the quest.


Yellow: Dungeon objective of the quest
Yellow: Target enemies of the quest

White text: Even in the battle screen the target enemies are marked.

Receive a reward at the guild once the conditions have been fulfilled.



Isun: It's a goddess job to listen to the requests of the entire population.

xizro345 wrote:It's a recap that covers the entire game (3 dimensions, the characters, etc.).
What I forgot to mention is that in the latest DPS scans Shingo Onodera got interviewed and briefly mentioned the Heart Dimension saying a little more, though it is still cryptic information. I hope to have the time to report what he said.

Leon Tekashi wrote:Oh wow. The HDN V2 theme looks really nice.




xizro345 wrote:Well finally had time to actually read the Onodera interview, here's the relevant quote (emphasis added will be mine):

- By the way, what is the order in which the scenario was written?

Onodera: The order was Zero Dimension, Hyper Dimension, Heart Dimension. Since the Zero Dimension is the focal point this time, it was first written with all our might.

- However, up to now the Heart Dimension is still a mistery?

Onodera: The Heart Dimension, for certain reasons , is a world that fell into nothingness, it can be said that the entire dimension is on the brink of disappearing. Since it's related to the final part of the story, I won't spoil it ..... (laughs)

- Can you at least clarify one detail?

Onodera: Hmm.... At the center of the Heart Dimension lies a crystal, however the important point is that it's crumbling. Why such an important crystal in the "Neptune" series is crumbling in the Heart Dimension? Try to enjoy guessing the meaning until the release date.

xizro345 wrote:The game will be featured in the nico broadcast "Game Joho Hassin! PlayComi Cafe" (an official nico stream by Sony) tomorrow from 20:00 JST:


The information comes from IF's twitter:

https://twitter.com/IdeaFactoryWeb/stat ... 5994265601

xizro345 wrote:Minor correction, it's not today, it's tomorrow, I noticed I mixed the dates up...

xizro345 wrote:Another JP PS blog post on the game, regarding NEXT Forms (nothing new is said):

https://www.jp.playstation.com/blog/det ... w_20150414

xizro345 wrote:According to some people on 2ch, Neptune VII got 32 on Famitsu as review (means nothing, but it's news, assuming it's confirmed).

xizro345 wrote:Points from the review:

- No loading times;
- Customization is considered "good" and "fun";
- Cute character models;
- New systems are fresh (I somehow doubt this);

xizro345 wrote:Site updated with Croire's profile, more twitter icons and the countdown to release.


xizro345 wrote:The streaming is live, however Neptune VII is third on the list and each segment is quite big (around 45 mins), so it won't be streamed for at least an hour.

xizro345 wrote:So far they showed the usual Dark Goddess battle, showing different costumes for the characters and a couple of the Candidates' skills, as well as Neplunker, which looks really punishing as they said (they're using Gear and they keep dying)

xizro345 wrote:
Leon Tekashi wrote:Any new costumes that were shown?

A Vampire Processor Unit for Vert, a Neptune outfit for Adult Neptune, and a couple of more cosmetic items (including a Nepgeandam face for Nepgear).

xizro345 wrote:Showed the Dream Edition, the faceplate of the LE PS4 (signed by Tsunako) and a few other things (since I'm working, I can only take quick glances).

Wdog-999 wrote:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCJf_dmW0UU

The stream in question for those interested.

Also, there's some Umio pics from that countdown page. They are all adorable.


xizro345 wrote:
Leon Tekashi wrote:Something I've noticed when watching the uploaded stream on Youtube.


Could this be the remake system?

They're called "Flag Items" so I'm a little skeptical about it. The item shown is the "Jumping Star" (the one that lets you jump higher)

Wdog-999 wrote:Another PS Blog thing, this time about Neplunker.

xizro345 wrote:Stuff:


- New event introduced, "Creator's Town", with another character;
- Tsunako said she drew a picture with about 30 characters;
- Yui Horie's Miss Monochrome is a Kenbusha (seemingly DLC, but I'm not sure);
- Various staff comments, but it doesn't say anything about what they say.

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Re: Upcoming Neptunia Games News Thread

Postby Wdog-999 » Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:33 am

Neptunia U (August 28, 2014) (Vita) (Action)


WARNING: Given the nature of this game, some of the scans within are NSFW. Open spoilers and URLs with caution!

Magazine Scan

xizro345 wrote:Ok, forgot to update it:

Normal version 6800 yen
Limited edition 7980 yen
Downloadable version - undecided

Developer: Tamsoft

Director: Kazumichi Murase
Producer: Naoko Mizuno

Neptune, Noire, Blanc and Vert confirmed to be in, also it seems it borrows something from Senran Kagura, and I guess you can understand what it is.

Excelsia wrote:
xizro345 wrote:also it seems it borrows something from Senran Kagura, and I guess you can understand what it is.

Cue the exploding clothes and shameless jiggle physics.

xizro345 wrote:Yes, that's correct.

Shuffle wrote:Neptunia + torn clothing? I wonder which series they're parodying this time. Neptunia Action Game From Onechanbara Studio Slashes Onto Vita In August - Siliconera

Shuffle wrote:There are so many things wrong with this picture besides the horrible looking faces and the pointy chins. Neptunia U Has Crossover With Boys Love Parody, Gakuen Handsome - Siliconera

Stripping Scans (slightly NSFW)

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Here's the Nep U scans. Surprised they haven't been posted yet.


xizro345 wrote:I've taken a look at the first two pages scanned that were posted earlier but there's nothing of interest, save the mention of the character switching, called "Dual System". The rest says the obvious, that getting hit not only reduces HP, but clothing as well.

New Character Scans

xizro345 wrote:I present you Famitsu and Dengekiko:

xizro345 wrote:Oh and of course Famitsu is Dengekiko's rival.

RED-chan wrote:Behold Dengeki-chan!


Enlarged Famitsu-chan scan and a new scan.

RED-chan wrote:In case you missed her, here's Famitsu-chan.




Be sure to enlarge the scan to see it in its full size.

New Neptunia U Screens


Vert facing the Break system (slightly NSFW)


BlackDestiny wrote:Neptunia U scans



TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:And some translations posted in no order. I believe it covers all the pages, but the order may be random. I apologize for the inconvenience. The spoiler is very long.
It's not just Neptune! The other three goddesses will have their clothes ripped, too!

Oh my! Look what's become of Lastation's goddess!

▲ When her largely-black outfit is ripped, her pure-white underwear appears! The contrast between the black and white, together with the look of embarrassment on Noire-sama's face, is just too wonderful!

Both her pride and her outfit are in tatters!?
▲After transforming into Black Heart, her costume has been ripped to shreds!
The only place you can see this flustered face is in Nep U!

It turns out it's not just Neptune who will have her clothes torn off!
As expected, the three other goddesses, who were previously announced to be in the game, will have their outfits ripped to pieces as well! Gaze at these Costume Break shots in both normal and transformed modes until your eyes can never forget them!

CV: 河澄佳奈
Blanc / White Heart
Goddess of Lowee
Normally quiet, the becomes aggressive when angered.
Upon transforming, her personality becomes even more violent.

All eyes are transfixed on her petite, shapely hips!

▶Here we see Blanc not the least bit happy at the tearing of her costume.
The color of this angry gal's underwear is pure, innocent white!

White Heart-sama with her legs spread wide!?
▲Even after goddess-transformation, her chest still has no volume, but this pose is striking!

CV: 佐藤梨奈
Vert / Green Heart
The gentle, independent-minded goddess of Leanbox.
Upon transforming, she takes on a slightly more gallant,
imposing look, and her outfit becomes more revealing.

▲When her outfit is reduced to bits, her knockout body is revealed.
Vert's impressive proportions really stand out!

◀Here's the goddess-transformation version.
The Processor Unit protecting her body is gone,
and this shot's flesh-color percentage looks to be exceeding 99%!

It's very......flesh-colored......"
[*This is a penis-size joke meme that I don't know the origin of off-hand.
The original line is, "It's very....big..."]

Dengekiko, Game Industri's greatest game journalist, answers 10 questions we're dying to know!

1) What's the "U" in "Neptune U" mean?
Dengekiko: Uh, I think maybe it's the U in NOWAARU...
Wait, how about "U = You"?
That's not it?
Then it must be NOWAARU. Look forward to Noire's lead-character-level role!

2) Who is superior, you or Famitsu-chan?
Dengekiko: Is that even a serious question?! Of course it's me!
I'm disappointed you'd even ask such a thing.
I've been around since mk2! I've lived a hard life! I had to eat weeds!
And then look at that Famitsu-chan. Wearing a crown and acting all royal. My straight-cut bangs are cuter than her crown any day! I've come this far in Game Industri because of my ambition and determination, and I'll never lose to the likes of her!

3) What are Planeptune and Leanbox and stuff?
Dengekiko: This world is divided into four nations, and those are their names. Their patron goddesses gain strength based on the faith of their followers.
I recommend everyone become residents of Lastation. If you worship Noire, you're bound to find happiness!

4) The younger sisters' will lose their clothes, too, right?!
Dengekiko: Of course, good sir! Heh heh heh heh.
You like it, eh? Don't worry, good sir, Nepgear and Uni and co. will have their clothes in tatters, too. All of you who love little sisters can go ahead and buy Neptune U, on sale August 28th! (OK, perfect stealth marketing job!)

RAM speech balloon: ""I think that naughty things are bad! You dummy! Dummy!" [modified version of Mahoromatic's meme quote "Ecchi na no ha ikenai to omoimasu!"]

Dengekiko speech balloon: "Ugh, shut up Ram! Dear readers, we'll show you the sisters clothes getting destroyed next issue!"

5) What's that plush doll you've got, Dengekiko?
Dengekiko: It's Dengeki Playstation's mascot character, Politan.
He changes expressions along with me during the game.
...What's that? He's cuter than I am?
I think you and me are gonna need to step outside, IF...

6) I don't know how to play action games!
Dengekiko: Just mash the buttons and moves'll pop right out!
Yeah, when you think of action games, you think of difficulty. I pumped so much money into hard arcade games when I was young. Thinking back on it makes me want to cry...
But Neptune U has easy controls so anyone can enjoy it. You can get combos just by tapping on the buttons, so let's just have fun with the fast-paced exciting combat!

7) Is there even any demand for tinyflat chests like Blanc's?
Dengekiko: There are people in this wide world who like those.
The world works based on supply and demand. The fact that small-chested characters have not disappeared means that there must exist people who prefer Blanc's smoothness over Vert's fluffy softness. And I'm not just saying this because I'm a bit on the slender side!

Dengekiko speech balloon: "According to my research, the nation of Lowee appears to have a large number of residents who prefer small."

8) Why does Neptune's level go down every game?
Dengekiko: Th-that's uh, probably so people can enjoy playing the game, I'd guess...?
Now that you mention it, that is kind of strange. No matter how much you raise her level, it always starts over in the next game. I have a feeling it's due to Neptune's habit of lazily slacking off.
Histoire speech balloon: "I'm always struggling with Neptune's laziness."

9) I won't stand for us to be the only ones who lose our clothes!
Dengekiko: Wait, what? What?? My clothes are going to rip, too?
Neptune and friends have a rough job. Having to fight while your clothes come apart sounds like something you'd expect from one of those "sexy action" games. Oh, well, my talent agency won't permit me to be seen in my underwear so it won't happen to me.
...What? That doesn't matter? H-Hey! Nobody told me about this!
...W-Well, okay. If my clothes are going to tear off, then I'll put on my best underwear!

10) So, anyway, the most popular character is Neptune, right?
Dengekiko: It's unquestionably Noire! You can quote me on that!
After the release of Chou Megami Shinkou Noire: Gekishin Black Heart, Noire's popularity is exploding! Merchandise is flying off the shelves, and I've heard through a certain source that the franchise name is going to be changed to "Noitune." In addition, I, Dengekiko, will be promoted to main heroine status.

...I'm sorry, that was just my fantasy. But Noire's popularity is no lie! It's time to put this to a vote to settle it! ...But my editor hasn't actually given the go-ahead to arrange that.

[Dengekiko final comment box, bottom left]
"A Dengekiko column written out of pure enthusiasm with no real plan for what to write!"
Hello, everyone! Are you conserving electricity? It's me, Dengekiko. My editor told me I should put some comments here to balance out the page layout, but I don't really have anything specific to say. Oh, but I did learn that I'm going to have my clothes ripped up, too... Well, at the point I was given the part, I did have a faint suspicious this might happen... B-but even when naked, I still won't lose to Famitsu-chan! Oh, hey, if my clothes can come off, does that also mean I get to transform and power-up? "I am no longer Dengekiko... You may call me, Super Dengekiko!" Heh heh. I'll go ask Compile Heart real quick.

Dengekiko's interviews continue...

Dengekiko speech balloon: "Ugh, shut up Ram! Dear readers, we'll show you the sisters clothes getting destroyed next issue!"

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:
h2foxo wrote:Soooo...

Anyone got this bigger?


Sure do.
Odds are it was uploaded to 2ch or 2chan or some website like that. I got it from 4chan.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Also, I don't think this particular page was posted. It's the one with Uni and Nepgear on it.

Same originating sources most likely. It's been on 4chan for roughly 3 hours now.

Neptunia U Trailer

It's confirmed for CERO D (17+) rating. Then again, anyone who has played Senran Kagura and seen how that got rated could've figured that.

xizro345 wrote:Game Flow

Quest Selection

The player selects a quest, after clearing it events will start, progressing the scenario. In the WORLD [menu] you can accept quest, check character equipment and do all sorts of set up. In addition, selecting a quest from WORLD shows various information such as clear conditions and enemy list.

xizro345 wrote:Character Selection

After selecting a quest, characters can be chosen.
Up to to characters can participate, but it's possible to play with only one.

* It's not possible to select characters and their number during quests.

xizro345 wrote:Quest Play

Upon entering the dungeon, clear conditions will be shown, and progressing further in the dungeon will make enemies appear. Defeating enemies will grant sometimes items , including recovery items that will help clearing the quest, as well as medals that when collected will bring advantages [lit. good things].

Once the clear conditions have been fulfilled, the quest is cleared. The amount of experience received is based on actual activity.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/000/879/879551/
Here's today's talking points provided via 4chan.
Anonymous wrote:Candidates costume break this issue.
There's another special plan like last issue (The dengekiko 10 question thing)
Some sort of character popularity contest
All of the character's skill cut in (I'm not sure if that's what the article is talking about)

Skill Dengekiko is using is called "Hyperdimension Electric shock gun"






It also appears they'll be going over the store specific pre-order bonuses.

xizro345 wrote:
TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:It also appears they'll be going over the store specific pre-order bonuses.

The exact sentence that reports is is this:


CD Illustration of the OP theme song, preorder bonuses, LE bonuses, and the store-specific preorder bonuses.
Considering the preorder and LE bonuses are known, I suppose it'll offer additional details.

Ultimate_Nova_X wrote:...on the pre-order bonus image from the official site, the first line at the bottom tranlates something to: "Due to ethical reasons, swimsuits can't be ripped."

wait. *thinks back to Green Heart image*

Something more for Neptunia U

xizro345 wrote:Site updated with the parody manga again and the system:

???????? ???????

City Watch

You can see events of ordinary conversation between the characters.
It's not always necessary to see them, but sometimes watching the events may lead to another event or a quest.

xizro345 wrote:Images around:



There's a third one, but it's on 2chan, so I can't get it.

They come from Gamenyarth, which obviously got them elswehere.

xizro345 wrote:The Nepgear reaction face is due to this exchange:

Neptune: "Ok, Nepgear! In order to sell even more game [copies], let's tear up [clothes] apart!"
Npegear: "W,Wait, Big Sister, what are you saying!?"

xizro345 wrote:The article itself is pretty dry information-wise. You see some random moves from the goddesses and the candidates with some silly remark from Dengekiko (With Noire she says stuff like "Tsundere are the best!").

Also, a new scan of Ram and Rom (NSFW):

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:I got the other image since it was posted on vitagen 1270.

They really didn't go over the store bonuses really well. Just a basic table.
I should also wake up earlier.

xizro345 wrote:Site updated with the system section (also the collaboration manga, but people usually don't see that).

New point the in "Battle" part of System: Skills, they show Noire's Infinity Slash and Neptune's 32-style Exblade β (I'm sure the NISA version has a different name).

xizro345 wrote:Set Up

In the Set Up you can check the status of weapons, accessories and skills equipped. If you change costume, the appearance will change.

Command List

Commands tied to button presses that activate attacks. The commands change before and after the transformation.

xizro345 wrote:Lily Rank

Lily Rank is the mutual likability between characters. It will keep rising if doing quests together, and by getting them close better support effects can be obtained. It's also possible to enjoy special voices in this case.

xizro345 wrote:Medal Collection

Medals and equipment can be obtained by defeating enemies, and it's possible to increase the status [of the characters]....

Well that's all for this site update.

Famitsu-chan Goods

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:

There will be a Neptune special in the August 12 edition of Dengeki Playstation magazine.

twoofspades wrote:
TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Now that I look at it closer, I don't see any kind of address, phone/fax number or website. I'm not sure how you'd go about asking or who it'd be limited to.

I'll edit in the post I read which was referring to the image to begin with.
Now that I've read it, it's fucking nothing.
It's just introduction to Famitsu-chan goods and what kind of goods the readers want.
Also there's a Neptune Special in the next dengeki that comes out in August 12.

Alright I'll respond and clarify what this is since I translated that. You write down your name address, etc on a hagaki(postcard) and send it to famitsu. You choose which design indicated by 1 and 2 on Famitsu and what item from Daki cover, badge, and tapestry.

I just skimmed through it so there might be mistakes and that the bottom part got harder to see.

Swimsuit Outfits (Preorder Bonus)

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Strangely enough, I've never used any swimsuit outfits in any of these games, so I have no idea if these are reused assets or not. The only swimsuit I remember is Neptune's Citrus Frill outfit.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/000/903/903789/
I guess this means combination attacks and the poll results.

A superior translation provided by twoofspades.

twoofspades wrote:

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:http://blog.hokanko-alt.com/archives/40268213.html

This is the character poll preview.

xizro345 wrote:Actually, Noire is on top, followed by Dengekiko, and the others. Noire seems to have double the points.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Here's a scan I haven't saw posted in the news thread yet. Dengekki losing her clothing and the store pre-orders. This is from 4chan.


Dengeki's weapon looks like a gigantic fountain pen.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Here's an update via 4chan. The play impression of Nep U from DPS. I have too many tabs open.


Here's something else. I think it's related.


TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:
TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Here's an update via 4chan. The play impression of Nep U from DPS. I have too many tabs open.

Here's a translation that was posted on 4chan. They're on the ball today.
Play Impression Admiring a battling Game reporter!
An enjoyable game that you can use your favorite character but the one you should be attentive of is our Dengekiko. As a game reporter she is firmly involved in the story, you can't miss her battle of news coverage with her rival Famitsu-chan. The two of them can equip the same prosessor units as the goddesses. Dengekiko an existence equal to a goddess (?) !


They can equip processor units? Holy crap. That actually is important.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:This week's DPS will feature Blanc and Vert along with the Dengekiko page. Now to track down that full size scan.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:http://www.compileheart.com/neptune/u/#/system
Website updated with the lily special.
Consumes 50% Exe DRIVE gauge, is deathblow Exe DRIVE more than shoot two people.
You can learn in the second half of the story, it is the key of the game clear.
Even before transformation, can be used even after transformation, the contents of the voice will change depending on the combination of character.


TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:
xizro345 wrote:Thete is also theGame News section (you can consider it as a sort of Nepstation).

I didn't even see that part was updated.
Depending on the result of the play quest, Geimu news occurs after quest.
You can Geimu reporters not only willing to report the news, to receive a special gift.

Sounds almost exactly like Nepstation, now that you mention it.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:
TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Here's the DPS Nep U scans, provided by @ExeForce87.
Contains recap information for the most part.

Poll results are as follows.
Noire - 302 votes.
Dengekiko - 128 votes
Vert - 106, Blanc 82 and Neptune with 77.

Notable mention is DogooA with 3 votes.

Here's all the recap info from a post on 4chan.
Anonymous wrote:Page 49
>Ending Song CD Illustration
ED Theme [Unite]'s jacket illustration has arrived! Included is a collaboration with the OP theme disk.

Page 53
An original system livens up the battle!

Control the goddesses and use the super move on a crowd of enemies defeat them one after the other. A system with the taste of exhilarating action. This time a new component will be explained.

>Pick Up 2 Lily Special
A new attack [Lily Special], depending on the selected characters you can make them have an explosive powerful attack. To unlock it you have to clear an exclusive quest. To use it you must accumulate the exe drive gauge. It will be hard until you acquire the skill, and it is possible to eliminate strong enemies in an instant! The use of this skill is the key to clearing difficult quests

Page 51
The stage is a peaceful gamegyoukai. On a certain day the two game reporters proposed an idea to the goddesses about news coverage. The goddesses head for the battlefield to let them know of their activity is the start of this game.

>Play Impression
News coverage on the goddesses activies is the outline of the story. The two game reporters will do news coverage on the goddesses. As the two battle for new coverages, how will they report on the goddesses

When you select specific pairs they will have exclusive phrases

I seemed to have posted the scans in the same order that this guy translated them. Awesome.

twoofspades wrote:http://i.imgur.com/Oro01Rz.jpg

Somewhat Nep U related.

In the comment it mentions that Dengekiko's highlights are her skills.

For example she has a skill that shoots an electric-like metal like object (Reference to Biribiri's Railgun probably)

She has a another skill where she dual wields swords (Reference to SAO probably. It mentions VRMMO)

The following videos do show off a bit of gameplay, but are mostly about the costume breaks for the normal and HDD forms of the goddesses.
BlackDestiny wrote:http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/000/907/907409/

Gameplay videos, better than i expected tbh

Gonna leave this review here because it has a lot of screenshots.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Here's a game review by 4gamer. A lot of things are already known, but someone might still be interested in some things.
The monochrome hoodie makes it's return.

Seventh wrote:I wonder if that means the transformations are a lot stronger than the normal forms? I can't think of why they might want to go that route unless this was the case.

Now I can finally answer this. I'm sure I could have done so earlier, but I'm going to now. Stats are almost double when transformed according to these screens.
Purple Heart with...Gasp! Green Hair.

Nepgear with partially torn clothing. Hopefully this resolves that issue of there only being "fully clothed" and "costume break" appearances.

twoofspades wrote:http://blog.hokanko-alt.com/archives/40433393.html

Famitsu Reviewer Comments


Some translations might be off. I'm too tired to translate at 2am.
15 hours to clear. 30+hrs for everything
Battles are fun and exhilarating
Famitsu-chan and Dengekiko's character are overkill
Operation is favorable/satisfactory
Maps are compact
Collecting component is abundant
Familiar stages and enemies
Character playstyle doesn't change (Not sure about this one)

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Here's some stuff I found interesting in a 4chan thread. Early this morning/last night, there was a play stream online for a while. I'm guessing someone stayed up and watched some of it.
Intro screen. Apparently two options will be locked from the start.

Mizuno has the cutest shirt ever.

This bit is what caught my eye.
Anonymous wrote:Also random U detail I finally managed to parse. Different outfits have different ripping strength and apparently some of them come pre-ripped. Fashion statement I suppose.

I wonder if this mechanic is hidden, applies to the equipment menu, or is involved with the mysterious "sister force" stat.

twoofspades wrote:Here's the Nep U part of the nico broadcast it's 30 minutes long. It's low quality.


xizro345 wrote:I was watching the archived stream and there were a couple details I noticed - they were probably mentioned on 4chan but I didn't see them here, though if they were, I apologize:

- Mizuno mentioned that this time parodies of the game magazines have a role (as reported in other bits of the story known);

-They were skipping story scenes but I managed to get an idea of the first quest shown
an introduction event in which each of the goddesses tries to leave an impression on the audience and fails, causing some frustration to Dengekiko

-Dengekiko was talking during the quest asking something or commenting on the boss.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Here's a news update. Browsing 4chan pays off.
There's a few new videos, but I'll see what info I can get from the Google translate.

...And nothing besides showing off how the characters play. Shows off a bit of the candidates, Dengekiko and Famitsu-chan for those interested in using them. From a post I read there, some of the unique character interactions are also displayed.
Anonymous wrote:Neptune says she'll spoil Nepgear later after finishing her special

shadowmaksim wrote:
5UP3R1337N05C0P3 wrote:Are things like button combos or controls commonly revealed prior to a game's release?.

Sometimes, but not that often, at least from what I've seen.

For combos, there's this:



That's about all that I can currently recall.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Here's our Neptune U trophy list for those interested. And Google translate just because.
http://www.exophase.com/game/%E8%B6%85% ... /trophies/
Ultimate thanks to YOU
I was exhausted to play the super-dimension action Neptune U. "Next! Congratulations Complete kana meet with you at any Geimu? It! Say hello in the future"

Quest Master
I have cleared the quest of all of the story mode. "Quest, which lasted even after clearing! Cheers for good work!'m Was completely dominated the end! Quest at this."

Event Master
I saw the events part of all. "It 's the inspiring me! I've seen a surprising one side of ... us me of watching without leaving the event"

Overwhelming victory total
I won the character of all the lines Chimodo world. "Thats do everyone! And not just me, the day that world! Geimugyou ne thing becomes stable condition I was the strongest everyone is close!"

Neptune tral Force
I was cleared by the character of all the Neptune tral tower. "It is! Climb in all this tower, I no doubt a new world to be opened! Surely You're feeling you've mastered!"

In the state of level 1, I defeated the demon next generation of Neptune tral tower top floor. "It is too strong to weak ...... The term would defeat the enemy of this work strongest weakest level. Satewa, it eh! Roubleshooting using cheat skills, ...... you are not using?"

Lily master
I have to maximize the Lily rank of all characters between. "The other, I became good friends everyone absolute quarrel is much I do not it does not occur. This, too thanks to you!"

Third Akirakan~tsu! !
I have cleared the Chapter 3 of the story mode. "After this, rainy day special guest appearance! ... I, Nepu~tsu? ...... I also !? I have not heard of such"

First victory
I was first victory in a row boundary switch Budokai. "I'm glad it is! Goddess candidates or goddess, 90% of the participants and help us win a prize ...... It was a tournament such as the bargain sale of goddess like!"

First ascent
I was clear for the first time the Neptune tral tower. "Top of the tower, become a legend if you work hard until worship in the" Everyone "sight this ~. Kana kana spectacular scenery Oh!"

Max level
I was 99 the level of one character. "Level of this time'm Kansuto 99. Because you were strong enough, yada ...... that would defeat the last enemy surely"

Accessories Mania
I have collected all accessories. "Because there is a lot of effect! Congratulations accessories complete, I have fun replacement!"

Medal Mania
I won a medal bonus of all. "I collect a lot of medals bonus Killed monsters. I'm gonna collect catapult me ​​bonus"

Neptune start
Select NEW GAME in story mode, you have to start the opening of the "goddess". "It's a super handy trophy! Classic it would take just start the game!"

Nepugia start
Select NEW GAME in story mode, you have to start the opening of the "Goddess Candidate". "I would respond to the voice" goddess from good, Tteyuu! "Utsuse goddess candidates! I look at the sisters of our pride"

First Akirakan!
I have cleared the first chapter of the story mode. "You go around doing the quest carefully also good. The only challenge quests involved in the story is also good. It 's are various ways to enjoy!"

Second Akirakan! !
I have cleared the second chapter of the story mode. and "even if there is a quest that was left hanging, but the peace of mind! because you do not or no longer expire, I have raised do not forget the main request is left alone because they feel sorry for much"

I have cleared the quest remains in a state of transformation. "Control of the goddess state has them! I became well considerably, more of the time that is goddess of is or longer?"

Costume break has occurred in the quest. The "why I can become strong and come off it embarrassing?, because I wanted to end the fight early, force I'm once we enter carelessly"

Goddess watching
I witnessed the day-to-day of goddesses. "I look just fine because there is plenty of. Other okay because not angry do Te Na infringement Da~a! ... Of privacy"

Generation of Sound
I was the sound test. "I am happy BGM of various dimension and get to compare them. Large set!"

Writer Souls
A new companion is applied. "I'm glad to'm surprised this two people Nante become a friend! Fellow increases after all"

Please Help Me
I uncovered the purpose of the irregular quest. "Story on this quest ached buggy. Means that this bug'm specification was! ... But I somehow confusing"

In training just life
It was clear the quest and leaving the accessories that disadvantage effect. "Someday ...... Hey there is a bone, and I say special training for accessories? Hard you try to Dari challenged the strongest opponents at level 1, struck goddess fairy cast ..., the head"

Lily Specials
I have mastered the special Lily. "Min'na!'m Cooperation technique for feeding two people, whom Crossed is, I'm there properly?"

I was triggered Exe DRIVE. "I'm a power Confused as ever even in the action. It becomes able to use even without my goddess of after I complete the Geimu!"

Maximum thermal and Isamu
I began to hit the 9.99 million damage in a single combo. "If it ...... this inflation of Nepu~tsu! Damage is tremendous, It seems Crush, hit in room!"

Combo Master Yu
I have 999 hit combo. "I would've done care combo'll led! Is to not beat it with a single blow! Ne do quite"

Enemy Crusher
I have defeated the enemy of 999 bodies of times per quest. "But it. Whoops I defeated a lot, from where monsters will do come together"

Various colors
I was used in the quest all characters. "Even I'm not, it is flickering ...... I'll not be a bother to even kana? Anyone favorite of you."

Global Entertainment
You have to start the quest by selecting two people Geimu reporters. "If you were. I'm strong I Geimu reporter, I'm game ... no problem, I was resting a bit much"

Wind exerts purple sky
You have to start the quest to choose Nepugia and Neptune. "I Nante over! Story our sisters, double hero this time! Yo Nepugia Haiku"

We'll be here!
You have to start the quest by choosing a uni and Noir. "...... I'll be in rivalry also uni-chan Noir but it sounds fun, and I'm a good sister Naka to say somehow"

Bliss specific moment, much
I started a quest to choose a ram or rom, and Blanc. "This is because two people one set, You're contention for Blanc. Happy person if I Blanc at a ram and rom-chan-chan!"

Mon amour
You have to start the quest to choose Nepugia and veil. "Veil and Nepugia is why coupling Nepu~tsu!? I hope sister of real and can sometime also veil ...... I wonder if I do not like too much the Nepugia if I veil"

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:4chan seems to have posted superior translations as usual.
Nep U Trophies

Ultimate thanks to YOU
Completely played Choujigen Action Neptune U.

Quest Master
Cleared all story quests.

Event Master
Seen all the events.

Overall Overwhelming Victory
Overall victory with all the characters in Gyoukaichi-mode

Cleared Neptraltower will all the characters

One of Spectral
Defeat the Next Gen Oni of the top floor in NeptralTower with a level 1 condition

Lily Master
Max all lily ranks with all characters

Chapter 3 End
Cleared Chapter 3 of Story mode. "After this who would have thought a special guest appears!! Nepu? I didn't hear about this......!?"

First Championship win
Overall victory in GyoukaiChi Matial Arts Gathering

Climb to the top for the first time
Cleared Neptral Tower for the first time

Level MAX
Have a character at lvl 99

Accessory Mania
Collected all the accessories

Medal Mania
Acquire all medals.

Activate Neptune
Select new game in story mode, "Goddess" opening starts

Activate Nepgear
Select new game in story mode, "Goddess Candidates" opening starts

Chapter 1 End
Clear chapter 1 of story mode

Chapter 2 End
Clear chapter 2 of story mode

Clear a quest in while transformed

Costume break while doing a quest

Goddess Watching
Observe the goddesses ordinary life

Generation of Sound
Do a sound test

Writer Souls
New friends join

Please Help Me
Discovered the objective of an irregular quest

Life is training
Clear a quest while equipping an accessory with a demerit effect

Lily Special
Acquired a lily special

Exeed Drive
Activate exeed drive

Greatest Fire Power - Bravery
Do 9 999 999 damage in 1 combo

Combo Master - Distant
999 Hit in 1 combo

Enemy Crusher
Defeat 999 Enemies in a quest

Several Minds
Use all the characters in a quest

Global Entertaiment
Start a quest with the 2 game reporters

Advance Purple Style
Start a quest with Neptune and Nepgear "Let's go Nepgear!! this time us sisters are a double protagonists in the story"

We're Here!
Start a quest with Noire and Uni "Noire and Uni are competing again....but it seems fun, Their intimate sisters"

Always Bliss
Start a quest with Blanc and Rom then Blanc and Ram

Mon Amour
Start a quest with Vert and Nepgear "Nepu! Why does Vert and Nepgear have a coupling!? Vert you love Nepgear too much...I hope Vert can have a sister someday"

xizro345 wrote:By the way, first DLC info out:


Bonus Quests - a series of new quests - paid.

High Difficulty Quests - a series of high difficulty quests - paid.

Mages-chan's Gift Vol. 1 - found as a code inside the release of Venus no Memoria - weapons for Neptune and Noire.

Famitsu-chan's swimsuit - DLC code from Famitsu (I have this one, actually).

Dengekiko-chan's swimsuit - DLC code from next week Dengeki.
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Re: Upcoming Neptunia Games News Thread

Postby Wdog-999 » Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:42 am

Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Century (December 18, 2014) (Vita) (RPG)


Seventh wrote:http://gematsu.com/2014/09/play-asia-lists-hyperdimension-neptunia-rebirth-3-v-century-ps-vita
WELP. Somebody either blew the news or this is a well timed ruse.

We shall keep you posted! Play-Asia has it listed for this December, but I get the feeling that's a placeholder... or maybe the surprise reason why news on VII has been so slow?! We shall see!

Seventh wrote:Well, it's now been officially announced. Celebrate!

Yukira wrote:Some pics captured from the stream:


Seventh wrote:http://gematsu.com/2014/09/hyperdimension-neptunia-rebirth-3-v-century-announced-ps-vita
Some of us were already watching it (... in the wrong thread, naturally), but one thing of note is that according to them, it's the same scenario but with some added stuff.

xizro345 wrote:Official logo here:


TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:
The game features the scenario of the original game with added scenes in the opening, as well as a new scenario available after clearing the game. The menus and user interface have been updated, the battle system is partly changed, and systems from Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-II are being added. This includes the “Treasure Search” system, which will allow you obtain items by searching for hidden treasure boxes.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:http://i.imgur.com/5ryRWBz.jpg

Felistella is back. Also, 4chan provided a better interpretation of that menu than I ever could.
Item, Equips, Skill, Party, Status, Quest, Specifications (Item plan thing for R;B), Nari Dungeon, Library, System.

There's a leader skill now.
>Leader Skill: Goddess form SP consumption down.

Leader skill sounds neat!

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:I definitely saw the [SP] gauge go above level 1. Thankfully someone screencapped it on 4chan because I didn't.

Pururururururururururururt and Bran's gauges are into the second bar.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:For those who missed out on TGS Friday night, here's a video with the game play footage. I haven't watched this video yet so I don't know how much it contains.

xizro345 wrote:IF's twitter while re-announcing the game released the logo without watermarks:


xizro345 wrote:http://blog.hokanko-alt.com/archives/40998435.html

- Release date 18th December.
- Normal edition 6246 Yen, LE 8424 Yen.
- Done by Felistella, like the other two.
- New events in each chapter and new episode from the beginning of the story.
- Details on the battle system are to be revealed at a later date.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Here's something you can click on. It appears to come from 2chan. Here's what 4chan has to say.
twoofspades wrote:Why can't 2chan make better scans.

Limited edition is special card from unlimited versus tcg and a situation cd

Preorder bonus seemsto be an event?


TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Anyhow, something else.
According to a post on 4chan, this regards the new scenario and additional events.

xizro345 wrote:The text about the episodes confirms:

- New episode from the beginning;
- Extra events;
- Extra episode after clearing the game;

The other page...doesn't say anything remotely insteresting (just introduces the remake).

Nerroth wrote:The teaser site is up.




TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Here's a store specific pre order bonus if Twitter is to be believed. An oversized tapestry of Purple Heart.

Edit: Okay, it's the WonderGOO limited edition bonus. I will, of course, get one for myself.

xizro345 wrote:LE Edition contains:

- Situation CD "Compilation of Neptune Proverbs" and "Neptune Giving Encouragement CD":
- Neptune Graphig (the figurines made of paper);
- Special Card for the Unlimited Vs Card Game;

-Preorder bonus:

- Product code for extra event.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:This seems to be the appropriate place to post this.
Anonymous wrote:There's apparently an article on R;B3 but it's nothing major. It's just the nariyuki dungeon powered up (This info was already on ebten's website weeks ago, it's just using scouts in nariyuki dungeon). And they released the limited edition's illustration. There's a nep no kai in this issue as well.

「神次次元ゲイム ネプテューヌRe;Birth3 V CENTURY」

Well, shit. Looks like "It's like you're not even trying to enjoy the game" will be making it's return.

xizro345 wrote:Scans:


The only worthwile info is the new OP and ED. Nariyuki Dungeon mentions you can pair Stella with a partner for dungeon hunting (doesn't really go into details, though).

xizro345 wrote:Official site open:


Has story and character section available. Characters are Neptune, Pururut and Noire.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Standard edition box art.

Limited edition box art.

Nerroth wrote:A few more character pages have been added, along with gallery and system pages.

xizro345 wrote:According to the System page, you get SP only by attacking enemies. EXE Drive now costs SP, since it's tied to the character. Goddess form works as usual (costs 20% SP).

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:4chan has informed me there are going to be new characters added to this game.
Welp dengeki article confirms it, original characters in R;B3. An assassin and an evolved interface from the social game industry are in R;B3.

Front page is Neptune covering Vert in from device called NeepGear

>From the Social Game Industry
An OL that carries out work in an intelligent way. Summed from compgasha (I'm going to make a guess and say this means computer company)

An ojou-sama character. A quarelling relation with Bamoo. A 2 head tall animal girl(?) appear A new scenario.

No idea how well I translated for Riguu there might be mistakes in there.
They are Moba and Gree if the names don't make sense

Speech bubbles show when there's an event on the world map.
You can try on the item before you buy it in the shop
Sort function
Monster, material look up are added.

That's all until tomorrow or something new gets posted.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Here's the new characters based on Gree and Mobage, from what 4chan mentioned yesterday. They're really silly looking.
Here's everyone else we already know.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:
NoireRulz wrote:Hmm...that stuff on the bottom left is interesting. Looks like Nep/IF/Compa get a new outfit from something through RB1&2.....and then there's something about those new app costumes....

I think those are the DLC outfits they had in a much earlier DPS magazine (Volume 553, which was quite a while ago I guess). Here they are from the Dengeki online site.


TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:
Nerroth wrote:The new OP is up.

The website updated as well with the Felistella/Neptral Tower dungeon explanation.
I'm not 100% sure on the Google translate, but I think you have to "rescue" the partners from the various dungeons and then they get to join her in future ones.

Time passes even when the Vita is in sleep mode, so that's a boost. Otherwise it seems to be nearly identical to the R;B 2 iteration.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:http://www.compileheart.com/neptune/re-birth3/#/top
Website update. There's a new video and a new system tab. Character profiles have been added as well, and there's more gallery images. I'll see about translating that system tab later if no one else does.

MikelAL93 wrote:A trailer for the game showcasing its new features has been released, and ever better, the Japanese release date has been announced for December 18, 2014.

PS Vita「神次次元ゲイム ネプテューヌRe;Birth3 V CENTURY」 プロモーションムービー

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/000/954/954775/
Today's updates include: A video featuring the battle system, but who has time to watch that?
-Enemy resistances are displayed if they're in effect, in addition to enemy weaknesses.
-Transformations consume the SP gauge, as do the EXE Skills, as that gauge has been removed.
-Enemies now display what item they have dropped when defeated.
-The Felistella "Nariyuki Dungeon"/Course Dungeon has no new information from what I can tell. Still allows you to bring a partner character along which must first be rescued from a dungeon.
-Something about the formation skills. I can't really tell what it's about. It does appear to use two full SP gauge blocks from the video.

Images: The fourth one points out that the action order has moved to the left side of the screen.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Re;Birth 3 got a lot of pages in this week's DPS. Here's the first two pages.

Third and fourth.

5 and 6.


I think 4chan's translator friend is done with VII and has started on RB3. Here's something new.
Anonymous wrote:RB3
Remake system powered up.You can now powerup the characters.
New component 1
Customize the character with plans!
Characters can now have their stats increased and gain skill. Gather the nessecary materials and power up your favourite characters.
HP up for a certain character, and an additional rush slot is in the picture

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:The website updated. Those horrible rats are on the character select screen, along with Rei and Abnes.
The system tab includes...

-Pressing the [Triangle] button on the Remake screen or the quest screen will show the enemies that drop the item and the location of the monster itself.
-Pre-equip an item to see how it looks, changes stats, and you can equip it immediately after purchasing it.

That's about it for this week.

xizro345 wrote:Another Dengeki article - recap - with a few videos including Nariyuki Dungeon:


TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:There's not much in the way of information from what I can see in this week's DPS. I spent more time trying to stitch the screenshots together than looking for anything valuable. I was correct about the poll results though.


TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:Here's that "Nepnication" pre-order event. Google translates it as "flirting" with her, so that's something.
And the video from the webpage.
Seems like she asks you questions, and events change depending on how you respond.

xizro345 wrote:Dengeki reviewed the game (for real), it got 75/90/85/90.


Says there's an impression article on the game (I haven't seen anything substantial though).

The next issue (out on Christmas) "seems" will have VII information.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:There's a play impression of the game. It's on the sixth page.
Pages 1 and 2.

3 and 4.

5 and 6.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:That helmet thing was called a "NeepGear" according to 4chan's translator. I don't remember what it does, but I posted what was said about it a few pages ago.

Here's the long review. Damn 20th anniversary edition having 391 pages.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:I guess I dropped the ball on this one. The DLC list is available.
The "Nepnication" event is the first one listed, followed by Processor sets from DPS Magazine, then collaboration costume sets (Blue), two in-game item packages (Green), and two Vita themes (Red). The first three are DLC codes, the last four are free, and all but the very last one are available on the 18th. The last is available on Christmas day.

xizro345 wrote:IF's twitter, along with 5pb. promoted nao's second album, Prismatic Infinity Carat II, which includes Re;Birth3's OP song (LE only):


One of the discs of the limited edition (5,500 yen) includes "5pb.-chan's radio".

Video with promo of the songs:


The album is scheduled to be released 24th of December.
The regular version costs 3,300 yen.

Nerroth wrote:The character page was updated recently to add the various DLC Makers (MAGES. and 5pb. are at last in the same game!), while news of a v1.01 patch is out.

TheDefenderOfEarth wrote:
Anonymous wrote:Translating for those who can't read.

Additional character pack 1:
>Falcom (Little girl)

Additional character pack 2:
>IF (Little girl)
>Compa(Little girl)
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Re: Upcoming Neptunia Games News Thread

Postby Wdog-999 » Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:57 am

Geki Jigen Tag Blanc + Neptune Vs Zombie Gundan (Working Title) (Vita) (Action)

xizro345 wrote:Announced at today's Dengeki Festa. No further information, aside being "NepuNepu Action" with possible multiplayer. The title is provisional as well.


xizro345 wrote:It's being developed by Tamsoft for sure, that's in the copyrights.

xizro345 wrote:Translation of the title should be "Extreme [same as the one in Geki Noire] Dimension Tag Blanc + Neptune vs Zombie Corps".

NoireRulz wrote:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bkn-utKR4Zs - here's the game if anybody wants to see it.

Looks like the same gameplay from Nep U....just with 4 characters on screen

xizro345 wrote:I'd like to point out again (despite being questioned back then, during the poll) that Blanc is defined as "Heroine" in the teaser and, again 主役 (leading role) and not 主人公 (main character) in the slides shown during the event.

On that topic, Asami Imai (who, to remind people, voices Noire) joked feeling like a "zombie" when she learnt that Blanc won the poll.

It'll also be a "School story", according to Mizuno.

xizro345 wrote:News:


- According to the interview, the game was in the making before the poll results;
. The result was unexpected, but the development had no trouble;
- Not a sequel (of U) but rather a school youth sports story;
- Large changes due to four people multiplayer;
- All the characters from U reappear;
- Being a school story, everyone has school uniforms.
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Re: Upcoming Neptunia Games News Thread

Postby Wdog-999 » Sun Aug 03, 2014 1:04 am

Cho Jigen Taisen Neptune Vs Sega Hard Girls - Yume no Gattai Special (Vita)

xizro345 wrote:Just announced as surprise. No more details for now.

xizro345 wrote:Anyway the complete title is Cho Jigen Taisen Neptune Vs Sega Hard Girls - Yume no Gattai Special (Hyper Dimension Great War Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls - Dream Alliance Special).


xizro345 wrote:News:


- THe main character is an original character (drawn by Tsunako) called Sega Hatsumi (only shilouette shown, seems a petite character with a ponytail);
- It's an RPG where the heroines of the two worlds cooperate;
- Developer is FELISTELLA;
- The development started around summer of 2014 (as in preliminary talks);
- FELISTELLA does the game part, the Neptune Team provides visuals;
- The game system is greatly different from the Neptune series, and there are some gimmicks, also they tease some sort of "assassination action";
- IF and Hatsumi seem to share the spot in this story.

xizro345 wrote:Here you can see the shilouette of the main character:


IF and Sega Hatsumi confirmed for main heroines.

RED-chan wrote:Dengeki Article.


So, what's the genre of this game...?
Also, IF has a new outfit, lovely! ♡

xizro345 wrote:Information:


The game offers a time leap system.
Felistella developing the game.
Saturn, Megadrive, Dreamcast and Game Gear shown.
Release date to be determined - seems they're trying to go for a 2015 release.
Hatsumi is amnesiac and is trying to stop the struggle between the goddesses snd the Sega Hard Girls.

xizro345 wrote:Other stuff:

- IF's design isn't done by Tsunako in this game, but by Katsuyuki Hirano (Spectral Souls, Agarest Senki, Moero Chronicle);
- Hatsumi, as said way back, is done by Tsunako;
- New actions include crawling (as shown in the picture of the preview article) and wall climbing;
- The time leap system is only mentioned and not described in detail.

xizro345 wrote:The genre has been confirmed as RPG (forgot to write it earlier...).

Leon Tekashi wrote:This week's DPS scans.




RED-chan wrote:Hyperdimension Neptunia VS Sega Hard Girls story, dual protagonists detailed.


Image Image

IF's rocking that new outfit, I love it! Sega Hatsumi's also pretty cute, I especially really like her color scheme.
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Re: Upcoming Neptunia Games News Thread

Postby Wdog-999 » Sun Mar 15, 2015 4:59 pm

Reserved for future games
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Re: Upcoming Neptunia Games News Thread

Postby Wdog-999 » Sun Mar 15, 2015 5:02 pm

Reserved for future games (2)
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Re: Upcoming Neptunia Games News Thread

Postby Wdog-999 » Sun Mar 15, 2015 5:07 pm

Reserved for future games (3)
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