Fairy Fencer F Avatars

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Fairy Fencer F Avatars

Postby CyberWolf1337 » Mon Dec 12, 2016 10:25 pm

Greetings NIS America Inc.

My name's Jorge,a user/player client from PS3/PS4 console systems,and unfortunately I cant buy Fairy Fencer Avatars from either PS3,PC and PS4 Playstation Store.

I know that those avatars were not allowed to buy in Brazil(South America),but if there's any hope for me to buy them,I would pay 10x the actual price if that helps,Im a big fan of Fairy Fencer F,all I want is to be able to wear the Fairy Fencer F avatars in my PSN account :\

So here's what am willing to pay for each avatar :

$4,90 (They actually cost $0,49)

And the avatars I want are :

Karin,Zenke,Ethel and Sherman

Total : $19,50

Im not kidding,Im willing to pay that for just those 4 avatars,Im not asking to bring all the avatars at PSN Store,I know that would cost a lot more for the company to be allowed to sell them in Brazil/South America,Im just asking to pay $4,90 for each of the avatars for me.

I actually use PayPal but please let me know the payment methods I can use to pay for them if that's possible to do.

If it might cost more expensive to make something like that become available,please let me know,I'll be happy to discuss this more further.

PS :Yes,I know that in PS4 system,all users can use any custom avatars,but I dont want to do that,It would require real name request accepted from everyone to be shown,and I wanna pay for using those beautiful avatars ^^

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