Does Customer Service Even Exist Anymore for Nisa?

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Does Customer Service Even Exist Anymore for Nisa?

Postby Wrath » Mon Jun 26, 2017 5:17 pm

I've had to send some E-Mails to costumer service, a few with some questions about a bunch of pre orders I made a few months back and one where my recent ordered game(s) had NOT shown up to my home with the tracking showing them as being delivered and yet I had not received them. I even had to make police reports about them....

NONE of my E-mails have been responded to. It has been months for some. I've waited days up until weeks later to re-email and still no one EVER responds. Does anyone have an answer as to why customer service is apparently non-existent?

Is there no staff?

Could someone somewhere PLEASE explain why Nisa Customer Service is obsolete all the time?

Why does my money for items get promptly taken out of my account for the products I order yet ONE person does not have the ability to answer my questions or problems about these items?

Honestly, the customer service here is so poor currently that after constantly being ignored after numerous e-mails and unanswered calls I would rather not purchase games off of Nisa anymore. I used to adore you guys but after my recent experience in being ignored on multiple occasions I have to admit I am more than a little disgusted with the people at Nisa.

I am, as well as everyone else who makes a purchase of Nisa's goods pay you peoples salaries and yet not one of my past six emails sent to you can be responded to? You all should be ashamed.

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