NISamerica please fix and update disgaea games for vita

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NISamerica please fix and update disgaea games for vita

Postby hibike » Sat Aug 27, 2016 3:20 am

when will Nisamerica will fix the problem with disgaea 2 dark hero days Dlc in US store and added -gig-maibel-Dark Eclair and add toro and kuro for vita

and what about Disgaea 3 vita DLC: Toro and Kuro for US
and disgaea 4 vita dlc Toro and Kuro for US


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Re: NISamerica please fix and update disgaea games for vita

Postby mer2329 » Sat Oct 08, 2016 5:21 am

for your DLC issue
if your trying to get D2 DLC on the vita then the real issue is sony, because sony doesn't really care about the PSP releases on the vita.

first some background on PSP DLC,
many games save DLC as a save file on your PSP, some games have license checks on the DLC as such those wont work with this method. there is no modification of the save files in this tutorial, this is just a method to put legally purchased save data onto a PS VITA.

this tutorial requires the following
access to the save file containing the DLC, either purchased through a PSP, or possibly through media go (and already installed to the PSP).

the method
this is the method i used to use, i haven't used it in a really long time so i may have some inconsistencies in the instructions
pre) download the save data on a PSP using the store, or media go (and install the save data to the psp).
2) connect the PSP to the PC
3) navigate to the savedata folder, should be inside "PSP/SAVEDATA"
4) locate the DLC, the folder names seem random and different games have different naming schemes however, it should have a name containing the game id and some other data
5) copy the DLCs savedata folder to CMAs PSP save data folder on your computer, i dont know its location.
6) connect the vita to CMA and transfer the save sata

other methods confirmed working
you can use a PS3 to download the DLC. (i used this method for my dissidia 012 DLC and arieth support character (included with prologus))

i have not tried the following methods
- if its already purchased look at the downloads list on your vita, you may be able to install it there
- if you use sony media go you will still need a PSP.
- you may be able to use the web store to download it directly to the vita, you will however have to wait (and disable wifi powersave) i have used this method to download some games, not DLC

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