Disgaea 5 on Switch...Enough with ports!

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Disgaea 5 on Switch...Enough with ports!

Postby Mune » Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:11 am

So, I heard an announcement that Disgaea 5 will be released on the Nintendo Switch.
Some people may be happy that they don't have to buy a PS4 to play it, but I am not one of those people.
I have purchased every game in the series thus far, aside from ports.
Every time I buy one of these games, about a year or so later, it is ported to some system I don't own with all of the DLC, plus some extra content.
In addition, the players that bought those games originally are left without any sort of discount or package to get the DLC. This has happened with Disgaea 4 and Disgaea D2. Disgaea 3 had a all-in-one DLC, but as the company stated once before in an email to me, "there are no plans for any such DLC pack for Disgaea 4 or Disgaea D2." This gives me the vibe that NIS only cares about initial sales and single DLC to maximize profits from players. They would rather you double to quadruple dip your buying of the same game for the content and each time on a different platform. I have never owned a PSP or Vita, but these platforms get the best treatment by NIS. They are also usually cheaper with more content.
I just feel like I'm being burned for supporting NIS by buying their games.
For this reason, I will not be purchasing "new" games if NIS releases Disgaea 5 with all of the DLC for the Switch.
I am not saying that I won't purchase "new" games if NIS releases Disgaea 5 on the Switch no matter what. I will only purchase "new" games if NIS includes all the DLC and/or additional content for a discount for PS4 copies of Disgaea 5, PS3 copies of Disgaea 4, and Disgaea D2.

What I want NIS to get out of this is: Other platforms are still here and players still want content. We want content for cheaper and/or in all-in-one bundles. I mean, Disgaea 4 has been out for almost 5 years and the DLC is still full price and your company has already ported it to Vita (with all the DLC included) and re-released it on the PS3 in the triple pack (containing Disgaea 3, Disgaea 4, and Disgaea D2).

I bought my PS3 and PS4 because I knew Disgaea would be on them, as well as a few other exclusive titles. I have no interest at this point to buy a new system to get one or two games. It just isn't financially responsible for me to do so. Not everyone can buy every system you put games onto, so we need to pick and choose which ones will give the most enjoyment and value.

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Re: Disgaea 5 on Switch...Enough with ports!

Postby Ignot » Fri Jan 13, 2017 11:53 am

I sorta get what your saying TC. From the gist of it, make the DLC cheaper if you release a complete edition. D5s season pass (all in one) DLC is on sale right now and once before as well as D5 itself.

The vita ports however i feel are somwhat justified. For D3 on the vita is vastly superior to its ps3 predecessor, (Too many improvements and additional stuff DLC wouldnt make up for it)of course theres about 4yrs in between the port for that. Theres no point putting the DLC on sale now of all times, when both the Vita and D3R plus D4R are pretty cheap now and pstv is dirt cheap.
D4 and DD2 could do with one however, DD2 has no port as of yet.

There are other games that have gotten a port just to sort out issues and improve further they couldnt before. Like The witch and the hundred knight on PS4 for example (there was some internal issues as far as i recall around its development)

In any event aside from the DLC, in this switch version i think its safe for fans whom have played it on PS4 can safely skip this without any loss. especially with the current sale.

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Re: Disgaea 5 on Switch...Enough with ports!

Postby razisgosu » Sat Jan 14, 2017 3:02 pm

Porting is great. Exclusive games are anti-consumer and nobody should be encouraging that practice to continue. The more platforms games can be found on the better.

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