Comments on the Steam/PC Ports Glitches and Requesting Features

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Comments on the Steam/PC Ports Glitches and Requesting Features

Postby Tsbrdain » Tue May 23, 2017 3:10 am

First I'd like to start off by thanking NIS and NISA for bringing these games to Steam. It's absolutely wonderful being able to play these old PS2 classics on the PC, and I hope they continue to bring over more of their library as they are able.

-Disgaea PC:

While Disgaea PC was updated with most of the content from Disgaea DS, it is still missing some small features that make a huge difference in convenience for the player. MSG Speed (how fast text displays,) Character Speed (how fast units move,) and Speed Up Geo Effect (makes geo effects faster.) Due to Disgaea games being fairly grindy and repetitive, I firmly believe these are necessary options and hope to see them in a future update.

-Phantom Brave PC:

Because Phantom Brave PC is based off of the Wii “We Meet Again” version, it has several small problems not present in others.

When creating a character, the stats displayed on the first screen (the big circle where you select unit type,) do not match the stats when finished. This was in the Wii version, but was fixed for the PSP. This is frustrating because you have no control over what you get. If you try to make a Fire Mage, you could get an Ice Mage instead. This has been mentioned on the Steam forums, but has not been acknowledged by any devs.

UI Problems
Several of the missing UI elements have already been restored, but the elemental marker for skills is still missing. This makes it very confusing trying to figure out how much damage an attack will do to an enemy and forces the player to learn through trial and error and remember hundreds of skills affinities. This has been mentioned on the Steam forums, but it appears no devs have acknowledged it yet. I’d also like to thank the devs for restoring the equip percent box when fusing, and single/multi target marker for skills, these are greatly appreciated.

Display Glitches
When exiting and reopening the game, graphical setting are not saved. Users have to reset resolution, window mode, and UI to their preference every time they want to play. This has also been mentioned on the Steam forums, but no devs have acknowledged it yet.

-Disgaea 2 PC:

Disgaea 2 PC is nearly perfect. My only disappointment is that the DLC characters do not have english voice acting options. Every character besides Miabel and Demon Lord Hanako have some form of voice acting through Disgaea 3/4/D2/5 so it should be possible to give them battle voices in this game. I understand if this is a licensing issue, and this a very minor complaint, but it’s slightly jarring having half your team speak in a different language.

-General Control Scheme
I would like to see the option to use either PS2/PSP style controls in all these games. To zoom the camera in Disgaea 2 PC, you use square/x + left bumper but in Phantom Brave PC you just use left trigger or push the right stick up or down. The right stick can also turn the camera in Phantom Brave, but does nothing in Disgaea 2. This is because Disgaea 2 was based off the of the PSP while Phantom Brave was based off of the Wii. The ability to have consistent controls between all of the NIS franchise games would be a great benefit to players wanting to experience other games in the brand and make transitioning easier.

-Final Wish
Also, please add the option to Disgaea 2 so that the in battle map camera remembers the zoom level like in Holt Village and Phantom Brave’s battles. I understand if this is impossible since it wasn’t in either the PS2 or PSP versions, but I just had to ask lol. I’ve owned the game for 3 days and I’ve already had to push left bumper + x 10,000 times to reach the middle level of zoom. It’s just driving me crazy.

Thank you again for bringing these games to Steam. I hope you’ll continue to port your other classics and support the games already released. The PC is a timeless platform and what future fans will use to experience these games long after the PS2 and PSP are just memories. Please continue to work hard to ensure that all fans, old and new, present and future, have the best experience possible.

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