Are you being serious?

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Re: Are you being serious?

Postby Mc-Taz » Wed Nov 28, 2012 7:05 am

K-On! wasn't censored; the major issue people have with Bandai's release of the first season is a song alteration. (An edit. The wrong word was emphasized upon.) That was a licensing issue, and for whatever reason Bandai couldn't get rights to include the song in their US release. The minor issues were a lack of lossless audio codecs on the Blu-rays and some missing extras.

Now beside all of that, I'm not a fan of locked subtitles. (They aren't hard subs. Keep this in mind--there is a difference, as ridleysbox describes.) It is certainly something that devalues the product in my eyes, but I think it is easier to live with than other compromise options. I still intend to buy this series despite the limitation, though I would prefer it wasn't there. I'm certain that NISA does what they can to avoid these kinds of things when negotiating, as they want an unspoiled product just as much as any of us do. In some situations there might not be a lot they can do.

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Re: Are you being serious?

Postby gaelstrom » Sat Jan 12, 2013 1:38 am


Thanks very much for telling me that. And on that note, thanks very much to NISA for doing that. At least it gives us the disc quality without forcing the subtitles if we know what we're doing. I shouldn't need to go through the steps of ripping blurays to get non-subs from something I purchased specifically to get quality on my large TV, but knowing that at least through licensing they didn't have to render them on I am appreciative.


I understood licensing was the reason, but I still appreciate your having pointed it out anyway. And like I said, you did a fun job on the title. The Major Tom usage was creative and excellent and in all honesty, it does fit the feeling. I also recognize that using the subtitle on the cover would use a lot more space, so realistically I can only say it's a bit frustrating. Like I mentioned before, it's also ridiculous how the Japanese love their endlessly long names now. Like internet domain names, it's like their titles have disappeared and they need 20 words to make something unique. You always do good jobs on your stuff, and I also know how ridiculous the sales have become for DVDs and Blurays in general, so supporting ya'll and the industry in general has become important to me.

All I can request is that you tell the stupid old fools in Japan during the negotiations that they need to give up their useless backwards thinking and recognize that they must use incentive rather than punishment to bring about their sales. The Japanese buying cheap from overseas because they have terrible pricing is their own damn fault to begin with. They already default to panties and ass in desperation to draw interest, and that's just a whirlpool of fail in the future if they can't back it up with plot and purpose, but that time will come when it comes.

Keep up the good work. I recognize that you have a lot to juggle to make everything work. It has nothing to do with your quality. It has everything to do with not being willing to support the industry accepting going backwards. That's exactly what this is.

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Re: Are you being serious?

Postby zrdb » Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:12 am

I look at it this way-I usually only buy dubbed anime but when I do get subbed only releases locked subs aren't an issue for me-I'll only watch it with the subs on anyway because I don't speak or read japanese. Watching it raw is kind of pointless-I just got this release and I'm more than happy with it.

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Re: Are you being serious?

Postby St0ck » Fri Nov 01, 2013 5:59 pm

Then buy the Japanese release: ... 7++blu-ray
Note that the full collection will cost about $360, and that after a substantial discount since the series has been out for about 3 years.
Now you may ask how is it that NISA can license this series and offer it on BDs, with an amazing art book, for more then $300 less? (Keep in mind Japanese customers can import from America too, and these are the same region).
Well it's because NISA made an agreement with King Records that required hardsubs, otherwise NISA could have chosen:
Funimation's route: Release 5 years after initial Japanese run or on DVD only and hardsub
Sentai's route: DVD only, hardsub, or budget release
Aniplex of America's route: shave off $10 and release series for near Japanese prices, like SAO forabout $360

Look no one likes options taken away, no one likes hardsubs, I just dislike the alternatives much much more.

(crap looks like I just replied to a necro posting sentient bot, ignore)

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Re: Are you being serious?

Postby PerryComo » Thu Nov 16, 2017 11:33 pm

A mysterious message coming from nowhere...

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