Perfect Magic User for leveling and Damage

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Perfect Magic User for leveling and Damage

Postby Chamaeleonx » Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:18 am

My magic user started her career as a magic girl at the start of the game. At the moment she is only missing the Wind spells Omega and Tera.

For Postgame and leveling I turned her into a magic knight with the following evilities:
Attack Weakness and Elemental Force
Which net me around 200% Damage boost to elemental spells that work against every enemy besides Pringer X or Baal. Those two need a bit of tricking to get them to weakness.

My setup was:
1900 Sparringspartner
8x300 Statisticans
1 Professional (100% Crit chance)
2 Broker (got them on the way farming the others, not needed)

Of course, for that setup you need to set your Cheatshop as follows:
250% EXP
100% Mana
10% HL
250% Weaponmastery
100% Skillexp

This will take you from 1 to 9999 in 3-4 tries while keeping your Weaponmastery almost at 255 for the Damage and Stat boost.

Additionally I created some chars for her to farm LoC6 the best way possible:
2 Ifrits with -15% Fire resistance for enemys on map
2 Male angels with +100% attack if all 4 adjacent panels are covered
4 Magic knights with +xx% elemental resistance for allies on map
The Popstar unique character with +4% stats for allies and -4% stats on enemies

Results in 10 characters, which can be canceled back into the Basebanel for the enemy round as the Sharks wont attack you behind your Basepanel

Which nets me -99% Fire resistance on the enemies and +99% fire resistance on me, netting me around 400% Damage boost.

Of course you can add more Ifrits or other stat reducing monsters if you want to use Wind or Ice. But will yield in reduced resistance on the Sharks as only Fire starts of at -75%.

Right now im farming with her on LoC Rasetu with 6 stars to get my stats up. I found out that itemstats became so irrelevant at the end of the game :/.

Last addition was a Broken Cellphone as the HIT will always lagg due to the Shark monsters having low HIT.
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