Am I the only one that did this?

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Am I the only one that did this?

Postby prinnyfrost » Sat Apr 11, 2015 9:34 pm

When I created characters in Disgaea D2, I decided to have a little fun with it. By which I mean I gave my created characters names of characters from other games (mainly from Persona), like

Akihiko Sanada = Male Brawler (Kinda looks like him actually.)
Chie Satonaka = Female Brawler ("Hungry Personality" suits her well.)
Minato Arisato and Yu Narukami = Male Warrior (Different color scheme and personality)
Yukari Takeba = Archer (She was the only one that comes to mind)
Maya Amano = Magic Knight ("Big Sis" personality...'nuff said.)
Aigis = Armor Knight (One of the knight's color schemes looks like her)
Rise Kujikawa = Female Warrior (I gave her a mic as a weapon)
Ryoji Mochizuki = Death (When I notice that "Thanatos" was the highest death ranking, I couldn't resist.)
Mitsuru Kirijo = Samurai (I think I should've used Yukiko instead for this one...oh well.)

I actually got characters from other franchises too
Jaws (Jaws) = Shark Dragon
Haseo (.hack) = Ninja
Orphen (Orphen) = Male Warrior
Bakemon (Digimon) = Ghost
Venemoth (Pokemon) = Mothman
Krillen (DBZ) = Prinny Mask
Jet Enduro (Wild Arms) = Gunner
Shizuku (Chaos Wars) = Female Warrior

Anyone else did this?

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