Dangan Ronpa Beta, AKA: Distrust.

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Re: Dangan Ronpa Beta, AKA: Distrust.

Postby Dragonage2ftw » Mon Dec 22, 2014 10:08 am

Alice Twilight wrote:The game we should have got, the ideas and mechanics sounds pretty ambitious.
The game that we did get though was still pretty good.

Irrc, Leon's execution is the most brutal in the first game, fits the tone of the beta, which means Leon's one must have got in while they were still remodeling the game, every other execution is pretty comical. Nothing wrong with that.

Actually, I heard that some of the people that were funding DR were disturbed by how violent Leon's execution was, and they decided to tone the other ones down.

I also heard that the reason that Leon's execution was so brutal is due to the fact that the developers of Dangan Ronpa apparently hate him, and wanted him dead as brutally and as soon as possible.

The second one sounds closer to the truth, because the head character designer of DR actually did say that the dev team decided to kill Leo first because they hated him, so......
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