Share your Fever Time Findings

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Share your Fever Time Findings

Postby chouchou's peon » Tue Dec 03, 2013 6:09 pm

Changes from the original Mugen Souls compared to Mugen Souls Z
*Fever Time hit animations can be skipped (saves 20 seconds every Fever Hit)
*Blast off Gauge doesn't reset to 200 when Fever Time activates, now we can fill it up to 999 prior.
*Member Switching in battle take no turn and it now gives extra movement range.
*Original Mugen Souls hit variance is 100-150 hits, Mugen Souls Z is 90-125 hits

Basic information
The "Turn meter" at the top is the best way to predict when to activate Fever Time, it's best if party members get consecutive turns, preferably having a couple characters go twice.

The enemy's turn may get delayed after several hits to the Fever Orbs.

Blast off gauge and GP (Peon Points) refill according to how high the combo is.

A one hit combo gives a 0.25% bonus, a 400 hit combo gives a 100% bonus

The process is difficult to explain in words but after doing it so many times, it becomes easier and easier. If anybody else here has fun with this mechanic and wants to share some tips about it, I'd like to hear.
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