Let's Discuss Our Favorite Tracks

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Let's Discuss Our Favorite Tracks

Postby NikkolasKing » Sun Jun 01, 2014 11:17 am

I must admit that of all my pleasant surprises in this game, the soundtrack was one of the biggest. i didn't expect it to be terrible or anything but it was much, MUCH better than I expected.

So then let us begin. What were your favorite pieces of music in the game?

For Battle Themes, nothing can rival "Requiem From Hell." All I have to say about it is

World Themes though...that one is a bit more tricky. There were a lot of good ones and they were good in different ways, ya know?
For example:
Spring Step aka Rose World Theme is so cute and adventurous. You can just have a gay old time skipping around to this song.
Cold Age Blues aka Ivory World Theme is appropriately eerie and full of expectant tension for the coming climax of the game.
Haioukai ~Aquarius~ aka Gray World Theme is just really beautiful... I'm not even sure how to describe it beyond that. It's very energetic I guess you could say but in a more "intense" fashion if you will.
Kououkai ~Scorpio~ aka Crimson World Theme is the flatout most intense and bombastic world theme. It's quite fitting of a world full of lava and flame.

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Re: Let's Discuss Our Favorite Tracks

Postby chouchou's peon » Sun Jun 01, 2014 11:59 am

Too many different styles of music but most of them are cute and I like them all.
Mugen Souls Z title screen
Mugen Field Z (Challenge mode theme)
Chase Game (Music when something crazy goes on)
愉快な朝ねぼう (Cute event music when Syrma pops uphttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmu1UMpvM9U)
光の遺跡~A Angel's Stairway~ (Warp Ruins)

The Cave Of Babylon (Powerful Foe music)
Sounds pretty badass Arabian-style rock like the music style from the original Mugen Souls. In Mugen Souls Z, the vibe is meant to be silly but Mugen Souls was supposed to be cool.

I also like the stage theme for White World and Amethyst World because they sound relaxing.
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