One thing thats annoying

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One thing thats annoying

Postby Evildeadfan102 » Wed Feb 11, 2015 8:16 am

is how you dont get 4 characters until you have beat True ending, im still playing it myself but i looked it up and Altis my favourite from the first game, you dont unlock her until you have beat True ending, in which all that will be left is all the super hard battles where im guessing you need to be at level 8000 or something and i can not be bothered grinding that long, i just find it stupid how they dont give you certain characters until the very end of true ending, kind of makes it pointless for those who are not willing to grind for eternity :(

Mugen souls Z is great and im enjoying playing it, however i find the fact that they dont give you characters until the very end of true ending (Really stupid), and its not like you can add them to your team in new game plus, if that was the case then that would be cool but you cant so yeah.

I just had to make a little rant
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Re: One thing thats annoying

Postby chouchou's peon » Wed Feb 11, 2015 11:06 am

If it's one character you get after the True Ending that makes the game so much easier, that would definitely be

Yeah, it sucks that you don't get Altis until the end and the skills but luckily she doesn't learn that many good battle skills. She doesn't even learn any "God" or "Draco" Moe skills.

Altis skill list
    Eagle Shot
    Assault Shot
    Charge Shot
    Ogre Fire
    Ogre Burn Smash
    Poison Cure
    Skill Cure
    Move Cure
    Coolness Up
    Coolness Cure
    Ultimate Strike

The battles aren't that tough after the true ending, you get bath scene pictures after beating each clones so I think it's worth it to clear some of that story. Levels don't really matter, it makes no difference whether you're level 9999 or level 1 for those battles. Levels only matter if you can get to level 9999 in a few minutes and then fusing the reset their levels so they can get a higher stats on their next growth.

Having decent Matter, Conditional Skills, and equipment is all you need to beat the hardest battles.
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