Ayatane Event 4

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Ayatane Event 4

Postby AsukaNeumaki » Mon Jul 25, 2011 7:50 pm

Ok so I'm stuck on 3-3 trying to get the fourth Ayatane event "Nikran Fire Spot" I have done all other Ayatane events. I've collected EVERY soul in the fantasy world. Almost all in the second world and almost all in the third world. The only things I've missed are Prinny events and the event next to the final save point of 3-2. I've gotten all Marie events and fufilled all True End requirements up to this point. I am right before the final story event before the dungeon opens up on 3-3. I've also done the event where you fight the 5 battles. I also have a save point before the 5 battle event. My search level is 10. I really wanna unlock Mimi and Cece and if someone could please help and tell me why this event will not appear please do I've been stuck here for so long and I really do not want to start over.

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