The "Ultimate" Dangan Ronpa Review/An Intro to DR

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The "Ultimate" Dangan Ronpa Review/An Intro to DR

Postby Kev_O » Wed Sep 16, 2015 5:08 pm

Hello good people of the NISA forums!

My name is Kevin Goh, and I recently decided that I wanted to start making video on some of my favorite games, being both educational and entertaining. ("Edutainment" even :p)

The first of which is none other than an in-depth review/retrospective on good ol' Dangan Ronpa - a series I love to death - in which I go through the story & characters, the gameplay, some backstory behind DR’s creation/localization, and how to earn the Platinum trophy.

All w/ completely unbridled quirkiness.

And hey, perfect timing to get in the know of DR considering the recent announcement of DR3! Hooray! (Along w/ Ultra Despair Girls’s release)

The vid is rather lengthy (and by rather I mean very :p), which I didn't anticipate at first and even cut out a couple of things too. But I do cover basically every single thing in the game and have a lot to say about Dangan Ronpa in general, so longevity is something that's rather unavoidable if one is to conceivably cover every aspect of Dangan Ronpa I feel.

So I guess you could grab some popcorn or whatever as you check out this monster of a video.

Give me feedback if you could, I’d really appreciate it, and also leave a comment, like, and subscribe if you like my style and since it'd really help me out of course.

With all that said, Sit back, Relax and Enjoy!

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