Key Words

Key Word #1: Vertex

The continent of Vertex is isolated from the rest of the world, surrounded by ocean on all sides. The land is divided into three regions - Eastern, Central, and Western. Each of these areas is home to a separate country - Armatura, Velos, and Schwert. The land has plants and animals like any other, but it's also home to vicious monsters which threaten the very lives of everyone on the continent.

Key Word #2: Schwert

This is the peaceful and prosperous country that rules over the western part of Vertex. The quiet agricultural nation sees the fewest number of monster attacks on the continent, and also has very few run-ins with neighboring lands. Still, even within Schwert, more and more monsters have been mysteriously appearing day by day...

Key Word #3: Battle Princess

Schwert's princess is beloved by everyone, and she's entered the battlefield herself, sword in hand, to protect her people from the monstrous threat. She's respected for her heroic ability to keep on fighting and never succumb no matter the threat. They say that her name alone brings a smile to the lips of anyone who hears it.

Key Word #4: Eizen Castle

The castle where the goose king lives. Eizen Castle stands in the central part of Schwert, and acts as the king's domicile. seems that the king has taken the form of a goose for unknown reasons. The castle is beautiful and well tended, but it gets extremely cold at night due to all the marble. At the insistence of the king, the large pond outside the castle has been renamed to Duck Lake.

Key Word #5: The Nation's Capital

The city pushes right up to the castle gates, and it's a bustling center for both foreign and domestic trade. Not only can you buy and sell the latest weapons here, you can also take materials to the weapon shop to strengthen your gear. To this end, Plume and her troops favor a part of town known as Weapon Alley.

Key Word #6: Princess Brigade

This brigade represents Schwert Kingdom's strongest military force, with the princess herself leading the charge. Members are the elite of the elite, and they're the ones you turn to when all other options have failed.

Key Word #8: Armatura Kingdom

This military nation is in charge of the eastern section of the continent. Among the three countries of Vertex, Armatura has seen the highest number of monster attacks. In order to combat the beasts and defend their nation, they spend every single day forging weapons and bolstering their brigade forces.

Key Word #9: Ancient Weapons

Across the continent, massive ancient weapons, built in an era ages past, slumber amid decrepit ruins. These weapons often take a monstrous form, and for reasons unknown have begun to awaken and go out of control, causing great damage and threatening the peace of the land. They boast strength greater than any normal brigade could hope to match, and so the Princess Brigade is ordered out to subdue them one by one.