During your adventure, you will be able to create new characters. You can name them, pick their job class, and select their appearance.

  • Samurai A job with average attack and defensive power. This job class is recommended for beginners due to its conventional stats. [Job Skill] Super Slide You can slide longer distances than normal.
  • Swordsman This job class can move quickly, even through rough terrain. It's perfect for exploring dungeons. [Job Skill] Landscaper You are unencumbered by grassy, fiery, and sticky terrain.
  • Magician This job class specializes in casting magic spells. Its HP is low, but it can cast various long-range magic spells. [Job Skill] Debt Recovery When your SP gets low enough to incur SP Debt, your SP regeneration will speed up, allowing you to cast spells again sooner.
  • Saint This job class specializes in casting healing magic. It's useful for trekking through very long dungeons. [Job Skill] Undead Slayer Undead monsters that cannot be slain by conventional attacks will be permanently destroyed.
  • Merchant A job that specializes in earning G, the currency of Arcanus Cella. It specializes in tricky skills that make use of money. [Job Skill] Hidden Funds You will lose less money if you die in a dungeon.
  • Onmyoji A job that is good at both physical and magical attacks. Though its defense is low, it can fight at both close and long ranges. [Job Skill] Quick Cast Reduces the casting time for magic and abilities so you can use them more often.
  • Vile Priest A defense-oriented job that specializes in protective and healing magic. It learns Magic Circles that have spaces for lots of Vassals, and has high HP growth. [Job Skill] Stalwart While readying a shield, your resistance to frontal attacks is increased even further.

As a character's level rises, you can change their job. When you change jobs, that character's level resets back to 1. But a portion of their stats will carry over, as well as any learned Magic Circles and Magic/Abilities. By changing jobs often, you can make your characters even more powerful!

◆Advanced Jobs As you progress through the story, you will gain access to advanced jobs.