Pixel Editor

When you create a character, you don't have to choose their appearances from the default templates. With the Pixel Editor, you can draw a character's face one pixel at a time.

You can recreate your favorite characters as 8-bit sprites, and populate Arcanus Cella with a variety of characters.

You can even design the animations for different expressions, such as when your character is walking, running, or hurt by an attack.

Any weapon or equipment that has the "Edit" title can be redrawn, too.

You can enjoy a more personalized experience when you enter a dungeon with a character and equipment you made yourself.

Photo Store

In the Photo Store, you can save your Pixel Editor creations as "edit data." Through the PlayStation®Vita's ad-hoc function, you can exchange edit data with other players. You can also upload edit data online. By saving this edit data onto your PlayStation®Vita, you can then use it in your game.

◆Tweeting your Edit Data - By linking your PlayStation®Network account with your Twitter account, you can post your edit data and share it with all your followers.


In this game, you can make use of "MML (Music Macro Language)" to create your own music. Each song consists of 5 separate sections, and you can express different musical notes such as "C D E," changes in pitch, and adjust the tempo of the song.