A unique formation system for defending your lords

Magic Circles are an enhancement system in which you create formations to augment your Lord (player character) with Vassals (allies). When a Lord goes into a dungeon, their Vassals act as shields, protecting the Lord from damage by receiving it for them.

Depending on the specific Magic Circle, the number of Vassals you can place and where you can place them will vary.

Your Magic Circle and the direction you're currently facing will determine which Vassals receive damage.

Enhancement Breakdown

There are over 200 types of Magic Circles, each arranged in different shapes. In addition to your Vassals, you can also place special items in Magic Circles to strengthen your character.

◆Artifacts - Each Magic Circle contains specific spaces next to each Vassal where artifacts can be placed. Using their Mana, vassals can activate the hidden abilities in these artifacts to produce different effects, such as boosting stats!

The types of artifacts you can place will vary depending on the shape of the Magic Circle.

Artifacts can also come with titles, which will stack with the artifact's base effect!

◆Awakening - Some Magic Circles contain Awakening Spaces, which are used to activate the Awakening ability in dungeons. While awakened, the effects of your artifacts are increased, and your stats receive a significant boost. Awakening only lasts for a short time, so make sure you use it at the right moment!

◆Hex - Among the artifacts that can strengthen a character's magic, some of them may also come with the "Hex" title. An artifact with this title will convert the corresponding magic spell into a hex, and significantly increase its power! However, sometimes a hex can backfire and damage the caster, so use this power wisely.