Nostalgic graphics and retro sounds. Simple controls and gobs of grinding. This is the latest entry in the Classic Dungeon series! Cladun Returns: This Is Sengoku! is an Action-RPG set in Japan's Sengoku Era. The player arrives at Arcanus Cella, a world where souls burdened by regret are sent. The player himself (or herself!) is one of these souls, and sets out to help the Sengoku lords lift the regret from their souls.

Take up arms against difficult dungeons!

As the player challenges various dungeons throughout Sengoku Era Japan, they will also search for clues to each Lord's regret. Make use of various weapons and fight your way through enemies and traps!

Step into the Magic Circle! Train the ultimate lord!

Choose your favorite from several available jobs, and create unique characters to act as your avatar! Use the original "Magic Circle" system to train your character to become the ultimate lord!

Pixel Editor & Multiplayer - Take on dungeons with other users!

With the Pixel Editor, you have free rein to design your character's appearance, equipment, and animations pixel-by-pixel! Using the Multiplayer feature, you can trade edit data with other users! Get fired up for Versus and Co-op mode!