There are eight different weapon types that your characters can use. These weapon types are: katana, hammers, staves, spears, bows, daggers, shurikens, and sickles. Depending on your character's job and the dungeon you're challenging, you'll want to make use of different weapons!!

When using a katana, press the attack button multiple times to perform a 3-combo attack. On the last hit, the character will spin the katana around to attack a wider area.

Hammer have a very slow attack speed but each hit is very powerful, and they can even destroy certain walls.

Staves are unique weapons that shoot projectiles of the fire, ice, or spirit element. They specialize in long-range, wide area attacks, and the type of stave used determines the attack pattern.

Spears are good for executing mid-range attacks at a distance, so you're close enough to hit enemies but not close enough to get hit back.

Bows can fire attacks from a safe, far distance that also pierce through enemies.

Daggers allow you to move faster and perform combo attacks. They are also effective at inflicting partial destruction to an enemy's stats.

Shuriken have a faster rate of fire than bows, and you can attack with them as you move. However, their overall attack power is quite low.

Sickles are mid-range weapons that are thrown to attack enemies. They can attack through walls and also cut grass on the ground.