The Guided Fate Paradox™

Prologue Chapters

Chapter 4: An Angel’s Respite

I do so wish to meet with God. The other angels have taken care of me at this Celestia base for close to two months, Earth time, but God has yet to show up. Still, it is very peaceful here. I was told that this particular outpost has an especially powerful barrier surrounding it, but that is not what makes me feel at ease. It is this incredible garden.

“Hey Lilliel, what’s up? Why’re you standin’ there and spacin’ out?”

“Oh, hello, Miss Kuroiel. Actually, um...” I made a quick motion with my hand toward one corner of the garden. I was always taught that it was rude to point, after all.

Sir Galtion was crouching down in a flower bed, caring for the flowers with a touch so tender, I hardly would have recognized him as the same man. He looked so peaceful with the flowers all around him, and I—

“Oooh, Galtion, huh?” Miss Kuroiel scratched her head, unsure how to take my non-answer and shy hand motion. “I shouldn’t have to tell you, but he’s kind of an odd duck, y’know.”

“An...odd duck?”

“Yeah, like...he’s weird, I guess? How do I put this...” She scratched her head again. “He’s kinda hard to approach, but he always gives you an honest answer. He’s equally kind to everyone. He’s also tall and easy on the eyes. I guess in one glance, he seems like the real deal, but...”

“You feel as though he has built a wall around himself?”

I let out a quick shout when Miss Kuroiel snatched one of my hands between both of hers. “Th-That’s exactly what I was gonna say! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to notice.”

“Perhaps, but it is not as though we know for sure that that is the case.” And that was the case, indeed. It would have been so much easier on everyone if Sir Galtion was more forthright about his feelings—more like Sir Rakiel.

Miss Kuroiel let go of my hand with a smile and began to fiddle with the ribbon in her hair. “Why’s he the only one who can go into Neliel’s room? I ask him what they’re up to, but he just pooh-poohs me.”

“Yes. It is the same with me.” Whenever I asked Galtion about his visits with Neliel, he would huff out a single laugh and dodge my question by saying that I would find out soon enough. That is why I feel as though he has a personal wall built up. He may be smiling when he says such things to me, but his eyes seem glazed over, as if he wishes for nothing more than to be left alone. Still...

“Still, when he tending to the garden, Sir Galtion’s eyes look so gentle. I feel as though he comes here in order to break out of the wall that usually surrounds him.” Miss Kuroiel’s mouth twisted into a thoughtful frown and nodded for a while. “Huh. You’re right, bu—uh-oh...”

I followed her eyes and saw Miss Cheriel enter the garden. She immediately approached Sir Galtion, making sure to walk in her usual over-the-top manner that just happened to make her sizable breasts bob up and down along with her gorgeous hair. She began to strike up a conversation with him, but we were too far to overhear anything.

“Hmm, man... I wonder what they’re talkin’ about.”

“I could not even venture a guess.” But my interest was piqued.

After a short back and forth, Sir Galtion stood up and walked out of the flower bed he was working in. It looked as though they were staring directly at us.

Miss Kuroiel caught on faster than I did. “Hey Lilliel, are they eyeing us for a reason?”

“They certainly seem to be looking at us really hard.”

“Man!” Kuroiel stomped her foot, although there was no anger in the act. “Now I really wanna know what’s goin’ on around here!”

Miss Cheriel crossed her arms, which forced her large breasts to try and squeeze out of her low-cut top. Since it looked like she had far more cleavage than usual whenever she crossed her arms, I must believe that she intentionally does it to emphasize their unmatched volume.

After some more words got exchanged, Sir Galtion stroked his beard and stared down at his feet. The conversation must have taken a serious turn. I would do anything to be “in the loop,” as they say...

And then Sir Galtion’s head shot up, and he stared directly at me! Our eyes locked. Were they talking about us the whole time?

“Lilliel, they’re comin’ right toward us. What’ll we do? Should we run?”

If I am honest, the urge to flee was there. However, that would not be an acceptable course of action. “ not believe there is any reason for us to run and hide.”

“Y-Yeah. You’re right, of course. Totally...”

When Miss Cheriel and Sir Galtion stood before us, we both took a big, nervous gulp in unison.

Sir Galtion stared down at me, a sincere, interested look on his face.

“Um... H-How may I help you?”

His expression turned into that soft, practiced smile. “Lilliel, how would you like to try spinning our special lottery machine?”

I never expected that simple question to lead me to God...

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