The Guided Fate Paradox™

Prologue Chapters

Chapter 2: The Angels’ Tea Party Service

I still remember the day I introduced myself to my seniors.

“P-Pleased to meet you all. My name is Lilliel Saotome. Um, th-thank you ever so much for inviting me into your home. I will do my best not to be a burden, but please let me know if I can be of assistance!”

Ever since, they have been more than happy to work me day and night as we prepare ourselves for the time we will finally face “them.” Or so I would like to say, but the truth is a bit different. “I see.” I let out a small sigh. “Another tea party. Just like all the other days I have been here.”

Kuroiel tilted her head. “Something wrong, Lilliel? If you don’t like this kind of cake, just say so.”

“No, no,” I reassured her, “it is nothing like that. Your desserts are so delicious that I feel as though my taste buds will accept nothing else.”

“Oh, okay. That’s a relief. I’m glad you like ‘em so much!” Kuroiel offered a wide grin as thanks.

Miss Lanael, whose gaze had been focused on her half-eaten cake, glances up at me. “Though you say that, I can tell. Something else is on your mind. A dark aura of suffering engulfs your very soul.”

I must admit, Miss Lanael is “as sharp as a tack,” as they say. She is always able to see right through me.

“Heh, heh, heh. Shall I tell everyone what you are thinking? Something like, is it really okay to have tea parties each and every day, when we ought to be preparing for our fight against ‘them’...” She stared at me through her fluffy bangs and sneered. “Am I wrong?”

“No, that is exactly what I was thinking, honestly...”

It sounded so terrible when she said it. But in truth, these tea parties are fun, and both the tea and cakes are absolutely delicious. But I cannot shake that feeling... That we should not be living our daily lives in such a carefree manner...

“Not like we can do much about it without God around.” Miss Cheriel spoke as she swallowed a piece of cake. White icing traced her upper lip, and when she used a cloth to wipe her mouth, she must have twisted her hips or something, because her breasts bounced around far more than the laws of physics should allow. I daresay they almost made a “boing” sound...

I may as well ask. “Um, Miss Cheriel? Where has God gone?”

“I wonder. But whatever the case may be, we are not to make a move until Neliel gives us the go-ahead.”

“I see...” But I did not see. Miss Neliel still has not left her room. She is so mysterious. I have yet to meet her in person.

Just then, I spotted Rakiel walking past the courtyard we are in and entering the Fate Revolution Circuit shrine. I turned my head and followed him with my eyes until he was no longer visible. He is a difficult person to approach, and he has made no effort to speak with me during my time here.

Cheriel noticed my attention had moved elsewhere and pounced. “Oh, my. Does my little angel Lilliel have an interest in handsome, cold-hearted young men?”

Despite my better judgment, I felt my cheeks flush a little. “N-No, it is not like that. I was wondering to myself why he never joins us.”

Miss Kuroiel waved my comment off. “Of course he won’t.”

“I hope that he will someday. We have not had a good conversation yet.”

“That day’s never gonna come, Lilliel. It’s just how he is.”

“Pardon my disagreeing, but I believe that it shall, Miss Kuroiel! I believe that not just Sir Rakiel, but Miss Neliel and Sir Galtion, will all join our tea party someday. After all, we are all friends, are we not?”

And along with us angels, I hope that you will be able to join us someday, Lord... I may not have been able to see you so far, but I know that someday, you will be here with us... “Oh, but my dear little Lilliel...?”

My mind snapped back to the present. “Yes? What is it, Miss Cheriel?”

She smiled and puffed out her chest. “Actually, Rakiel wasn’t so cold a while ago. I mean, it wasn’t centuries ago or anything, but I am certain you will learn why he is the way he is. Please look forward to it.”

“I see...” So Sir Rakiel has a secret? I suppose we all have things we would like to keep to ourselves. Myself included...

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