New Scenerio: Another Marona Summary

Ivoire is a world of islands and a clear blue sea. One day, Ivoire was struck by a sudden darkness. Everyone who was covered by the darkness died.

Even a proud knight, a powerful soldier who once carried the Sacred Sword, and a lonesome Oxide. They all lost their lives to the darkness. Only one person survived in the whole entire world, and that was Marona. Marona, who was living peacefully on Phantom Isle with Ash, had no idea what was happening away from the island.

Eventually, the dead people became Phantoms. The Phantoms with strong enough power gathered on Phantom Isle, as if they were attracted to Marona’s ability. The Phantoms explained the situation to Marona, and with all the Phantoms, Marona decided to journey throughout the islands of Ivoire to get to the bottom of this incident, and to hopefully fix everything. However, the only things that awaited them were empty houses and towns where it looked like the people just dropped everything, and left. While Marona is confused about the situation, a girl appears in front of her. She looks like Marona, but there’s a slight difference. It was another Marona...