Game Flow

1.Demo: Accept A Request

A story demo will begin at the start of each conversation. You will find out the content of the request and about the client during the demo. A new island may appear on the World Map as well.

2.Get Ready on Phantom Isle

To complete a request, you will need to be fully ready. First, prepare yourself on Phantom Isle by buying better weapons from a merchant, or create a new character to be your ally. You can also go to a random dungeon to level up. Make full use of the characters on Phantom Isle.


Once you're all ready, depart from the isle! Go to the World Map and clear the battle on the island indicated in red. When you clear the first map, the next one will appear after a demo to progress through the story. You can return to Phantom Isle after finishing each map, so that you can heal your allies and strengthen your equipment.

4.Demo: Request Completed

A demo will occur once you clear the map correlating to the request. The story will progress as above, and move on to the next segment.