Protection is a special effect caused by links between characters and items on the Map. These include characters' attack or defense boosts, healing HP on every turn, and so on. There is a "giver" and a "receiver" of the Protection, and they are inter-related. For instance, if there is a tree that has protection "Defense X4", there are items and monsters that will receive the effect. If an enemy is receiving this effect, that monster's defense is going to be 4 times stronger.

The "Defense X4" protection quadruples someone's defense. An enemy with this protection is absolutely unbeatable. Find the item that is giving this protection to the enemy. If you destroy the "giver", the protection disappears. Now you can fight the enemy normally. Protection is not only advantageous to enemies; using "Confine" will grant your characters their benefits, as well. Select the Phantom and Confine it to the item with protection. For example, if you confine a Phantom to an item with the protection "Heal 30%", every turn that character makes a move, his or her HP will be restored by 30% of its maximum.