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Q: What comes in the standard/premium package?

A:The standard package for PlayStation® 2 and Wii™ will come with a single dual-layer disc containing english voice overs. The premium package for PlayStation® 2 will also come with an art book, a poster, and a second dual-layer disc containing Japanese voice overs! See the World of Sakura Wars Info Page for more details.

Q: The game won't start on my PlayStation®3.

A: Please check that you have the latest firmware for your system and that the game is supported. Sakura Wars™: So Long, My Love was developed soley for the PlayStation®2 and Wii™ consoles. As such, we cannot guarantee any backwards-compatibility on the PlayStation®3 and have no way of providing support for any related issues.

Q: The game won't start on my PlayStation®2/Wii™.
A: If the game won't start, the disc and/or lens may require cleaning or repair. Please refer to your console's manual or technical support page for instructions on how to properly clean disc and/or lens. More information is available at the following websites: Support Page | Nintendo Support Page

Q: Does this game use any vibration?
A: Yes. This feature may be turned ON/OFF in the Options section.

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