The risk of "Hiding."

Ambush the monsters that are transporting treasures!


By using some of your Morale Gauge in a certain area in the labyrinth, you can perform "Hiding." Your Morale Gauge will decrease greatly if you perform Hiding at the same location repeatedly.


Monsters that appear while Hiding will always have treasure. You can view what type of items are in the treasure boxes, so make sure you go for the one you want.

You've got 5 chances.
Get the item you want!


You can pass 5 times while Hiding. But, the more you pass, the higher the chance you will get ambushed by the enemy.


You will get the treasure if you ambush and defeat the enemy transporter within a certain turn limit. The treasure will be booby trapped, so don't let your guard down.

Some Lineage Types will only appear using the Ambush system.