A city of eternal night

A ancient, ruined city trapped in an endless, cold night.
It is where the wanderers gathered and created Escario.


A modern human that came through the rift in dimensions.
They are far more athletic then civilians of Escario and both men and women are capable of fighting.


They who have come to this land as the representative of gods.
Their powers are awoken by receiving Blood Crystals.

Lineage Types

A monster that has infinite lives.
To defeat it, you must remove the Blood Crystals which lies in its body.
Only the Chosen Ones can perform this feat.

Blood Crystal

A crystal of magical power only Lineage Types possess.
It contains an enormous amount of power, so generally
people don't even go near them.


A sacred, glowing butterfly that can be seen at various locations around Escario.
They're full of mystery.