At a certain rental bookstore in Gensokyo...
Like any other day, Kosuzu Motoori tended to the store until one book caught her eye.
Although she was quite knowledgeable about magical books, she had never seen anything like it.
After making sure no one was around, she stroked the cover with her finger.

"Book...King? I guess I'll try reading it."

She pulled up a chair, took a seat, and got ready to open the book.
It was unbeknownst to her, however, that this would mark the beginning of an incident that would involve all of Gensokyo.

Let's check out what's going on at Yokai Mountain.
As usual, a pile of fabricated articles lied before the crow tengu reporter, Aya Shameimaru.

"Hmm, I don't have enough experience to give this article enough appeal."

Aya racked her brain, hoping she could come up with something more interesting
after setting off a nuclear explosion on Yokai Mountain.
Just then, her sidekick Momiji Inubashiri came rushing into the room.

"Hey, Aya! Stop writing fake stories and actually do your job!"

Momiji stared down Aya, holding Kisume,
the key witness of the explosive incident prior to this, when all of a sudden—


The girls were blinded by a light so bright that it probably reached all of Gensokyo.

"Wh-Where is that light coming from!?"
"Seems like it's coming from the Human Village.
Hmm...smells like a story is in the works. All right, let's go, Momiji!"

Momiji tried to stop Aya, but she raced off with her bulletpad and pen instead.
As she shook her head, Momiji reluctantly followed Aya. With Kisume in hand.

To think that such an extraordinary magical book existed..."

Back at Suzunaan,
Kosuzu's legs had given out as the magical book floated above her head.
Even for someone as fearless and inquisitive as her,
all she could do was gaze at such extraordinary power.

But Kosuzu decided to take action...

Knowing how to read a book's abilities by a mere touch, she knew.
She understood that this book should never be opened.
Because if so, Gensokyo and the Book World would become connected.
However, Aya stood before her, turning around and forcing a smile.
And in her hands was the magical book, completely opened.

"Sorry, but I already opened it."

And just like that, they were all sucked into the book.
Will they be able to return safely to Gensokyo!?

This marks the start of how two girls began their bullet coverage within the Book World!