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The adventurer Adol Christin compiled more than 100 travel journals over the course of his life. This story is adapted from one such journal, the Periplus of the Gaete Sea. In it, Adol found himself on the accursed Isle of Seiren, from which none have ever returned. It was there he built Castaway Village, where he could defend himself and other survivors from giant beasts known as the Ancient Species.

During this adventure, Adol recounts his dreams of a blue-haired girl and the lost civilization from which she comes. Ever the curious one, Adol sets off to uncover the mysteries of the island and the identity of this mystical girl.


Adol's journal chronicles the events between his departure from Xandria and a later adventure on the Canaan Islands.

The following are a handful of key areas he described in Periplus of the Gaete Sea.

The Lombardia

A giant passenger ship under the command of Captain Barbaros.

It is 50 melye long and has 4 giant masts. It is the largest passenger ship that travels between Xandria and Eresia.

There is a big hall for parties inside the ship, and it is also equipped with first-class cabins for the upper class. Many nobles use the Lombardia for intercontinental travel.

Isle of Seiren

An island in an archipelago in the Gaete Sea, south of Greek.

It is rumored that any ship that passes near it will mysteriously sink. People have stopped living here. The island is named after a mythical beast whose singing lures ships to their doom.

It's said to be "eternally cursed," and nobody willingly comes near it.

Ancient Species

Types of variant creatures that inhabit the Isle of Seiren. They come in the forms of giant reptiles, birds, or fish, but they have a different ecology than other creatures found outside the island.

Some Ancient Species are very vicious and attack humans that wash up on the island. A theory states that they must have evolved differently, due to their isolated environment.

Castaway Village

A place the castaways created to live, using their knowledge and the natural geography of the Isle of Seiren.

Under the command of Captain Barbaros and Dogi, they use items that washed up from the ocean or found on the island to create facilities to enrich their lives, protect themselves from raiding beasts, and help Adol with his investigation.

The Lombardia
Isle of Seiren
Ancient Species
Castaway Village


Adol Christin

He left his homeland, a nameless village in the Europe region, when he was just 16 years old and dared to adventure in the Ancient Kingdom "Ys," the Land of Mystery "Celceta," and more. Although young, he is respected as an expert "adventurer."

He was traveling across the Gaete Sea as a passenger on the Lombardia when the ship was attacked by an unseen giant sea creature. He went missing along with the other passengers.


A mystical blue-haired girl who appears in Adol's dreams. Contrary to her elegant looks, she has a wild imagination and acts quite bold, much to the surprise of her peers.

She seems to live in an advanced civilization with no record of ever having existed in the Eresia region. Adol experiences her life through his dreams, but...


Daughter of the noble Roswell family from Garman, who was on the Lombardia.

She attempts to act like a humble noble, but her inflated sense of pride and stubborn inclinations make it a fruitless effort. In Castaway Village, where all manner of social status and job classes mingle, she feels like a fish out of water, but she decides to utilize her knowledge about ancient organisms and wildlife to assist Adol.


A fisherman from Greek who is a dynamic, generous, and cheerful fellow.

Laxia is often appalled by his frank and sometimes crude outbursts, but he is warm and sincere—even prone to crying when things get too emotional. He is highly knowledgeable about the sea and has his own philosophy about fishing. He has a family to get home to, which is why he decides to help Adol and escape the Isle of Seiren.


An enigmatic "Transporter" who goes rogue on the Isle of Seiren.

He takes pride in his work and his serious personality causes him to fulfill any duty that is requested of him. He is also a stickler for cleanliness. He drifted ashore along with a package that he was in the midst of transporting, but keeps mum about both the package and the details of his transportation request.

He possesses a new type of weapon called a "gun" that is described as a small-scale cannon.


A girl who was living on the Isle of Seiren before Adol and the others found themselves there.

Ricotta is innocent to a fault and well-versed in both the island's geography and the Ancient Species. She gleaned all her other knowledge and vocabulary from documents and books that drifted to the island shore, so her language skills are sometimes lacking.

She's been waiting a long time for her father to return from his exploration of the island...