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If Her Flag Breaks preorder has begun! - Jul-28-2015
The fun and mysterious tale of a sole survivor of a sinking ship who has the power to see people's fates in the form of flags. Premium Edition is available 11/3!
A Lull in the Sea standard edition bundle is here you say? - Jul-14-2015
Oh yes, it is here! This gripping tale of love and growth between two worlds is now available as a standard bundle!
The Pilot's Love Song preorder has flown in! - Jul-02-2015
Preorder has started! The Premium Edition will be available 9/22!
My Little Monster has been unleashed! - Jun-30-2015
The Premium Edition is now available nationwide!
A Lull in the Sea has sailed in, with it's Premium Edition release today! - Jun-30-2015
This release is in full English dub and includes 2-disc original soundtracks of 60 songs!
The Troubled Life of Miss Kotoura Premium Edition is now available for preorder! - May-05-2015
With the uncontrollable gift (or curse) of mind reading, 15-year-old Haruka finds herself in all kinds of trouble. See her school life unfold in the most surprising ways when her classmate, Yoshihisa, enters her life.
A Lull in the Sea preorders for Standard Editions have started! - Apr-14-2015
Both Volume 1 and 2 are out for grabs, and will be available in July!
My Little Monster preorder has started! - Apr-03-2015
Watch an enchanting romantic comedy unfold about an impassive girl named Shizuku Mizutani and a reckless boy named Haru; let the misfired sparks begin!
A Lull in the Sea preorder has begun! - Mar-10-2015
Across land and sea, rejoice!
Chronicles Of The Going Home Club is out and about! - Mar-03-2015
Take these chronicles home!
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