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My Little Monster has been unleashed! - Jun-30-2015
The Premium Edition is now available nationwide!
A Lull in the Sea has sailed in, with it's Premium Edition release today! - Jun-30-2015
This release is in full English dub and includes 2-disc original soundtracks of 60 songs!
The Troubled Life of Miss Kotoura Premium Edition is now available for preorder! - May-05-2015
With the uncontrollable gift (or curse) of mind reading, 15-year-old Haruka finds herself in all kinds of trouble. See her school life unfold in the most surprising ways when her classmate, Yoshihisa, enters her life.
A Lull in the Sea preorders for Standard Editions have started! - Apr-14-2015
Both Volume 1 and 2 are out for grabs, and will be available in July!
My Little Monster preorder has started! - Apr-03-2015
Watch an enchanting romantic comedy unfold about an impassive girl named Shizuku Mizutani and a reckless boy named Haru; let the misfired sparks begin!
A Lull in the Sea preorder has begun! - Mar-10-2015
Across land and sea, rejoice!
Chronicles Of The Going Home Club is out and about! - Mar-03-2015
Take these chronicles home!
Genshiken Second Generation is out now! - Feb-03-2015
A slice-of-life anime that follows the wild adventures of eclectic otaku college club members as they balance their otaku inclinations with the demands of modern society. Out now!
The Eccentric Family is available now! - Jan-06-2015
Tanukis and humans alike are rejoicing!
Love Live! School Idol Project is available once more! - Jan-06-2015
The second printing of Love Live! is available now!
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