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The Eccentric Family preorder has begun! - Sep-30-2014
Join the unique family of tanukis in this adventurous tale of avoiding becoming the humans' hot pot feast!

Hanasaku Iroha the Movie preorder started! - Jul-15-2014
Hanasaku Iroha the Movie will soon be ready for your viewing pleasure!

Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! Season 2 preorder just opened! - Jul-15-2014
Get your crawling tentacles all up on Earth's finest entertainment!

Love Live! School Idol Project 1st Season for preorder! - May-09-2014
Love Live! School Idol Project 1st Season Premium Edition out Sept. 2!

Fusé: Memoirs of a Huntress Premium Edition out today! - May-06-2014
Set your sights on this action-packed tale of retribution, transformation, and love!

Preorder CARDCAPTOR SAKURA today! - Apr-30-2014
CARDCAPTOR SAKURA Complete Series Premium Edition flies out Aug. 5th!

Arakawa Under the Bridge X Bridge SE now available! - Apr-29-2014
Includes 2 Blu-ray/2 DVD disc set and episode guide leaflet. Madness abounds by clicking here!

Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! Season 1 Premium Edition out now! - Apr-15-2014
Follow Mahiro and gang as they fight for their lives, learn about love, discover intergalactic video games, and perhaps even save the world!

Fusé: Memoirs of a Huntress now available for preorder! - Feb-05-2014
A thrilling film about a young huntress named Hamaji who moves to Edo and quickly finds herself mixed up in the struggle between a human/dog hybrid known as Shino and the Shogunate.

Now serving Wagnaria!!2 Premium Edition! - Feb-04-2014
Your table is ready! Follow this link for some zany antics and heartfelt fun!

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